Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful for a liver that still works, no matter how much of a beating I've given it.

Ahhhh Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for so many things, but I will try and whittle it down to ten - and some of this is a mish-mash of previous Thanksgiving posts...  Ten Things Thursday.  :) 

Ten things I'm thankful for..

1.  My job.  Yes, I'm bored.  Yes, it makes me crazy.  But I have a job.  That pays well, and the benefits are even better.  It allows me to pay for the roof over our head, and the food on our table.  And I have the opportunity to transfer to other departments and other jobs.  For that I am thankful.

2.  My friends.  Near AND far.  I really love my friends - they are proof that there is good karma.  They have proven to be a source of support that is immeasurable. It really is true that friends are the family you choose for yourself.   And considering what some of my family is like?  I've been blessed.  :)

3.  My family.  My extended family.  While I am grateful for the ability to forgive (you can read about that here) my "immediate" family - I am grateful for my extended family of aunts, uncles, cousins and people that I just adore, and love spending time with. 

4.   My niece.  I searched for her for years, and as fate would have it - she was right around the corner the whole time.  I should do a blog post on all that - sigh... some day.  But she is a wonderful young woman, and I am so thankful to have her in my life - and to show her that she wasn't ever forgotten. 

5.   The ability to stand up for my son, and also the knowledge of when to step back and let him fight his own battles.  And the ability to be able to say "shame on you" to each and every person on his father's side of the family that knows about him and chooses to ignore his presence because of whatever bullshit stories his father or his girlfriend have made up.  I'm working on the forgiveness there.  But it helps that I know that it's their loss - and he doesn't miss anything he's never known (except his sister - but that's a post for another day).  But still.  Shame on you.   

6.  My neighbors.  I love my neighbors - and living in a neighborhood where I can leave my house open and not worry about it.  I can leave my son alone for a weekend, and know that he is never, ever truly "alone".  LOL  I don't have to lock my car at night.  It's truly a neighborhood where we enjoy spending time together, and look out for one another. 

7.  The boy. He is my reason for getting up each day, going to that job and paying the bills. He has the most wicked sense of humor, is some day going to do exactly what he wants to do - because we live in a country that allows him that. For which I'm thankful :)

8.  Karma.  Believe it or not.  I truly believe in it, and I am thankful for it.  Years ago, I made some choices that weren't the best ones.  But I owned up to them, I owned the choices - and by owning the choices?  I owned the consequences.  I apologized, I made amends - and have accepted the "bad" karma that has come my way.  I think that's part of growing up - you accept that for each and every action, there is a reaction - and they're not all good. But the good ones?  They are oh, so good.  Good karma is a beautiful thing when you get to witness it, and I've gotten to see what that is like.  (And sometimes, when you see bad karma come around - that's fun to watch too)...

9.  Modern conveniences.  Technology, Face Time, Facebook (believe it or not), all that *stuff* that keeps us in contact.  I was able to help plan my 30th class reunion this weekend from a few states away, and I am flying home tomorrow and back on Sunday - and I think that the time that I am sober is going to be far outweighed by the time I'm not.  LOL  So I'm thankful for a liver that still works, no matter how much of a beating I've given it. 

10.  Last, but certainly not least - YOU.  I'm grateful for you.  You read here.  You care.  You laugh (hopefully).  You enjoy what I write.  And while there are some suspect ISP's that continue to pop up, and some strange searches that happen while some people are here - that's OK.  It's all part of the learning process.  LOL It's opened up whole new worlds for me, and introduced me to many people that I otherwise wouldn't have met - and I'm thankful for each and every one of you!!


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Never.. EVER... fuck with the cranberry sauce..

Thanksgiving Meme

It's Thanksgiving in the States! Wishing everyone a lovely holiday! 
*Why thank you!  :)

This week's Thanksgiving Meme comes from the archives!  

1. What do you have for breakfast on Thanksgiving?

Usually a bowl of cereal or a bagel.  It's what I have every day.  What do you think, I don't eat anything for the days up to Thanksgiving just so I can eat more?  That's dumb.  It shrinks your stomach, and then you overeat on Thanksgiving shit - and then A. your belly blows up like an old dead dog's and B. You feel like shit until after you've pooped at least twice.  No way.  It's a regular day for me. 

