Monday, February 25, 2008

Sad, in a way...

My ex is asking me to return things to him that I gave back months ago. Is he that completely retarded that he can't remember getting them back? More and more over the past 6 months, I have realized that he really was not that smart. How sad is it that I am just realizing that now? Why couldn't I have realized it before I moved in with him, or before we got serious.... Who knew??? He's also claiming that my refusal to return the items (that he already has) is me being bitter and playing the victim, and that I'm going off the deep end. HUH????

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Life in the big city...

I must say, I do miss the city sometimes. Going to Chicago last week was nice (except for the damn traffic!).. I've noticed that things move much quicker in the city, I guess it takes stepping out of it to realize that. Sometimes I miss the hustle and bustle, the noise, the confusion of where the hell am I while driving, that stuff. But you know what was also nice? Coming home to see a couple of deer within 50 yards of my garage, having a little lie down for themselves

Friday, February 22, 2008

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh life

Life is good. :)
I don't have a job yet, but that's in the works, so soon. My rent is paid for March, so I'm not in panic mode. And I have a bunch of crap that I can sell on Ebay that will make me some good cash.
My ex is obsessed with me for some reason. He claims that I'm stalking him, which is laughable. The only thing that pisses me off is that he's telling this to other people. His delusions are his own, but when he starts to share them, hopefully people realize that they're dealing with a fuckwit.
But enough about that whole mess. Thank God I'm away from it all. The drama llama strikes again! LOL

I'm so excited to go home to Boston in March. I get to see my niece for the first time in 20 years, yippeeeeeeeeee!! The sad part is that it's also my aunt's 1 year anniversary mass. I can't believe that she's been gone for almost a year. It still doesn't seem real to me that she's gone. I still can't talk about the whole thing without breaking down.