Sunday, January 26, 2014

I poke, he ignores..

Ask Me Meme

Welcome back to Sunday Stealing which originated on WTIT: The Blog authored by Bud Weiser. Here we will steal all types of memes from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to find the most interesting and intelligent memes. You may have heard of the expression, “honor amongst thieves”. In that age-old tradition, we also have our rules. First, we always credit the blog that we stole it from and we will “fess up” to the blog owner where we stole the meme. We also provide a link to the victim's post. (It's our way of saying "Thanks!") We do sometimes edit the original meme, usually to make it more relevant to our global players, to challenge our players, sometimes to select that meme's best questions, or simply to make it less repetitive from either this new meme or recently asked questions from a prior featured meme. 

Let's go!!!

Ask Me Meme
from "Just keep swimming." -Dorthy, Finding Nemo

1:  What was the last argument you had about?
I'm not 100% sure.  It was probably with the neighborhood crazy guy about something he posted on the hood facebook page.  I have LOTS of arguments with my son's father - but they're usually one sided.  I poke, he ignores. Yeah, it's getting old. 

2:How long is your longest relationship? 

Best one ever - it's been over 17 years!  The only male I've been able to hang with for longer than 3 years.   Isn't he cute? 
Otherwise?  Karen is the friend I've known the longest - I would say a parent or a sibling, but those haven't worked out so well for me.

3:What is something not many people know about you?
Hmmmm I'm not sure.  I'm pretty much an open book. 

4:Two truths and a lie. Go.
I really love winter, I hate the beach and I'm overdue for a vacation

5:Do you believe in fate/destiny?
I'm a firm believer in that things always happen for a reason.  Sometimes it takes a long LONG time for that reason to be known, but that's how it usually is. 

6:Where is somewhere you’ve always wanted to live?
I'd live in Seattle in a heartbeat.  Loved it there.

7:Has there ever been a song that made you cry?
Oh for the love, I'm 48 years old, I've had my heart broken more than once of COURSE there are songs that made me cry!  Sometimes if I'm really homesick, the song "Home" - Michael Buble's version, that can make me put my head down on my desk and sob like a little bitch. 

8:Do you jump/scare easily?
No, but OMG funny - my friend Kathy N. will jump at anything.  It's been very amusing over the years. 

9:Which birthday has been your favorite?
I don't like to admit this, but really my 31st.  I was in labor.  Best present ever!

10:Have you ever been pulled over? Arrested?
Yes.  No.  You don't need any more details than that.  LOL

11:Have you ever been to a fortune teller?
Who hasn't?  It's all in how you take it.  I take it all with a grain of salt.

12:What’s your favorite series of books?
When I was a kid - Nancy Drew.  She was my best friend, you know.  Now?  James Patterson - the women's club series.  Love those!

13:Who is someone that you think knows the most about you outside of family? Considering that my immediate family doesn't know me very well?  Could be anyone. 

14:What is the weirdest thing you’ve eaten? 
Frog legs.  They most definitely did NOT taste like chicken.
15:List one of your quirks.
My whole pokedy-poke poke issue..
16:State 1 bad habit of yours. 
Probably the same thing.  Pokedy poke poke.  LOL
17:Has a scary movie ever given you nightmares?
No, but I saw some of the ending of "Mama" the other day?  That was seriously some freaky deaky ding-dong shit. 

18:When was the last time you got your hair done in a salon?
I go pretty regularly - otherwise the roots try and take over.  I go again on Thursday. 

19:What was the last thing you did with your friends?
Which friends?  You know, I'm kind of a big deal.  I have many friends.  Probably more than you.  Yeah.  That's right.  LOL  We went out last night to celebrate a birthday.  Not mine. 

20:What’s something that you like to do that others might see as weird?
Pokedy poke poke.  LOL

21:What was the last trip you took? 
With a flight involved?  Back home for my HS reunion after Thanksgiving.  Road trip?  To the U.P. last summer.  Next trip?  Hopefully Chicago next weekend.  I'm really hoping that it stops snowing AT SOME POINT OF MY LIFE!!  Can you tell I'm over it?  It's been non-stop for days.  

Happy Sunday :)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Being anonymous, blogging, venting and all that shit...

So... I know a bunch of people that read here - and some know me, some don't. 

I received an email this morning, written by someone in my family that pretty much reamed me for venting here and how at certain times, I've derided different members of my family, one by one.  I don't know how much they've read - but I do know they've searched for key words and been led to particular posts as a result.