2. Do you go to a Thanksgiving parade or watch one on TV?  

I might have a parade on while I'm doing whatever I'm doing.  I was actually in our holiday parade a couple of weeks ago.  And.... yeah.  It's too freaking cold.  I'm not sitting outside to watch that stuff.  Like the boy would come with me.  BAH!  When he was little we'd go.  Now?  Not so much..

3. Do you serve appetizers, lunch, or snacks during the day?  

Do you NOT know me?  Let's go on the premise that I'm cooking.  If I am?  It's all dip all the time. 

4. What are the traditional favorites?  

Turkey, stuffing (I make mine with apples, sausage and all sorts of fabulous shit.  I'm Betty freaking Crocker - you didn't know that?).. green bean casserole (with the french cut green beans - anything else is wrong) and cranberry sauce.  Out.  of.  the.  CAN.  
One year, my stepmother made dinner for everyone (well, she's done it more than once, but I'm just using this time as part of the story).  She made home made cranberry sauce.  And added orange jello.  And cloves.  And all sorts of other shit. 
Ever see Big?  When Tom Hanks wipes the caviar off his tongue after spitting it out?  Yeah.  That was me.  So for everyone's peace of mind?  Don't EVER.  EVER.  Fuck with the cranberry sauce. 

5. What new recipes will you try this year?

Certainly nothing in my cranberry sauce.  Although my mother used to make it, and it was good.  But she never added shit to it.  I'm not cooking this year. 

6. What part of the meal do you never compromise?  

Um.  See #4?  And in case I wasn't clear enough?  NEVER. 

7. Who gets to carve the turkey?

Whoever cooks it.  What is this, a contest?  Oh, wait.  Are we doing the traditional male/female roles here?  Oh hear Ward, you carve the turkey.  You take all the credit while poor June's been in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove all day.  And by the way?  You were a little hard on the Beaver last night.  You should apologize. 

8. Family style around the table or buffet style and everyone sits wherever there’s room?

Around the table.  It's one dinner that I make everyone sit family style.  And I try every year to get everyone to say something that they are thankful for.  The boy always says me, but it's with a smirk.  So I think he's full of shit..

9. How many will be at your table this year?

None.  We're having dinner at the Finn's.  They're family.  :)

10. Once you're at the table, do you say grace or a toast or does everyone go around and say what they're thankful for?

Hah!  Didn't I just talk about this?  We do something that's a fashion of all 3 mixed together. 

11. Cranberry sauce… yay or nay?

Don't.  EVER.  Fuck.  With.  The.  Cranberry.  Sauce.    Got it??

12. What time do you eat Thanksgiving Dinner?  

Usually 4-ish..

13. Three best pies for Thanksgiving dessert?  

Apple, pumpkin and pecan.  Any other silly questions?

14. Do you have dessert right after the main meal or later on?  

Have you not heard of tryptophan?   That shit makes you feel FULL.  And tired.  So we have a nap, poop, and then we're ready for dessert. 

15. Favorite leftover?

This one:

Saturday, November 23, 2013

It was like diarrhea in my mind - easy in - easy out.

Sugar Shack

Welcome to Saturday: 9. What we've committed to our readers is that we will post 9 questions every Saturday. Sometimes the post will have a theme, and at other times the questions will be totally unrelated. Those weeks we do "random questions," so-to-speak. We encourage you to visit other participants posts and leave a comment. Because we don't have any rules, it is your choice. We hate rules. We love memes, however, and here is today's meme!

Saturday 9: Sugar Shack
This song was popular 50 years ago today. Hear it here.


1) In this song, our hero orders espresso. What's your standard coffee order?
mmmm  Hot and strong, like I like my men.  Oh wait.  Coffee?  Milk no sugar.  Or maybe some of the sugar-free pumpkin spice.  That's pretty darn tasty.  I also have some of the vanilla heat in my fridge.  It's like a little spicy pepper-coffee party happening in my mouth.  Makes me want to jump up and dance the meringue!  Well.  After I've had my coffee, that is. 

2) Originally the phrase "sugar shack" meant a small cabin where sap from maple trees was boiled into syrup. So for breakfast today, would you rather pour syrup on pancakes, french toast or waffles?

mmm Oh!  I have pumpkin waffle mix from TJ's.  I'm going to make those for breakfast.  Stella is up visiting from Chi-town, and we love all things pumpkin.  And, apparently all things beer.  She and my bff's bf really hit it off - he loved having a captive audience, and she was enjoying it! 

3) The name of the group that recorded this song is The Fireballs. "Fireballs" is also the brand name of a red hot jawbreaker. Do you like cinnamon?

