Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shit defendants say......

OOOH Honey, what you done - you look different.  Did you get youngified overnight?

Me:  why, yes, yes, I did!
Me: Your payment isn't due until February.
Def:  February?
Me:  yes, February.
Def:  Next month?
Me:  Well, considering that this is January, next month would be February, yes.

Def:  He told me to come here and do, um, something.
Me:  he who?
Def:  Um, you know.  The, um, guy.  Told me to come here and do something.
Me:  Did you just come from court?
Def: yes
Me:  Did you talk to a Judge?
Def:  yes.
Me:  What did the Judge tell you to do?
Def:  set up a payment plan.
Me:  Oh.  Well that helps.  Here fill this out....
Def. comes back after 10 min, form only half filled out.  "here".
Me:  No - you need to fill it out completely, including how much you can pay per month.
Def:  Well the Judge told me I could do community service.
Me:  Oh, really?  Gee that would have been helpful to know - here now fill out THIS form instead...


Best one yet?

"Why you got to be locking a Shameka up?"

You can't make this shit up...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, new post...

Happy New Year! 
So I've decided either to get my hand on my ass and start blogging again, or delete it.  We'll see how things go over the next couple of weeks and I'll decide then.   I have no classes going on at the moment, but lots of projects that need to get done, and maybe I'll be able to juggle them all.  Life has been hectic at times, very slow at others. 

I'm trying to teach the boy about thinking about others - which is more of a challenge than I expected.  He's so self-centered sometimes, and has absolutely no regard of his actions affecting others.  Reminds me of someone that I spent a couple of years with that apparently rubbed off more than I thought.   Also trying to get him to understand the value of money, and things like when he cooks a whole bagel but only eats half (throwing out the other half) that's wasting money.  My money.  That I work hard for. 

Which brings me to work.  I should start a blog called "Shit defendants say"..  I have been amazed sometimes at what comes out of people's mouths.  And how they smell.  Do people not realize that they smell like an onion pizza (or worse) after not showering for weeks on end?  And really?  Don't call your son's father your "baby-daddy".  It only makes you look dumb.   Same for your son's mother.  "Baby mama" =  Dumb.

I'll save more of that for later.

Happy New Year!