It's true.  I'm not going to deny it.   I'm angry about a lot of things, and this blog is partly my way of working through it.  I get to vent, I get to scream my head off, call people assholes, douchebags, whatever. 

Because this really IS "MY space, MY blog and MY life".  

To those that would come here and judge me because of some posts - walk a mile in my shoes.  Go back to the beginning and read ALL of my posts.  Because really?  You don't know me.  You don't know my life.  You have NO idea of the things that make me who I am today.  

I'm far from perfect, and I'm the first person to admit it.  I am angry.  Since I hit menopause, I seem to be even more angry about things.  I'm working on that.  I'm even going to a therapist to work through some shit.  I need to learn to let go of some things - and anyone that reads here, knows that I have a really hard time doing that.

So... for those that know me - you know me well.  For those that don't?  I don't know what to say... maybe some of what you said hit the mark - maybe some of it didn't.   But don't you dare come here and judge me from what you've read in a few posts. 

Have a nice day..

That's all mushy shit.. I don't like that mushy shit..

1) The Bodyguard is the best-selling movie soundtrack ever and this is the song most often associated with Whitney Houston. Is it on your iPod/mp3 player?
Aw hellls no.  That's all mushy shit.  I don't like that mushy shit. 

 2) In the movie, Rachel (Whitney) sings "I Will Always Love You" after she realizes she can never see Frank (Kevin Costner) again. What song reminds you of a past love?
The Pretenders "I'll Stand by You".  It was like an anthem to me, about the boy's father.  I'll stand by you.  I'll STAND by you.  I'll stand by YOU!..  Yeah.  Look where that got me.  LOL

3) Despite the movie's and the song's overwhelming popularity, Whitney Houston was awarded a Razzie Award as the worst actress of 1992. What's the most recent criticism you received?

I was told to take a certain picture that I posted here on the blog and shove it up my ass.  Apparently I thought one person was reading here, when actually it was another.  My bad.  Apparently I'm not so anonymous, though.  I'm going to have to make a few changes. 

4) On the bright side, share the last compliment you received.There was a man on the elevator with me the other day, he turned to me and said that it was nice to ride on an elevator with a pretty lady.  I did express my thanks, and after he got off the elevator I wondered if the large dark glasses he was wearing were because he was blind in one eye and couldn't see out of the other?  LOL
5) In the 1980s, when Whitney first burst onto the scene, a trendy woman wore big hair, big bows and big shoulder pads. Can you think of anything you wore that was fashionable at the time, but looking back, makes you cringe? (An embarrassing photo to accompany your answer would be nice!)

BIG shoulder pads.  I could never get big hair, mine is too straight and fine.  I'm lucky if I could get a perm to take.  

6) When this song was popular, cell phones were uncommon and Facebook was unheard of. Which has had a bigger impact on your life -- smart phones or social networking? 

Social networking by far.  I've gotten back in touch with so many people that I otherwise wouldn't have - and a phone may be smart, but it's not that smart.  

7) Whitney's marriage to Bobby Brown left many people shaking their heads. Whitney and Bobby's daughter recently married the young man who was raised as her brother. Have you ever been in a relationship your friends/family didn't approve of?

See #2.  I swore it was twuuuuu wuvvvvvv...  not even close.  

8) Whitney Houston's grave marker reads, "I Will Always Love You," so obviously her family is very proud of the success of this recording. How would you like to be remembered?

As the one that told the truth, and didn't make up stories to tell people to cover my lies.  The strong, independent one.  oh Jesus, I don't know.  The funny one?  

9) Whitney was born in Newark, the largest city in New Jersey. It's a major air, rail and shipping hub, and it's in the Eastern Time zone. Have you ever been to Newark ... or any town in New Jersey? 

Many times..  and I even know the whole "WHAT EXIT" joke.  Never lived there, though.  I'd like to go to the Jersey shore for a week in the summer.  I think that'd be a hoot. 

Happy Saturday all...  

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hello, my name is Kathy and I'm addicted to Candy Crush.

The Last Night Meme

Welcome back to Sunday Stealing which originated on WTIT: The Blog authored by Bud Weiser. Here we will steal all types of memes from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to find the most interesting and intelligent memes. You may have heard of the expression, “honor amongst thieves”. In that age-old tradition, we also have our rules. First, we always credit the blog that we stole it from and we will “fess up” to the blog owner where we stole the meme. We also provide a link to the victim's post. (It's our way of saying "Thanks!") We do sometimes edit the original meme, usually to make it more relevant to our global players, to challenge our players, sometimes to select that meme's best questions, or simply to make it less repetitive from either this new meme or recently asked questions from a prior featured meme. 

