Sunday, October 31, 2010

New favorite song? NSFW or kids

This is beyond fabulous!!  Love it!
I know - I've been MIA lately.  School, work, kid - been busy.  :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Random Sunday...

Just some random Sunday thoughts...

I love having the windows open during the summer.  I'd sleep with a fan on me every night if I could - the white noise and blowing air = a great night's sleep.  Usually.  I live in a house with central air.  It's much cooler than a fan.  And when it's humid, like it has been for the past 2 weeks?  A  Godsend.  My son, on the other hand, would live his life in AC.  Where he came from, I don't know.  lol

I had a dream the other night that I was in the hospital for something (not sure - not important to the story) and when I came out of the anesthesia, he told me that #1 he had a girlfriend and #2 she'd just given birth to their baby.  WHAAAAAAAAAAA????????  He's 13.  He hasn't hit puberty yet.  I told him about my dream, and that kids his age were having sex and that if he had any questions about it all, he could ask me.  His response?  "Well this isn't awkward at all!".  Hey - at least I put it out there. 

I decided to give a try.  For the 3 days free.  So I have to remember to cancel it tomorrow or I get charged for 3 months (or 6, I'm not sure which one I clicked).  A lot of people have viewed my profile.  One even contacted me about coffee.  Which wouldn't be bad.  But I viewed his profile, and while he is blind, that's no excuse for having a professional picture taken of yourself wearing the American flag in not only your shirt and shorts, but the cowboy hat to match.  I politely declined.  Which could be one of two things.  Either a sign that I've not yet reached that point of desperation yet, or that I'm too picky.  I'm thinking that it's the former, not the latter. 

I drop the boy off for a week at camp in about an hour.  While I will miss him, the house will be a lot cleaner when he comes home, and I will have had a week of peace.  Both he and my "other" kid will be gone all week.  We're hosting a player for the local minor-league baseball team and they're on a road trip until the 19th.    I'm determined NOT to go food shopping while they're gone.  LOL

Happy Sunday!  I'm off to read my latest book "Eat, Pray, Love" I've been wanting to read it ever since my friend Erin talked about it.  Maybe it'll give me some insight into the meaning of life.  You never know!

Kathy :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Ooooh - new stuff with the blogs, now I can *see* the picture before posting the blog.  Love it!
Hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th.  A great quote I found - You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July 4, not with a parade of guns, tanks, and soldiers who file by the White House in a show of strength and muscle, but with family picnics where kids throw Frisbees, the potato salad gets iffy, and the flies die from happiness. You may think you have overeaten, but it is patriotism. ~Erma Bombeck

On tap for today?  Sangria - the white one.  Only I couldn't find frozen peaches so I threw in frozen mangos and a couple of fresh peaches cut up.  And 2 bottles of wine.  The container had extra room, what can I say?  LOL  Will get back on how it tastes.   A cookout with some friends.  Maybe some baseball.  More baseball.  We are hosting a local minor-league team's player.  He's awesome - and the boy is loving having a "big brother" around for the summer.   I think tomorrow I will have a cookout.  Invite some friends.  Drink more Sangria.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh, summer.  Gotta love it!


Sunday, June 27, 2010


What a delightfully tasty weekend!
Yesterday I had to bake a banana cake with cream cheese frosting AND a chocolate cake that looked and smelled to die for. The banana one was specifically requested by the 16 year old birthday girl - and I know that one is really good. The chocolate was a new recipe that I tried out. I made it all pretty, too. And so ends the "a cake a month for a year" that was auctioned off at last year's relay. Thank GOD! LOL

Last weekend, I made Sangria for a graduation party. The guys were drinking it, it was so tasty. Last night we had a "Sangria Saturday" on my friend Kim's deck. Who, by the way - now has hair again. It's gray and really short - but it's hair! She said she actually had to shave her legs, too! Woot!

The Sangria? Deeeeeeeeelightful. Of course I'll share. Silly. LOL

Peachy White Wine Sangria:

* 1 big ass bottle dry white wine
* 3/4 cup peach flavored schnapps
* 1 can frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed
* 1/4 cup white sugar
* 1 package frozen peaches
* 1 cup seedless red grapes, halved
* 1 cup seedless green grapes, halved

Put together and let it sit at least overnight. We added ginger ale to cut it because it was strong. And for those that don't like peaches? I can't stand peaches and absolutely loved this.

