Monday, April 26, 2010

Jeepers Creepers

it's been a while. Maybe I should just turn this into a "once a month" blog? LOL

I finished up my class (with a B, thank you). Went on spring break - where we had a lovely time - weather could have been warmer, but really? I wasn't working, so it was all good.

All is good here - I'm actually looking into taking the LSAT in October. If I score high enough, I can get a 100% scholarship to the law school that's like 40 miles away. Oy vey, what am I thinking? LOL

The boy actually had a decent report card this semester. Nothing lower than a C except Band, and that's because he doesn't practice. We've talked about it 10 million times, but he is in charge of it - and won't do it. So he gets an E.

I had a doctors appt. today and he asked if I had any issues with intercourse. I laughed and said "other than the fact that I get NONE??? NO. But if I do - I'll let you know!!"... He never knows what I'm going to say..

The latest on the train wreck that is my ex? Apparently he's marrying a tree-hugger vegan virgin. Say that 10 times fast. He's got the attention span of a gnat, and will lose interest very quickly - but in the meantime he's done what he's done for every relationship - conformed himself to seem like he's into what they are. So while he's secretly stuffing his face with McDonald's - because he is after all - a huge carnivore, in front of her he only eats vegan foods. But the problem with that? He hides the wrappers under the seat of the car and is too lazy to throw them out later, or he forgets about them. LOLOLOLOLOL And the only green he cares about is what's in his wallet. I'm sure she'll learn that pretty quickly. He's getting married here (nobody would go to the wedding if it were out in California - apparently not even most of his family), and wants her to live here because people are nice to him here because of who his father is. Not because of who he is. But it makes him feel important. And it makes him feel like he can look important, as opposed to out there (Cali) where he has no friends and looks UNimportant in this life. Granted, he has no friends here, either and once you've been around enough you realize that people merely tolerate him - not like him, not include him in their social circles - they just tolerate him. Guess she'll have to learn that one, too on her own.