Let's go!!!

The Last Night Meme

From By The Way Sunday, a now defunct meme blog.

Did anyone call you last night? 

You know, now that I think of it no.  Nobody called me last night.  Which brings me to texting.  I would much rather have an actual *conversation* with someone either on the phone or face to face.  For some reason, texting makes me crazy.  I feel like I have to have my phone with me constantly, and that makes me nuts!  I swear some of the happiest evenings are when I leave the phone in the car.  LOL
How late were you on the computer last night? 
I wasn't on it late at all, maybe 7?  I don't keep track.  

What did you have to eat last night?  LOL  I made sesame noodles, but they are better cold, so I had a bowl of cereal for dinner, and then I had some Trader Joe's multigrain chips (Thanks Stella!) and hummus as a snack.  And maybe I ate two really stale fig newtons.  I don't know what it is about them, but I love them stale.  Weird, I know, but it's OK, you'll get over it. 
Did you watch any good TV shows or movies last night?  

I watched the other half of that new show with Sawyer in it.  He's got the computer chip in his brain?  Pretty good show, interesting.  I'll watch it again.  :)  I watched the news as well, and then some stupid show that I wasn't paying attention to because I was trying to beat the level on Candy Crush.  Hello, my name is Kathy and I'm addicted to Candy Crush.  LOL 
Did any news items stand out to you last night? 
No, but I have to share...I've been going back and forth with the dickhead about a bill.  The last time the boy went to this particular doctor, it took 2 years to get the bill paid, so this time I gave him plenty of notice - what do we need to do so this doesn't end up like last time, yadda yadda.  I have a form I need to bring to the doctor - I send it to them BEFORE the appointment and get it back to the insurance company.  They are an independent practice - so in reality they don't have to accept ANY insurance. Then?  I get a bill.  $750.  Why?  I'm not really sure.  They won't do any calling for anything, it's just how they are.  Now mind you, the appointment was in September?  I've been asking and asking and asking - what's going on with the bill?  And today he sends me this:  "They said they need pre approval  for the service. If his doctor will call for the pre approval they will back date it so it can be paid."   Oh, REALLY???  What part of "THEY WON'T FUCKING CALL" don't you get, asshole?  I just said to him, you know what?  That's fine.  Here is their number - YOU call them, and I'm going to call them on Monday and give them your address and they can send the bills to you.  :)  There you go.    

Did you go out last night? 
Nope.  I stayed in.  In my nice comfy pants, on my nice comfy couch, and I ate a bowl of cereal.  Don't judge. 

What was the weather like last night?  Snowing.  It seems like the snow never stops.  I'm over the snow.  OVER it.   

What was the last thing you said last night? 
Goodnight, love you.  To the boy.  Before I went to bed.   
What time did you go to bed last night?10:30 or so?  I'm very much a creature of habit.  10:00 is usually my limit.  Sometimes on the weekends I'll stay up/out later, but if I'm home - 11:00 tops on the weekends.  LOL  


Saturday, January 18, 2014

I'm on a boat

Welcome to Saturday: 9. What we've committed to our readers is that we will post 9 questions every Saturday. Sometimes the post will have a theme, and at other times the questions will be totally unrelated. Those weeks we do "random questions," so-to-speak. We encourage you to visit other participants posts and leave a comment. Because we don't have any rules, it is your choice. We hate rules. We love memes, however, and here is today's meme!

Unfamiliar with this week's song? Hear it here. (This is their official video and it begins with a skit; music starts at 2:25.)

1) Dancing all night to the best song ever would be good for the cardiovascular system. When is the last time you exercised?

I did a 16 oz. curl last night.  How's that for exercise.  Don't you look at me like that, I know I have a few pounds to lose.  Stick a scarf in it, Louise - or better yet?  A brownie.  

2) The girl in this song is the daughter of a dentist. "Dentophobia" is fear of dentists. How do you feel about going to the dentist?
Now, I don't mind.  When I was 16 I went to Dr. McDonald (I think that's his name) in Columbian Sq. and had my first cavity.  He drilled without giving me anything, and when I said it hurt, he told me to "shut up or I'll make it hurt more".  I'm sure that 30 years of hostility has probably twisted that a little bit, but in any case - it took me until my late 20's, early 30's to go again.  It took some great hygenists and dentists, but now I'm not so ascared any more. 

3) One Direction performed this on Good Morning, America. Do you watch morning TV? If so, which show?