Red Wine Sangria

1 large bottle of red wine (I got the extra large one) - and it doesn't have to be expensive wine, get something middle of the road
1 2 liter bottle of ginger ale
2 limes
2 lemons
1 orange
1 can frozen lemonade
1 big can of pineapple chunks in juice

pour the wine into a container (I bought a 2 gallon cooler with a spout just for this stuff). Add 2 tablespoons of sugar. Add 1/2 cup of orange juice if you have it. Cut the limes, lemons and oranges - squeeze the juice into the wine and then toss in what's left of them so the rest can seep out. Put in the pineapples. I put a couple of shots of raspberry vodka in also. Let it all sit overnight (at the very least).

When you're ready to serve it - add the can of frozen lemonade, a 2 liter bottle of ginger ale and I also threw in a package of frozen raspberries.

Drink up and enjoy! The girl that brought the red last night made ice cubes with raspberries in them - they were awesome in both the red and white. No clogging of the spout - still get the flavor!

The only issue with the closed containers is that nobody can see the fruit or add it to their drinks. Which some may consider an issue - but if you're the owner of said container - you get to EAT the fruit. LOL

Hope all is well with everyone - new class starts tomorrow (Environmental studies or something like that). I'm off to read, catch up some, and enjoy the morning. :)


Sunday, June 13, 2010

The last you ever hear.....

Yup. This could be it. My last post ever on the Fuckwit. Hee heee hee - on his wedding day, no less. Because it's come around, as it should have.

Apparently the fuckwit presented the fiancee with a prenup - a little over a week ago. It was the same prenup that his brother had HIS wife sign, so what could possibly be the problem? It left her with nothing. N O T H I N G. Not after 1, 5, 10, 20 or even 50 years. And if he died - she got nothing. She refused to sign it, he refused to budge. She refused to budge. And then told him to screw and moved back to California. Of course he's telling people that he broke it off - but that's not what really happened from what I understand. Another twisted reality to make himself look the victim when he's really not.

She saw the *TRUE* Fuckwit - and his siblings, and what they are all about. Thank goodness for her! I just hope if the whole virgin thing was true that she didn't give it up for him before the wedding.

I'm sorry, but REALLY??? NOTHING? I wouldn't have signed it either. And while that may initially look like it's about the money, it's really not. She gave up her life in California, her family and friends - moved to Michigan - and granted, they wouldn't last for more than a year or two - but she didn't know that. She was expecting to spend the rest of her life with this person. So imagine 30 years down the road something happens to him. They've got 3-4 kids. What is she left with to show of 30 years of marriage? Nothing. Not the house she'd lived in, the job was long gone because he needs full time care (as do those kids!) - that's not worth anything? Really? Even if it was 2-3 years. That's worth nothing? I would think that her virginity at least would be worth something.

So anyway - he showed his selfish, disgusting fuckwit self. His siblings showed that they are all about the money and keeping it close. It's only money. It's unfortunate that to them, it's more important than real relationships with people that don't give a shit about the money. But when it comes down to it - that is what it's all about - to them. Live your lonely lives and wonder why you are all so socially retarded and don't have any *real* friends other than the ones who live in the same bubble you're in and the Fuckwit will continue with ones like, oh... I don't know - the FFW? She's a great example. LOL

Karma. Gotta love it. I know I do!

Monday, May 24, 2010

best news

Suck it, cancer. My friend Kim is completely free of you. :-)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Where a kid can be a kid.....

My buddy Chrissy wrote a post today about her neighborhood growing up. They lived in a house that I swear would be my dream house if I could have it. Someone commented about her mother that "I wonder if she realizes the she mothered the last generation of kids who would experience that kind of childhood." She wasn't. Mine does. Granted, I'm not a stay at home mom, but my son is 13. He IS 13. He's not going on 16, 17 or older. His friends in the neighborhood aren't delinquents. I know all of them. There is one that's got a little Eddie Haskell in him, but that's just Drew. He's a good kid, just a little Eddie Haskell-ish. If there's any trouble, he's usually involved. All the parents know all the kids. We know which parents are cool, which ones are cuckoo for cocoa puffs, which ones are strict and which ones are not. During the summer, the kids are outside playing until 10:00 or sometimes later. Michigan really should be in CST, because it's still light out at 10 some nights. They play on their skateboards, bikes, roller blades, with their nerf guns, air-soft guns and bar one emergency (whoops!) no damage is done. I don't worry about mine. In fact, on occasion, the moms go out for a cocktail down the road and leave the kids outside playing, because we know they're OK.
Could I have this in MA? Maybe. Do I have it in MI? Absolutely.
Many of you don't know, but I moved here a little over 6 years ago. My reasoning? My son needed me more than my friends & family did. They would hopefully still be there, but he wasn't always going to be 6. He needed ME. He needed to feel safe. He needed to be out of an environment where drugs, gangs and nonsense were the norm.
Now his biggest worry is not getting his homework done. Not if the kid next door is going to ask him to smoke pot. Or steal something. Or how much trouble he can get into before I get home from work. I'm only 20 min. away. Not an hour and a half. He lives where a kid can be a kid.