Only if it's on top of an apple cake.  Or apple crisp.  But red-hots?  Blech.  No.  Cinnamon gum gives me the heebie-jeebies.  I think the pedophile up the street used to give it to me, but it is bad ju-ju to me.  Yuck.  No spicy cinnamon.  

4) In 1963, when this song was a hit, newscaster Walter Cronkite was one of the most trusted and influential men in the country. Do you have a favorite TV newsperson?

I loved Walter.  Andy Rooney was the balls, too.  Now?  I really like Brian Williams.  He's very hot in person.  And tall.  Hot and tall.  Oooh.  Maybe that's how I should like my coffee?  LOL  Anywhoo - stood with Brian and his wife, and other hot celeb types at a Springsteen show.  In NJ.  Damn that was a great show, too.  Rained.  Got delayed.  But it was Bruce's birthday..  Got this shot:
mmmmm Bruce.  Or maybe this was from the show the night before.  Either way?  Great shows.  Great time.  Great friends. 

5) The Rambler was named 1963 Car of the Year by Motor Trend, and their most popular model was a 9-passenger station wagon. What's the car of your dreams?

Seriously?  Range Rover.   I've always loved them.  Could have bought a used one for short money - but they are gas PIGS.  I got my 2nd dream car (which I've had before)... Lucy - idn't she purdy? 

6) The Zip Code was first introduced in 1963. How many different Zip Codes have you had throughout your life? 

02190, 02127, 02149, 02351, 49024, 49060, 49083
I think that's it - and I lived in some of them more than once.  LOL

7) What was the first thing you thought about when you woke up this morning?

I hope I didn't wake theManda with my snoring LOL

8) Are you a good pool player?

I used to be. I could do those jump shots and all that fancy shit.  Not any more though.  It was like diarrhea in my mind - easy in - easy out.  

9) Do you actually make a wish when you blow out your birthday candles?

Um.  If I tell YOU, it won't come true!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

My creativity leans more toward the dark side...

Welcome to Saturday: 9. What we've committed to our readers is that we will post 9 questions every Saturday. Sometimes the post will have a theme, and at other times the questions will be totally unrelated. Those weeks we do "random questions," so-to-speak. We encourage you to visit other participants posts and leave a comment. Because we don't have any rules, it is your choice. We hate rules. We love memes, however, and here is today's meme!

Unfamiliar with this week's song? Hear it here.

1) In this song, the singer tells his girl he appreciates how she makes him feel. Who is the most supportive person in your life?

 My aunt Harriet was a huge support, and my mother was also.  Unfortunately, they've both passed away.  My mother died 15 years ago today.  You would think that my father would have stepped up and been more supportive?  But not so much.  We no longer speak.  Long story.   But I will say - guaran-damn-teed, that my mother wouldn't have missed me graduating from college, and at the very least sent a card.  Take that as you will..

2)  Our singer only has to count to 4, which is a cinch. Do you understand the more sophisticated math sciences, like geometry and algebra?

 Can I do them, like on a test?  Yes.  Do I understand them?  Hells no.  And, like I told Mr. Kelly back in high school - I've made damn sure that I don't get a job that involves Algebra.  He flunked me.  Of course, I had to re-take it in college, but having a better teacher made the difference.
3) This video features a couple who shared their first kiss behind the high school. Tell us about your first kiss.

 Blech, you don't want to hear about that. 

4) Filmed in Chicago, this video features the Art Institute of Chicago, home to works by Monet, Gauguin and Van Gogh. How do you express your creativity? (Draw, paint, write, sing or play music ... )

I don't do any of the above.  And my creativity?  Mine leans more toward the dark side.  LOL  We'll just leave it at that..  But just know this - Fuck with my kid, and I can be creative as all get out.  You can imagine that I am NOT his father's favorite person. 

5) Chicago is home to two of the world's tallest buildings -- the Willis aka Sears Tower and The John Hancock Center (which appears briefly in this video). Both have observation decks that offer panoramic views of the city. Are you afraid of heights?

Nope.  Well, unless you're holding me by the scruff of the neck and hanging me over the edge of a building - then?  I'd prolly shit my pants.  But it wouldn't matter, because you'd let go and I'd turn into a pile of shit, bones and just mush.  But give me a roller coaster any day and I'm all about that!