Oh, I'm sorry - some of us WORK FOR A LIVING, jerkface.  No I don't watch morning TV.  If I'm lucky I can catch a hint of the crazy weather guy, but on a daily basis?  No. 

4) Listening to upbeat pop songs like this one makes Sam feel young. When is the last time you participated in an activity commonly connected to childen (like swinging on a swing, drinking chocolate milk, playing a board game, etc.)?
Since when is drinking chocolate milk primarily associated with being a kid?  And now that we're on the subject, I actually like strawberry milk better.  So take that, you "chocolate milk is for kids only" poopy head. 

5) One of the boys, Louis Tomlinson, was an actor before joining the band. How many different professions have you tried? What were they?
Somehow I've always ended up doing clerical-type work.  In spite of my "I do NOT want to be a secretary for the rest of my life" declaration.  I really need to go back to grad school.  LOLOL

6) The fans that have made One Direction millionaires are also the target audience for series like The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Wimpy Kid. Do you read Young Adult literature?
Hey, the Hunger Games?  Those books were great!  I stopped HP at the 4th one, but I have all 7 - just need to re-read them.  I read on my iPad mostly, so the thought of me heaving one of those ginormous books around just hurts my back thinking about it.  LOL
**A REALLY great series, for anyone that's interested - is the Uglies book series - check them out HERE

7) If this is the "best song ever," what song do you consider the worst? Tell us which song just sets your teeth on edge.
Oh God...  Anything that I used to associate with the sperm donor.  Or the mix tape that he made - apparently for every girlfriend he had, featuring Sade.  I wonder if he still plays it?  LMAO  But really really the worst song ever?  Loving You.  Minnie Riperton.  There.  Now get that out of your head.  LOL

8) One Direction performed at the Royal Variety Show for Queen Elizabeth. If you found yourself presented to Her Majesty, what would you say?

Nice hat?  I don't know.  Curtsy and say that it's nice to meet you.  What is proper etiquette for meeting the Queen of England - especially when you yourself are the Queen of the Universe? 

9) Right now, is your life moving in the right direction or are you feeling a bit aimless?

You know this song (NSFW version, by the way - but it's funny)
Yeah.  That's NOT me.  Now this - this is me...

Really hoping I float into the lagoon soon.. Speaking of the lagoon, did you know that the Professor died this week?  As did Reuben Kincaide?  And the last female munchkin from Munchkin land?


Sunday, January 12, 2014

It's nice to be anonymous sometimes, and lets just leave it at that.. K?

Let's go!!!
The Fast Dozen Meme

From the archives at All Stace, All The Time

  1. What is the last book that you passed on to someone else to read?I actually gave someone my favorite book to read.  She was in a rough place, and just needed a book to escape and I gave her that one.  Shell Seekers, Rosamund Pilcher.  Not sure why it's my favorite, I just know that it was a great love story and I never wanted it to end.  I need to buy myself another copy.  :)
  1. The one song you secretly or not so secretly want to sing at karaoke?Um.  Yeah.  Karaoke?  Me?  Not friends.  You want to scare innocent women and children?  Make grown men cry?  Put me up on the stage. 

  2. If you had to pick a new name for yourself, what would it be?I actually do have a couple of alter-egos, facebook profiles, emails, etc. - but if I tell you who they are, I'd have to kill you.   It's nice to be anonymous sometimes, and lets just leave it at that, K?    :)

  3. What do you wish your administrator or boss would notice?Oh she knows... she knows...  I wish my potential boss' would notice that I'm really fucking smart, and that I know shit.  I love knowing shit.  And if I don't know shit?  I can usually find it out. 
  4. What is your biggest pet peeve?
    People that don't pick on people their own size.  Or pick on people that won't/can't fight back.   
  5. What holds you back in pursuing your biggest dream?Time and money, baby.  Time and money.
  6. Why do you think you are a lovable person?Pffffffffffffft!  I don't think it, I KNOW it!   And the more people that know it?  The better.  And tell your single guy friends - you know, the ones over 40 that have a spine, job and don't live with mommy?  Oh and make sure you tell them I can cook.  Oh, can I cook. 