I like that.

Happy Mother's Day to all!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I think

that macroeconomics may kick my butt... I get some of it, but not all of it. And the whole math aspects of it? Eeeeesh...

Shoot me now.
Here's something fun - see if you can figure out the "DUH" part of this Marquee...

Frost warning for tonight. Can we be over winter already? I'm over IT, why can't it just be done? Cheez luiz!

Nothing else really happening this week. Iris' are up and starting to bloom. All the other seeds/bulbs I planted are starting to sprout - and the fun thing? I don't remember what I planted, so it'll be exciting to see what comes up!

Happy weekend!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

ahhhhh weekend

I love the weekends. I have decided to stay (for now) at my job because even though it's slow as shit, I can get homework done there that I wouldn't be able to do at another job. And with macroeconomics starting this week, I think I'll need the down time! LOL

My friend Lesley came and hung out at the house yesterday - her youngest is adorable, and apparently wants me to kiss her ass. See? Isn't that what she's saying? LOL

Then it started downpouring. I had told a story earlier in the day how during the summer, my mother used to put us into our bathing suits and let us go out and play in the rain (actually I think she used to lock us out of the house, but that's another story LOL). So once we made sure that there wasn't any lightning - we let the older two do this:

A lot of fun was had - and they all slept well last night.

My back yard has been taken over by crabgrass - any hints are welcome. I've tried the Weed & Feed, Crabgrass Killer and now am almost resigned to it taking over - it's green, right?

The front, however - that's all mine.... I've got iris', gladioli, zinnias, when everything comes up it should be a color explosion at the front of the house! I can't wait. :)

Happy Sunday!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Jeepers Creepers

it's been a while. Maybe I should just turn this into a "once a month" blog? LOL

I finished up my class (with a B, thank you). Went on spring break - where we had a lovely time - weather could have been warmer, but really? I wasn't working, so it was all good.

All is good here - I'm actually looking into taking the LSAT in October. If I score high enough, I can get a 100% scholarship to the law school that's like 40 miles away. Oy vey, what am I thinking? LOL

The boy actually had a decent report card this semester. Nothing lower than a C except Band, and that's because he doesn't practice. We've talked about it 10 million times, but he is in charge of it - and won't do it. So he gets an E.

I had a doctors appt. today and he asked if I had any issues with intercourse. I laughed and said "other than the fact that I get NONE??? NO. But if I do - I'll let you know!!"... He never knows what I'm going to say..

The latest on the train wreck that is my ex? Apparently he's marrying a tree-hugger vegan virgin. Say that 10 times fast. He's got the attention span of a gnat, and will lose interest very quickly - but in the meantime he's done what he's done for every relationship - conformed himself to seem like he's into what they are. So while he's secretly stuffing his face with McDonald's - because he is after all - a huge carnivore, in front of her he only eats vegan foods. But the problem with that? He hides the wrappers under the seat of the car and is too lazy to throw them out later, or he forgets about them. LOLOLOLOLOL And the only green he cares about is what's in his wallet. I'm sure she'll learn that pretty quickly. He's getting married here (nobody would go to the wedding if it were out in California - apparently not even most of his family), and wants her to live here because people are nice to him here because of who his father is. Not because of who he is. But it makes him feel important. And it makes him feel like he can look important, as opposed to out there (Cali) where he has no friends and looks UNimportant in this life. Granted, he has no friends here, either and once you've been around enough you realize that people merely tolerate him - not like him, not include him in their social circles - they just tolerate him. Guess she'll have to learn that one, too on her own.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

more :)




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Vegas/Grand Canyon





Words cannot describe how beautiful and breathtaking the Grand Canyon is - just amazing. And we only saw a small slice of it!!

Have a great time - wish you all were here :)
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Traveling Sunday?

Thought I'd just let you all know some things...

I am here:

Some thoughts of mine?

This is better than late-night Walmart. LOL Apparently, clothing that FITS is optional. We got to the hotel about 9:00 or so last night, and oh my goodness, we haven't been outside the hotel and already the Boy has seen more than he should. LOL

Who knew that there would be a "resort fee" for the hotel that is fully paid for? AND that internet would cost $12/day? Seriously? So to cover all that, they have put a $250 hold on my credit card. Gee, thanks. We'll just put that along with the stupid hold from the car rental company - which added insurance to my rental and that bumped it up $300. Um, no - I'll take the $150 rental without the insurance please. WTF???

