Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bring on the New Year!

Wow. Time flies. It seemed like yesterday I was writing my 2011 post, and I just went back and read it. So much can change in a year!  My friend Barbara told me that once, and now I make a point of noticing.

So what has happened this year so far?  I redid the mortgage on my house, and decided to stay put for the time being. I'm no longer speaking to my siblings or my father. It's amazing how ugly people can get sometimes. It's also amazing how much better I sleep at night and how much LESS stress I have now that they are out of my life.  I decided to cut out the negativity, and just stopped banging my head against the wall.  My sister always been a controlling bitch, and now she adds martyr to it.  Good for her.  My brother (the one with ALS) is frankly, an ass.  And being sick hasn't changed that, unfortunately. My other brother is just an enigma that I'm sick of trying to figure out. It's unfortunate that he only cares when he himself needs support.  My father?  Meh...  Apparently he's a wonderful STEPfather, but not a great father.

My son no longer wants to see his "Dad".  That's huge. He got to see and spend time with one of his siblings this Christmas who told him that he (Kevin) was a douchebag.  It was never for me to say that, but good for him to hear from someone in the know.  He has a renewed sense of family though, which is wonderful.  My heart is so happy for him. I can't put too many details here because of some interesting ISPs that show up, but suffice it to say it was a highlight of our trip. :)

My job is still my job, but I know there are many without, so I appreciate it.  But that doesn't stop me from looking.  I have some projects that need to get done, and that is on my list of resolutions. No more unfinished projects!

I joined a gym. I'm going to go at least 3-4 times a week.

I reduced the size of the "girls". BEST decision ever. Not sure why I didn't do it years ago. If you're thinking about it - DO IT. you won't regret it.

Next up?  Dating.  LOLOLOL


Sunday, December 2, 2012

You're right - I can't pee standing up..

Sunday Stealing: The Not So Manly Meme

1. Boxers? Briefs? Boxer briefs? Thongs? Bikinis? Commando?
Wouldn't you like to know.. 

2. What’s your fussiest personal care routine?
Waking up?  Seriously.  I don't have time for that shit.
3. Do you have a favorite tool? Power or manual?
LMAO... there are so many places I could go with this...
4. Can you change your own oil? Do you?
Yes.  No.
5. What’s the “manliest / 'womenliest” thing you do on a regular basis?
Shave my legs and armpits
6. What’s something “manly” that you never learned how to do?
Shave my balls?  Pee standing up?
7. Do you ever cry? If so, what’s your trigger?
Yes.  Sad shit.
8. Do you have a chivalrous streak? How does it manifest itself?
I fight for the underdog - I am one of the nicest people that you will ever meet, but if you start to fuck with someone that can't or won't fight back - I'll annihilate your shit.   Just ask Vinnie the woman beater/ neighborhood bully.  I can't stand his sleazy car salesman ass - and he knows it.
9. Do you have a chauvinistic streak? How does it manifest itself?
Nah.........   Although, along the same lines of that - I do admit to stereotyping sleazy car salesmen.  Like Vinnie.  that lives in the neighborhood.  He is the epitome of one - and anyone that's ever looking for a car?  I'll send to their competition, or another salesperson at the same dealership.  LOLOLOLOL
10. What’s your favorite movie?
The one where that guy, you know - does that thing?
11. What’s the dumbest, testosterone-inspired thing you’ve ever seen?
I saw this yesterday:
And while they got lucky and it was almost 60 degrees out - if it had been cold, there would have been #1 a LOT of shrinkage and #2 a bunch of really freaking cold peeps
12. What quality do you think makes a good man good? Do you have that quality?
Honest, loyal, you know - all that mushy shit.  Do I?  I suppose..
13. Toilet seat up or down?
I don't like sinking into the water - down, please..
14. If your significant other is away, do you cook for yourself or eat out of cans and boxes (or rely on local drive-throughs and delivery)?
Do you not read my blog?  I do NOT have an SO.  Although - if you ask Vinnie in my neighborhood - he thinks I'm gay - because no straight woman could possibly stand up to him. LOL  
I'm a damn good cook.  'Nuff said..
15. What societal expectation of being a man / women do you most resent?
That women can't keep up or do the same things (with the exception of scratching their balls).  That's dumb. 
16. What’s the best part - societal-wise - about being a man / women?
17. Will you stop to ask for directions?
if I need them - but since I have a GPS and a smart phone?  I usually don't.
18. What’s one thing about your significant other that you just cannot understand, no matter how hard you try?
That bastard refuses to show his face
19. What do you need to have in the shower?
Water is usually a requirement.. then a drain... and some shampoo/conditioner and soap are good to have..
Speaking of all that - if you watch Revolution - how do they manage to look clean all the time? 
20. Do you burp/fart/scratch? Do you do anything stereotypically male?"Since you are computer savey.  I already know everything you do, say and post.   There is a reason I am the Internet Director"  These are Vinnie's words to me - so if I DID do anything stereotypically male, I couldn't put it here - that would just go along with his claim that I'm a lesbian.  

Have a happy day! 

Boobies or Barrel? The answer is obvious....

1) Have you ever danced the polka?
We used to spend quality time at Kramer's Hayloft.  Square Dancing.  I'm sure, at some point, there was polka involved.  But to my defense, I was young - I knew not what I was doing..

2) Frankie Yankovic was a stellar accordion player. What instrument have you mastered, or would like to learn?
I played the flute for 6+ years.  I could probably play something to save my life, but that's it. LOL

3) When Frankie died in 1998, his obituary proclaimed him as "America's Polka King." Lucille Ball was "The Queen of Comedy" and Michael Jackson was "The King of Pop." What royal title do you deserve?
Um, duh.  I'm Queen of The Universe, you didn't know that?

4) Do you like light beer?
Bud Light Lime.  It's my downfall, and usually involves me lifting my shirt or showing my tattoo.  But ask me about it, and I'll deny everything..

5) In 1901, daredevil Annie Taylor successfully went over Niagara Falls in a barrel. She was badly bruised but otherwise fine. How much money would it take for you do to do something that dangerous?
Are you fucking kidding me?  I have new boobies.  I'm not risking them for a barrel ride.  That's dumb.

6) When was the last time you visited a pet store?
Does a daycare count?

7) What's your favorite salad dressing?
My own raspberry vinaigrette.  It's darn tootin' delightful!

8)  Sam Winters is crazy about her smart phone. She uses it to take pictures, record videos, listen to tunes, answer emails and surf the net and, oh yeah, she even uses it to make calls. How indispensable is your mobile phone in your day-to-day life?
Hahahahahahahaaaa.... You know - if tomorrow the lights went out - other than the whole "people going crazy killing each other" stuff, I think I'd be OK.  It would force us to actually TALK to one another.

9) "Kocham ciÄ™" is "I love you" in Polish. Can you say "I love you" in a language other than English (and Polish)?
A few!  Greek, German, probably more - but shit, I don't remember.