  7. If every day had an extra hour in it, what would you do with it?Sleep.  And then get up and sleep some more.

  8. The last song you turned up in your car or house was?There are a few songs that I can't listen to on low volume.  I will deliberately hit "ignore" on my phone if I'm in the car and one of these songs comes on.
    AC/DC - Thunderstruck
    ZZ Top - LaGrange
    Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter or Sympathy for the Devil
    A few Van Morrison, Bread and Springsteen songs.  But those above?  Every.  Time.  Every one.
  9. What is a secret talent you may have?What are you , the judge of secret talents?  I KNOW I have a secret talent.  I can roll my tongue.  I can lift one eyebrow and look at you like "whatchootalkinaboutwillis" and last, but certainly not least I can drink a beer without using my hands.  So take THAT Missy Miss.  Oh, and the lifting of the one eyebrow?  That's only in the past 15 years or so.  The left side of my face doesn't work 100%, I had Bell's Palsy twice, and it has rendered me to a lifetime of "I'm sorry, the left side doesn't work so well" and what looks to be a dead eye in pictures.  Which is why I really REALLY hate having my picture taken.  Oh yeah - that's me.  The one with the 12 chins and the dead eye..

  10. Your favorite thing to do outside when it's not too cold out in the winter?Go for a walk.  I used to think I'd go skiing when it warmed up but damn, my hips and knees aren't what they used to be.  LMAO

  11. How do you respond if someone asks you an inappropriate or nosy question? When I was younger and the left side worked, and I was uber skinny - men would often ask my breasts questions (obviously before they were chopped in half - see?  I showed THOSE puppies who was boss!).. Anyway... Men would stare at them and ask me questions.  I remedied that very quickly by leaning over and talking to their crotch.   Yes, I really did.  LOL  And if someone asks me more than twice what my name is?  My standard response is "Ingrid".  Shall I go on?  LOLOL

    Happy Sunday!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Poor Lucy. She's filthy. She's a filthy filthy girl..

That's My Kind of Night

Welcome to Saturday: 9. What we've committed to our readers is that we will post 9 questions every Saturday. Sometimes the post will have a theme, and at other times the questions will be totally unrelated. Those weeks we do "random questions," so-to-speak. We encourage you to visit other participants posts and leave a comment. Because we don't have any rules, it is your choice. We hate rules. We love memes, however, and here is today's meme!

Unfamiliar with this week's song? Hear it here.

1) In this song, our hero offers to take his girl down to the river to catch a catfish dinner. What is your favorite seafood?

King Crab legs... mmmmmmmm

2) Luke Bryan went to Georgia State University, home of the Panthers. What was your school mascot? 

High School?  We were the Wildcats.  Yeah.  That was us.  Wild as cats.  yeah.  Don't get me started on our school song.  Still trying to figure out what that had to do with kids graduating high school and going off into life to make their paths..  Southern Cross.  If you can figure it out, let me know..

3) Have you ever tried acupuncture? 

Aw hells nawwwwwwwwww... although  I hear it works, but having someone stick tiny little needles into me?  Yuck.

4) Just last night, Crazy Sam threw away a jar of Miracle Whip because it expired in September 2013. Is your refrigerator neat and organized? Or is it a disaster area, like Sam's?

I have 2 shelves of condiments.  And maybe the door.  But don't judge.  I happen to like my accompaniments.  LOL

5) Which is more important to you -- saving time or saving money?

Don't waste my time, I won't waste my money.

6) Sam's next door neighbor is named Jim. He's retired, smokes a pipe and drives a red Corolla. Tell us about one of your neighbors.

You want to hear about crazy Vinnie?  The used car salesman that picks on people that don't or won't or can't fight back?  Ugh... He is the epitome of the sleazy used car salesman.  

7) What's the most recent magazine you flipped through?

People.  Don't you judge me. 

8)  Could your vehicle use a trip to the car wash right now?

Poor Lucy.  She's filthy.  She's a filthy filthy girl..

9) Did you hit the snooze button this morning?

Yep.  And I'll do it again tomorrow.  And the next day.  And the next...

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Nothing like a little Monty Python to get the day started! :)

Let's go!!!

The Generic Meme

From Remember the Stars

1. What did you want to be when you were little? 

A teacher, a mom, a flight attendant, a fireman, and God knows what else.  One out of 350 isn't bad, right?

2. Would you prefer to have a large group of friends, or a small group of friends? Why? 

Are you kidding me?  I love my friends!  I have a bunch of small groups, and get them all together and it's one big group.  I'd say that there are few that really know me - but I'd be lying.  I'm an open book.  Straight shooter.  Either you love me or you don't.  And if you don't?  You REALLY don't love me.  Just ask crazy Vinnie.  Or that  stupid self-centered asshat jackalope Kevin Fay motherfucker.  They really hate me.  LOL

3. What is your fashion “style”? Or what type of clothes do you wear on a daily basis? 

I'm all about comfort.  If I'm home?  It's bra off, sweats on and home sweet home... work?  Don't hate me - but we can wear jeans.  Every.  Day.  I take advantage of that.  Every.  Day.  