My hotel room has no coffee maker or refrigerator. I'm not loving that.

I went to get coffee at the Starbucks in the lobby this morning, and a guy that looked as though he may have been doing the walk of shame - or been up for 4 days straight, asked me if I was just getting there. I said, no we got here yesterday, and then he asked what day yesterday was. Really? OK. Then he told me that he'll be watching for me this week. I threw up a little in my mouth - he was looking pretty rough. LOL But hey - that's the closest I've had to an offer in ages! Maybe I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, right? Right? ROFL

We're off to the observation deck in the Stratosphere, then who knows... The day is young.

More later. I figure I should post each day - heck it's costing me $12, I may as well get my money's worth.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

my new favorite song...

one of many - but I just love this one. And they're playing 1/2 hour away from me, in a tiny little club - NEXT WEEK. While I'm in Vegas. AAAAAARGH!!!!

Please excuse my rudeness...

but this is an open letter to my ex's (the FW) fiancee... Yes, I said fiancee..

RUN. As fast as you can - RUN.

He is a pathological liar - which you will find out, probably too late. He twists reality to suit his own needs (usually making him look the victim) and wants. He is a very selfish person, and will do what he wants to get what he wants when he wants it.

He has had a self-imposed "two year" expiration date on most of his relationships - mainly because his attention span can't last much longer than that. The only reason why you got a ring and a proposal is because you refuse to sleep with him until you're married. We'll give the expiration date a little leeway, but you've been warned.

Don't believe everything he tells you. Especially about his ex-girlfriends. Most of it? Not true. His father will never hand over his company to him. He will never gain full custody of his son. He is considered the fuck-up in his family. And for good reason.

Everyone knows that you write his emails for him - he is a grammatical nightmare, and when they make sense? They're written by someone else. I did it, as did the one before me. We all fell victim to the "poor me" - we just got out before we got sucked in too far. Regardless of what he may have told you. And for me? I'm so much happier now - so when he tells you that I'm bitter and want him back - SO not true. I wouldn't touch him with a 10 ft. pole. I don't care how much money he has.

While some members of his family are wonderful, most of them are not what they seem. They will make you believe they care about you and stab you in the back without warning. They would support him in anything - including locking you out of the house if you try to tell him what to do or suggest anything that he is not in favor of.

Don't ever suggest to him he can't be friends with someone - no matter how much they take advantage of him - or give him an ultimatum - because the act of you telling him "NO" will turn him into the 17 year old boy that he truly is and he will dig his heels deep into the shit that they usually are in - and you will lose.

Run now while you can. It's not worth giving up your integrity, life and all else that you hold on to.

But if you don't run? Get married, pregnant and then take him for everything you can - because in a court of law? Virgin trumps EVERYTHING.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Holy crap!

I can't believe it's been a whole month since I've been here! Tons going on - back in school, the boy is doing much better in his classes, he's playing soccer in a recreational league now, work is still - well, work. I've applied for and gotten turned down for a couple of different jobs, but I'm sure that eventually the right job will pan out.
I bought a new car this week - traded in my old reliable Jeep for something with less miles and more toys. Got a 2007 Saab SUV that is loaded, and I got a great deal on it - otherwise I would have kept the Jeep. It had to be something great to make me take on a car payment LOL - I haven't had one in about 4 years. Maybe 5.
Not much else going on - I have been reading off and on through Google, so I'm trying to keep up, it just seems like the days get shorter and shorter, and I'm making a concerted effort to not be on the computer too much. And making the boy not be on his computer so much, too!
Oy - off to get the round brownies out of the oven for Pi day!

Happy Sunday!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Manic Monday!

Play along here

What's your least favorite word?
It's actually two - usually used together "I can't". I think that it should be stricken from acceptable answers everywhere. Don't ever look at how you *can't* do something - always try and find a way that you CAN :)

Where do you go when you need really good advice?
Oh geez, this is a tough one. It was always my aunt Harriet. She was my "go to" person for just about everything. And funny - she's come up like three times today. Now, it depends on the advice really. I don't have one set person that I go to for everything.