6) The Plain White T's got their start in Lombard, a suburb of Chicago and home to Yorktown Center -- a huge, two story shopping mall. Do you enjoy going to the mall, or would you rather shop online, or in small, independent stores?

 I stay away from the malls.  I'm more into the local store shopping.  Or online if I have to. 

7) Naturally Yorktown Center has a food court. Would you prefer a pretzel from Auntie Anne's, a cinnamon roll from Cinnabon or a cookie from Mrs. Field's? 

 Hmmmm.... the Cinnabon's are OMG good, but Jesus, what do they have like 3,000,000 calories each?  I'll have a chopped salad please..

8) While we're at the mall … Imagine you're at the customer service counter of a big department store. As you wait for help, you see an older lady pocket a Timex watch. Would you turn her in or look the other way?

I'd turn that shit in.  Homey don't play that, and really - she needs to know the time she can ask or buy herself a cheap watch.  Don't be stealing.  That's whack.  Like crack is whack.  Just ask Whitney.  oh.  Wait.  Too soon?

9) Which puzzle would you have more success with: crossword or sudoku?

That sodoku is just craziness.  I'll take word search for 3,000 Alex.  

Sunday, November 10, 2013

I've been known to shank a bitch over a little B&J's. Just sayin'..

The What's What Meme

Welcome back to Sunday Stealing which originated on WTIT: The Blog authored by Bud Weiser. Here we will steal all types of memes from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to find the most interesting and intelligent memes. You may have heard of the expression, “honor amongst thieves”. In that age-old tradition, we also have our rules. First, we always credit the blog that we stole it from and we will “fess up” to the blog owner where we stole the meme. We also provide a link to the victim's post. (It's our way of saying "Thanks!") We do sometimes edit the original meme, usually to make it more relevant to our global players, to challenge our players, sometimes to select that meme's best questions, or simply to make it less repetitive from either this new meme or recently asked questions from a prior featured meme. 
Let's go!!!
From KristieLOL

The What's What Meme

What is on your bed right now? 
sheets, pillows, down comforter, quilt-like covering, and a big pillow with a little one to wrap it all up and make it look all pretty. 
What?  You expected this? 

Trust me - if THAT was on my bed right now, you wouldn't be reading this.  For the next 3 years.  LOL
What’s your favorite word or phrase? 

I have a few.. shut UP is one.  I swear a lot lately.  Prolly shit.  Or fuck.  I need to clean it up. 
What is the best ice cream flavor? 

Mocha almond chip.  Or really, anything that has nuts in it and is frozen.  And no, I'm not talking about someone's frozen penis.  That's just gross.  And it wouldn't have any flavor.  I love Ben & Jerry's little pints.  They say that it's 4 servings, but they lie like a rug.  There's no way there's 4.  I certainly wouldn't share it with 3 other people, in fact - I've been known to shank a bitch over a little B&J's.  Just sayin'..
Did you wake up smiling this morning?
I always wake up with a smile on my face.   Seriously?  Life is NOT all rainbows and unicorns people.  Sometimes you have dreams about bad shit.  And I'm not talking about puppies dying bad shit.  I'm talking about seriously bad shit.  Like being held hostage by big men with guns... Oh.  Wait.  In the words of the late, great Emily Litella?

Is there something in your life you used to have, and now miss? 

My period?   My mother?  My Aunt Harriet?  Really, we need to be a little more specific here.  I used to have a boyfriend.  I don't miss that particular one, but it would be nice to have one.  Although, at 48, do you still call them boyfriends?  I'm not one to point at someone and say "there he is, that is my lover.."  Or "that's my partner"... Ew.  That's so EST-like.  Don't know EST?  look it up.  It's all that crunchy granola tree hugging shit.  Never mind.  I'd just like some regular nookie. 

What major company would you like to work for? 
Kelloggs.  Then I'd get discounts on cereal.  I heart cereal.  I heart Kellogg's cereal.  But I keep applying.  They keep turning me down.  Not sure what I have to do to get in there, but if it involves sexual favors, I'm out.  See I forgot to mention?  One of the things that I used to have?  A libido.  Maybe I'll find mine again someday, but for now?  Meh..
What time do you wake up on a typical morning? 
If it's a work day, 6:15 or so.  Weekend?  Whenever I get up.  Today it was around 9:40 because I got a text at that time.