4. If you could live anywhere where would you live? 

Discounting the whole "moving back home" conversation - I'd love to give Seattle a try.  I visited there once and absolutely loved it.  Clean.  Nice peeps.  A troll under a bridge.  It's all good.  That's where I'd go.  

5. What is your biggest hope for the next year? 

Why does it have to be a big hope?  Why can't it be a medium sized hope, or even a small hope?  I don't ask for much.  Really.  I'd like for karma to come and bite some people in the ass - that's a good one.  And for me?  A new, busier job would be nice.  

6. When you pass by reflective surfaces do you check yourself out? 

Look - you have NO idea what it's like being a pretty pretty princess.  If you were me - you'd check yourself out all the time!  And for the record?  My boobs?  FANfuckingTABULOUS....  Don't hate.  

7. Favorite genre of movie as well as TV show? 

genre... woah.. big little words there sunshine..  I like movies that are action packed.  Fun filled.  And show man butt.  Yeah.  Man butt.  And by that I do not mean OLD man butt.  Ew...  TV show?  Well, since LOST is over (dammit - and for the record - I HATED that ending).. my new favorites are Blacklist, Orange is the New Black and the #1?  Walking Dead.  Awesome show.  LOVE it.  

8. Top favorite books? (limit of 5) 

Don't you limit me.  Just for that?  I'm going to list 6.
Shell Seekers, Rosamund Pilcher
The Silver Palate Cookbook

How to Win Friends and Influence People (lolololol)
The Road Less Traveled
Anything by James Patterson, Brad Meltzer and a whole lot more.  Oh, and I have some of the Tucker Max books.  I was thinking of reading them, but then thought - who better to read about an asshole but an asshole?  I should send them to that stupid self-centered asshat jackalope Kevin Fay motherfucker LOL  That would be comedy.  Right there.

9. Have you ever taken a cooking class? 

Oh come on now.  Perfection needs no teaching.  I'm a damn good cook.  

10. What three words would you use to describe yourself? 


11. Favorite animal? 

Certainly not a jackalope.  I kind of like my cat.  Chickens are cool.  Dogs.  Dogs are cool.  Until they eat my house.  Then they are not so cool.  And in the dogs category - the fucking chihuahua is NOT included.  Neither are those little yappy Yorkies.  Damn fool things.  

12. What is your dream job? 

I wish I had gone to the police academy - seriously, I'd make a kick ASS detective.  Plus I love to know shit.  That would be my ultimate job.

13. If you could go back in history to any moment that you did not live, what would it be and why? 

I'd go find Otto Titslinger and ask him what the hell was he thinking?  Life is so much better without bras.  

14. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Why? 

Oh, to be a fly on the wall.... Seriously.  Or the Cloak of Invisibility.  Yeah.  That's it.  Then I could hear people talking about shit and they wouldn't know I was there, that's why.  Who WOULDN'T want that superpower.  OOOOH!  OR.. I'd love the ability to sneak up on stupid self-centered asshat jackalope Kevin Fay motherfucker - and kick him in the balls without him knowing it's me.  

15. What is your favorite movie? 

I don't think I have one, now that you mention it.

16. What is your best childhood memory? 

Hmmmm yeah.  Don't really have one.  I had siblings that tortured me - seriously.  They locked me in the closet all the time - because I'd tell on them for doing whatever it is that they shouldn't have been doing.  The girl next door would call them, because she could hear me yelling.  And my mother?  Didn't believe me.  Yeah.  That was my childhood.  How about the best memory was leaving it behind?

17. What is your favorite part about blogging? 

That I can say whatever the fuckity fuck I want.  It's mine.  And if anyone complains?  They can fuck off.  It's mine.  Can't you read the heading?  That says it all my dear!

18. What is your favorite quote? 

"Understanding, compassion, kindness and love are the only true revolutionary ideas.  When we compromise those we become what we despise and we lose our humanity. "  Not sure where it came from, but it was worth saving on my phone. 

19. What song do you feel like describes your life the best? Why? 


20. Would you describe yourself as shy or outgoing?

Saturday, January 4, 2014

I will pay all of my savings/retirement to go back and slap the shit out of me

Welcome to the first Saturday 9 of 2014!

