Monday, February 15, 2010

Manic Monday!

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What's your least favorite word?
It's actually two - usually used together "I can't". I think that it should be stricken from acceptable answers everywhere. Don't ever look at how you *can't* do something - always try and find a way that you CAN :)

Where do you go when you need really good advice?
Oh geez, this is a tough one. It was always my aunt Harriet. She was my "go to" person for just about everything. And funny - she's come up like three times today. Now, it depends on the advice really. I don't have one set person that I go to for everything.

If you could participate in any winter Olympic sport, what would it be?
Downhill skiing. I would fly free like a bird. Over the hills, spanning the globe, making new records. Yeah. Forget it. I'd kill myself. Maybe the green trail? LOL

I'll admit it, I've been negligent..

in my blogging. But geez luiz - I've been busy!
I'm almost done with my Marketing class - and have a solid C in it. Normally, I'd be pissed, but really it's what I deserve. I haven't put in the effort required for a higher grade, so I'll take it. After this is done, I have 5 classes left to graduate. They've been phasing out the paralegal program and the classes to choose from are slim pickings. I thought I'd be able to graduate in December, but one class isn't offered until then, so it looks like May of next year. Which is fine, because I'm not looking forward to paying back the $40K+ in student loans. Yuck.
My credit rating has jumped since I bought my house a year ago. That's what paying bills on time does, woot! I'm dumping the credit card that was the only one I could get and getting a new and improved one that will transfer the balance and drop the interest rate about 25 points. Stupid credit cards. I love my credit union.

The boy is doing so much better in school - he's finally *got it* that there is a direct correlation between doing his homework and getting better grades. And he likes it that he gets $20 an A, $10 for a B and $5 for C's (in his core classes - I'm certainly not paying $20 for an A in gym lol). I think he's finally finding his groove. For the first time since 1st grade, though - he doesn't want to play baseball. I'm crushed! I love baseball. I love little league. His coach last year was such an asshole, though - that he wants to take a break. :( Maybe next year. Now we have soccer to look forward to.

Kim starts her heavy duty chemo tomorrow. Then a 3 week break, another dose, 3 week break and then the last dose. Then a PET scan and hopefully cancer free.

I have a day off and NOTHING to do. I could paint - I still have many white walls. I could catch up on Gray's Anatomy - I have about 12 to watch. I could finish my book (the latest paperback by Sandra Brown - it's good). Or do nothing. I haven't figured out which direction I'm heading in. Yet. LOL

Happy Monday!!