What holiday makes you sad? 
Hmmmm... Valentines Day really isn't a holiday, and I'm glad I don't have to pretend to be happy about overpriced flowers, so not that one.  I love Christmas, but miss people that are gone then.  Christmas Eve at Harriet's?  That was always the best.  And Michelle came really damn close last year, we had that much of a great time.  Easter?  Meh...  New Year's?  Meh...  I don't think any of them make me sad.  Seriously, I'm happy if I get up each day on the right side of the grass..

Where does a good night’s sleep rank on your priorities? 
Oh, if I'm tired?  Watch out.  Hide my coffee on me?  I'll shank a bitch.  Don't believe me?  Just try...
One song that makes you cry? 
Both America and Bread's Greatest Hits - I don't cry, but they make me sad.  But I love listening to them, because they bring me back to 90 Ellis Cir.  I really miss Harriet.  She was my person, dammit.  And while I have other people?  She's going to be the first one I will smack up side the head if there really is an afterlife (gotta hope so!)... 

 How old was your mom when she had you? 

21, I think?  She had all 4 of us by the time she was 26 or 27.  No wonder she was crazy half the time.

When is the last time you went to the beach? 
I spent a week in the Upper Peninsula at the end of August.  It was gorgeous.  See?  It's not my favorite beach.  It's not the Vineyard.  It's not even the ocean.  But I love Lake Superior - it's the cleanest lake I've ever encountered.  It's gorgeous.  And 1/2 the price of a Vineyard vacation..  Next year will be the Vineyard and the ocean.  :)

What is the most random object around you? 
SPANX.  Don't judge.

 What is your favorite sushi? 

The one that someone else is eating.  Not a fan.
What food do you find disgusting? 
Sushi.  Oysters.  Things that are slimy.  Blech...

If you could have any type of dog in the world, what would it be? 

This one -

What was the last meal that you made for yourself? 
A salad.  I make them all the time.  I also make this chicken and noodles dish that has a peanut sauce and is cooked in coconut milk.  Oh yum.  I'm thinking I might need to make that again.. LOL 

Is the hard drive on your computer full or getting close to being full? 
No.  Creeper.   

Are there any songs that you prefer the acoustic version over the regular version? 
Anything by Bruce..  Or JT.  The original JT not the newer one.  :)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

He's good. Now I'm looking. Breathing is good. Trust me

Saturday 9: Potential New Boyfriend

Unfamiliar with this week's featured song? Hear it here

1) In this song, Dolly Parton locks eyes with a definite maybe. What's the first thing that attracts you to a potential new boyfriend or girlfriend? If you're currently in a relationship, what first attracted you to your partner?

The fact that they are breathing?  Look.  It's been a while.  I took some time off to make sure my kid was good.  He's good.  Now I'm looking.  Breathing is good.  Trust me.

2) When Dolly was still a very young girl, she met Johnny Cash, who told her to follow her instincts and pursue a music career. Obviously this worked out very well for her. What's the best advice you ever received?

 You really shouldn't go out with that guy.  Oh.  Wait.  I didn't listen.  ::smacks self in forehead::  STUPID!  STUPID!  STUPID!!

3) Dolly enjoys telling interviewers how she met her husband at the Wishy-Washy Laundromat in Nashville. Do you have a load of dirty clothes, or some other household chore, waiting for you after you finish this week's Saturday 9?

Yep.  I've got a few.  But first I'm walking in the Christmas parade, then going to Grand Rapids for some fun time.  Maybe tomorrow I'll get to it.  LOL

4) Dolly's Imagination Library is a charity devoted to children's literacy. What book did you enjoy as a kid? Or, if you're a parent, what book did you enjoy sharing with your own children?

I enjoyed losing myself in books.  That was my escape from a mother that was borderline abusive and an older brother and sister that took advantage of that.   My favorites were the Lion Witch and the Wardrobe series.  I always wished that there was a secret out in my closet.   Especially when the aforementioned brother and sister locked me in it. 

5) Dolly's theme park, Dollywood, is a very popular vacation destination. When you have time off, would you rather travel or have friends/relatives visit you?

I love love love to travel.  I love to travel with friends.  I love to travel to see friends.   And really, let's face it - I am in the middle of corn and cow country. 

6) Dolly is godmother to Miley Cyrus. If you could advise Miley, what would you say?

Jesus, girl, put some damn clothes on.  Although, I must admit, I do like the music.  Don't think badly of me.  

7) Dolly has earned a reputation for being very warm and friendly to the public. Have you ever had a celebrity encounter? 