1) In 1998, Cher became the oldest woman to top the Billboard Hot 100 with "Believe." She was 52 at the time. At what age do you think you did hit/will hit your prime?
I'm still waiting.  I better not have missed that train, because dammit I will be PISSED.  Seriously.  If I find out that my 30's was my prime and I wasted it being in love with a stupid self-centered asshat jackalope Kevin Fay motherfucker?  I'm really going to be pissed.  I will hang on forever in time until a time-machine is made, and I will pay all of my savings/retirement to go back and slap the shit out of me.  You think I'm joking?  Invent that bitch.  You'll see what I'm talking about.  LOL

2) Cher is as well known for her outrageous outfits as for her singing. What's the latest piece of clothing you added to your wardrobe?

I got new underwear for Christmas.  I really needed it.  Some underwear I have is older than my son.  Seriously.  Granted, it's the cute little thong things and the last time I was able to wear them was before I had him.  Which reminds me.  I wore them for that stupid self-centered asshat jackalope Kevin Fay motherfucker.  I'm cleaning out my lingerie drawer TODAY.  Throwing that shit OUT

3) Cher credits her unique looks to her diverse ethnicity. Her father was Armenian and her mom is English/German/Cherokee. From where did your ancestors come?

Ireland.  Sweden.  Too bad it wasn't Italian.  I'd have had that stupid self-centered asshat jackalope Kevin Fay motherfucker whacked.  Oh.  Wait.  Maybe that's why he stays with the "psycho crazy make up stories I'll have my Italian he knows people in the mob father that will have you whacked if you ever leave me again" Jeanne.  Huh.  Something to think about.  

4) When she was a little girl, Cher produced and starred in a schoolyard production of Oklahoma. Were you involved in drama or theater in school?

No.  The only drama I was involved in revolved either around Jim Goodrow and the night I kissed him and let him feel my large American breasteses - which, by the way, doesn't mean you're going "out" - it just means that his friends will give you a hard time the next Monday in school and he will ignore you.  Really.  I should have just given up then.  My choices in men have been less than stellar.  Or boys, should I say? 

5) Cher is open about her plastic surgery, speaking freely about having had her breasts 'done', her nose bobbed and her teeth straightened. If you could change one physical feature about yourself, which would it be? And what would you never change, under any circumstances?

BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!  I did it!  I did it!  I had those large American breasteses cut down into a manageable size.  LOL  Yes I did!  What would I never change?  Why my eye color.  They're almost a cornflower blue
.  Depending on what I wear that day..

6) There's a stubborn rumor, often denied, that Cher had a rib removed so that she could maintain her long and lean silhouette. What's the most outrageous thing anyone has said of you?

Ahhhhhhhhhhh.... there was a rumor, made up by people that didn't like my ability to tell the truth, that I slept with half of the BPD.  Not true.  Not even close to true.  But because someone's girlfriend asked me some questions and I answered them truthfully - that was the *wrong* thing to do...  They decided to trash my reputation.  So much so that a good friend actually said something to me about me putting it out there for everyone else, and why not him.  That one hurt.  Oh, and after all that?  After being beaten down and made to feel like shit 12 ways to Sunday?  That's when the stupid self-centered asshat jackalope Kevin Fay motherfucker swooped in and made it seem like he was the good guy.  Yeah.  I really want to go back and slap the shit out of me now... 

7) When she was a kid, Cher practiced her autograph. Do you have a clear, legible signature? Or is it more of a scrawl?

I've been told I have very nice handwriting.  Not that anyone sees it any more.  Who writes letters nowadays.  I will say, though - that I hand wrote "thank you" notes for interviews.  I'm old-school like that.  Unless I didn't want the job, then I sent an email.  LOL

8) Cher asks, "Do you believe in life after love?" Crazy Sam's question is easier and less profound: Do you believe in luck?

Yeah - if I didn't have BAD luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all!  Nah... really... I guess that life is what you make of it - luck included. 

9) Did you make any resolutions for 2014?

LMAO - believe it or not, I'm making the resolution to try and let go.. I need to let go of the resentment and anger I have toward that stupid self-centered asshat jackalope Kevin Fay motherfucker.  It's just hard, because he's hurt the person I care about most.  He has the ability to hurt him more.  And it pisses me off that in spite of every one in his family knowing about the boy - not ONE of them has made any overture to get to know him.  Which just makes me mad.  For my kid.  And it makes me think that they are all just like that stupid self-centered asshat jackalope Kevin Fay motherfucker.  And that makes me sad - to think that someone that I thought so much of at one time can just be so callous, cold and uncaring.  