If you could participate in any winter Olympic sport, what would it be?
Downhill skiing. I would fly free like a bird. Over the hills, spanning the globe, making new records. Yeah. Forget it. I'd kill myself. Maybe the green trail? LOL

I'll admit it, I've been negligent..

in my blogging. But geez luiz - I've been busy!
I'm almost done with my Marketing class - and have a solid C in it. Normally, I'd be pissed, but really it's what I deserve. I haven't put in the effort required for a higher grade, so I'll take it. After this is done, I have 5 classes left to graduate. They've been phasing out the paralegal program and the classes to choose from are slim pickings. I thought I'd be able to graduate in December, but one class isn't offered until then, so it looks like May of next year. Which is fine, because I'm not looking forward to paying back the $40K+ in student loans. Yuck.
My credit rating has jumped since I bought my house a year ago. That's what paying bills on time does, woot! I'm dumping the credit card that was the only one I could get and getting a new and improved one that will transfer the balance and drop the interest rate about 25 points. Stupid credit cards. I love my credit union.

The boy is doing so much better in school - he's finally *got it* that there is a direct correlation between doing his homework and getting better grades. And he likes it that he gets $20 an A, $10 for a B and $5 for C's (in his core classes - I'm certainly not paying $20 for an A in gym lol). I think he's finally finding his groove. For the first time since 1st grade, though - he doesn't want to play baseball. I'm crushed! I love baseball. I love little league. His coach last year was such an asshole, though - that he wants to take a break. :( Maybe next year. Now we have soccer to look forward to.

Kim starts her heavy duty chemo tomorrow. Then a 3 week break, another dose, 3 week break and then the last dose. Then a PET scan and hopefully cancer free.

I have a day off and NOTHING to do. I could paint - I still have many white walls. I could catch up on Gray's Anatomy - I have about 12 to watch. I could finish my book (the latest paperback by Sandra Brown - it's good). Or do nothing. I haven't figured out which direction I'm heading in. Yet. LOL

Happy Monday!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Interesting week...

The boy, in response to being told to clean his room, subsequently ran away. Granted, it was only to the woods and all he took was a (non-working) cell phone, charger and his special pillow. But the little shit - he called my bluff of calling his bluff. Two strong-willed Scorpios in one house makes for a bit of interesting times, to say the least. I am not sure I'm ready for the teenage angst years.

Kim has completed her radiation! Yay!! She's got 3 heavy-duty doses of chemo left and then she'll be done and hopefully cancer free. She's got 3 weeks off to regain some of her strength and then they'll start and be spaced out 3 weeks apart. They figure after the 2nd dose she'll lose her hair :( We had a pre-chemo shower for her before she started that, and now we're going to have a scarf party next weekend. Erin - I wish you could be here!

the semester started up again, so less time for me on the computer - which is not an altogether bad thing.

I have an interview in the Prosecutors office this week for a legal assistant position. Keep your fingers crossed - I think it's a great job!

Anywhooo - happy Sunday!!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Opinionated? me?

Sprite's Keeper is spinning a new one, this time on opinions.

Growing up, I'm sure I had opinions, but never voiced them much. I had my mother to do that for me - whether it was my opinion or hers. Once I became a mother, it was time to stand up for myself and voice my own. They might not always be the most popular, but they're mine. All mine.

I have lots of opinions. Want to hear some?

If you want to judge me, live a week in my shoes - then we'll talk.

Don't listen to pathological liars and their opinions - usually they're full of shit and 75% of it is made up.

Years ago, when the boy was small I was in a store, and he was acting up. A new mother walked by and said to her infant "YOU'LL never act that way"... I want to say to her now? How's that working for you now? Have you discovered yet that kids are unpredictable? They can say and do things that will just amaze you in one second, but then turn around and be Linda Blair/head spinning/vomit spewing the next.

I was at a restaurant the other night, and it seemed like all of the tables had at least one or two that constantly had their phones out - either texting, FB'ing, tweeting or something. Have we become so dependent on our computers that we can't put that stuff down for an hour and have real, honest to goodness face time with people??

I wish more of my friends could realize that they are a lot stronger than they give themselves credit for.

A sense of security is no reason to put up with shit from anyone.

When your therapist tells you that your girlfriend is a lesbian, that's probably not a good sign (unless you, too, are a lesbian - then you're all set!)..

I might add more later :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My life...

is so insignificant compared to what is going on in Haiti.

Go HERE to help through the Red Cross.

Other, better bloggie buds have written about it like Creepy, Pseudo, Movie and The Claw.

Please do what you can to help these people.

I was thinking about how many people have died there. I have 22 followers. Say that each of us has 100 people in their family. If every single one of us died - that still doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of how many have been lost there.

Say a prayer for all that remain, that they may find hope and get past all of this.