Saturday, May 28, 2011

Alllllllrighty then!

Lots going on - I graduated May 1st, with some surprise guests that went beyond my wildest expectations - my aunt Harriet's best friend, my bff from 1st grade, another friend from elementary school, 3 cousins my sister and a whole lot of beer.  LOL  A good - no, make that GREAT - time was had by all and it was a much needed "family" visit for me.  I have been pretty homesick lately, and it couldn't have come at a better time.  The only one missing from the picture is my friend Kim, who pulled it all together - and she is missing only because she TOOK the picture!  She got me goooood - apparently they'd been planning this since last year.  And those that know me - know that I'm the one usually pulling things on people, not the one that gets gotten.  LOL

Here is a picture of us all :)

I've been looking for a new job for a while - and finally got a great one.  I'm going from working for the county to working for the state - it's a great "foot ind the door" position, and I hope it will lead to great things.  :)  It was great to be able to give my notice, and I think I made it clear that because I felt I wouldn't go anywhere through the county, that I felt I had to leave for better opportunities.  It's pretty sad the way people aren't recognized for their hard work and efforts.  Oh well. On to bigger and better things.

I sent an email to the MPU (male parental unit) telling him that the boy is curious about his siblings and giving him the option of telling the other kids himself or letting them find out through numerous sources - we have many mutual friends that up until now have kept quiet, the boy could find them on facebook and friend them - can you say "awkward?!?"..  or he could control how/when they find out and tell them himself.  What do you all think happened?  Oh, wait, I'm sorry - I can't hear anything with my head stuck in the sand.  This will all go away, right?  Right?

In any case, I apologize to the innocent people of the state of MA that have to deal with a grumpy trooper.  It's not you, it's him.