And for the most part, with my family - I have let go.  Stopping communication was the first step.  
I read THIS this week.  I read stuff like that all the time.  Dealing with disappointment, things not going your way, blah blah blah blah.... How do you deal with the "OH MY FUCKING GOD I can't believe I put up with that stupid self-centered asshat jackalope Kevin Fay motherfucker and actually believed the bullshit that poured out of his mouth like a constant stream of vomit"...  feelings?  

Anywhooo...  Enjoy.  

**I am editing to add a message my super-smart friend Boolie sent to me (below)...  And she's right, and I told her so.  But it's not that I want acknowledgement -
I've said flat out that I don't want Kevin in his life - he's absolutely NO role model. It just makes me mad that he's most likely told his sisters and everyone else lies about why he's not involved, or why he walked away when Josh was a year old. It pisses me off that I was the one that told his mother, sisters and other kids about Josh - and the reason why I did that?  I feel it should be their choice whether or not they know him - not their stupid self-centered asshat jackalope Kevin Fay motherfucker father. it pisses me off that Josh isn't acknowledged. That's what pisses me off.  But here is what Boolie said -  I heart her.  :)

If "he" is such a piece of work......isn't it better that he's not a part of your life? Perhaps life has been better without having "him" in it. If he bullshit you, he would have bullshit josh, possibly causing all sorts of emotional shit for him.,,,,,personally I think you've been better off. And I'm sure josh will come to that conclusion as well. He can NEVER fault you for not trying......shit falls on the shitter....eventually. I'm want the last word. And more want acknowledgment. It SUCKS not to be Acknowledged. Easier said than done.....stop wasting so much energy on that "man". He gave you an awesome kid.....thanks to you. You haven't had to deal with him being involved to contradict what you've taught josh. Thank him for that ( in your head). You haven't had to deal with his wives treating josh like shit on vacations spent with dad. You've given josh nothing but love and acceptance In all the people in your life. I highly doubt he would have been treated so well with Kevin. Think....josh wouldn't be such a good kid if he had his "dad" messing with his head. You've had josh every holiday, every birthday "bigger, better" presents from dad. In a way....Kevin did you and josh a favor. One less asshole in your daily life. Nothing worse than having a father HAVING to be involved or mad at mom and taking it out on the kid. Just one perspective on the situation.....not right....just a perspective. But I'm damn proud of you Kathy!! Lots of women would of just hooked up with a man to give josh "a father". You've given josh the lesson of strength, being true to yourself, standing on your own to feet, no fear, and unconditional love....just to name a few.  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Poking. I have a thing about it in case you haven't noticed LOL

Happy New Year Hodgepodgers!  What better way to get back into some sort of routine than by joining the party here on Wednesdays? Answer the questions on your own blog, then hop back here on the first day of 2014 (which just happens to be a Wednesday) and add your link to the party.

Here we go-

1. Times Square is the setting for the infamous ball drop signaling a brand new year....when did you last 'drop the ball' on something?
Whoops.. I'm sure I've dropped the ball on many a thing lately..  Probably has something to do with work - the bad thing about when you're bored is that you tend to nod off and not pay as much attention..

2. What is one thing you resolved to do in 2013 that you actually did?
I don't make resolutions, or anything like that.  Saves me from the disappointment of having not done them.  LOL

3. Jack London is quoted as saying, "You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club." Agree or disagree? Why? 
You can't wait for shit to come to you - you have to go looking for it.  Otherwise you're just a lump.  Think outside the box, look for adventure -  don't let stuff happen TO you - make it happen FOR you. 

4. What was the best thing you ate in 2013?
BAHAHAHAHAAAA - that's funny.  Nina's apple cake.  Best damn cake ever. 

5.  Share an anti-resolution...that is, something you plan to keep on doing in the new year.
Poking.  I have a thing about it.  And for the life of me, I can't figure out why, when you put in certain words - that this blog doesn't show up in a google search.  Like do a search for "Fay,  State Police".  Nothing.  Hmmph... 

6. The Pantone color of the year for 2014 is radiant orchid.  Like or no like? Would I find this color anywhere in your home or wardrobe? Will you add something in this shade to either?
Probably.  I don't pay that much attention.  It's a pretty color, though!

7. In three words or less sum up your 2013.

Over.  Done.  Kaput. 

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 
Happy New Year?   It's freaking cold right now in Michigan.  15 degrees.  Not counting the wind chill.  I may have to turn my heat up over 65.  Dammit.