A few.  Worst one ever?  Peter Wolf - from the band J. Geils.  Sickly looking skinny drug infested little man.  With the WORST handshake EVER.  blech...

8) As you can see by the photo, this song was originally released on vinyl. Do you still have any old-school LPs or 45s?

I still have quite a few of my Bruce records.  :)

9) Sam simply cannot stand Dish TV's Hopper commercial, where hysterical grown men hide under the bed and up in a tree house because they're afraid of ... something. What commercial just bugs the beejeesus out of you?

Well, #1 - I LOVE the Hoppah commercials.  If you are a Michigan person, you know Bill Wright and his "YES WE CAN" commercials.  I want to shove a giant boot in his throat and rip those stupid diamonds out of his ears every time he comes on.  Stupid drug infested man.  I cannot stand him.  Blech...

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Days 5,6 and 7...

5:  Things you want to say to an ex.

To Richie - thanks for making me get on the pill, but really?  You were an asshole.
To Bobby - sorry I hurt you and made you cry, I hope you're not so clingy any more
To Al - damn.  I wish I'd never let you get away.
To Kevin - Smarten up knucklehead, stop drinking, get your head out of your ass and be a father to your son
To Theo - I wish you nothing but a good life with friends that like you for you, not for your last name

6.  Your views on mainstream music:
I don't care.  I like just about anything.  Except for that motherfucker n-word bullshit ho rap shit.

7.  Five pet peeves:
1.  People that blare that motherfucker n-word bullshit ho rap shit when I'm next to them
2.  mean people
3.  crazy people
4.  people that tap shit all day
5.  stupid people - ain't nobody got time for that..

I found out today that a guy I went to high school with committed suicide.
What do you say to that?  I'm sorry?  I'm sorry that he felt that was the only way to make his life OK?  I'm sorry for the people that he left behind, wondering "if I'd only..... ______ "  Fill in the blank.   Sorry for his kids?  His ex-wife?    It's horrible.  HORRIBLE. 

He was probably one of the funniest people I'd ever met.  But, apparently, also one of the saddest.  Don't let the smiles fool you - sometimes, the ones that seem the happiest are hiding how UNhappy they truly are.

Anyway.  Think happy thoughts today.  I'm taking the boy this afternoon to his driver's test.  Oy vey.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 4

Bullet point your day

  • Got up
  • showered
  • drank coffee
  • got dressed
  • drove to work
  • worked
  • drove home from work
  • did this

wow.  I'm just a barrel full of excitement, huh?  LOL

Sunday, November 3, 2013

30 day challenge, days 1-3 :)

Day 1:  5 Ways to Win Your Heart

1.  Be honest
2.  Have some integrity, dammit
3.  Love my kid.  Kid happy?  Mom happy.  :)
4.  Be OK with the fact that I've been single for a while - I need some space.  Don't try and crawl up my ass.
5.  Be a nice person.  Pretty simple.

Day 2:  Something you feel strongly about

Hmm...   I feel strongly about a few things.  Karma is right up there.  It's a bitch when it comes back on you - but when it's come back on me?  I've accepted it.  That's all part of it.  You need to take your lumps when you've earned them.  The good karma, too.  Do good things, that will come back to you as well. 

Day 3:  A Book you love:

Shell Seekers.  Rosamund Pilcher.  It's one of those that I never wanted to end. 

And I... I shall do THIS!!

Walk of Shame for a family picture? Uh nuh. Not me... LOL

Let's go!!!

This comes from No-boba-Please!

1) Do you think Daylight Saving Time is still necessary?
Seriously?  I really could care less.  I think it's dumb, and I also think that Michigan should be in the CT zone. 

2) How long does it take you to adjust to the time change? 
None when we get that extra hour, but damn - losing that hour in the spring?  That sucks.  I miss that hour until I can get it back.

3) What's the hardest part of the time change? 
Knowing that we should still be in the Central Time Zone.  What the hell were these people thinking?

4) How many clocks are in your house? 
I'm not getting up to count.  Enough to get me out of the house on time.

5) Are you generally early, late, or on time? 
On time or early.  Unless it is really really REALLY important.  Then I'm late.  Like the one time that we were doing a big family picture?  I stayed out late.  Drinking.  I don't think I actually ever came home.  I totally forgot, and my phone blew up with people calling to tell me to get my ass to the photo place.  My brother called me an asshole (a sign of things to come, perhaps?) and in the picture?  Yeah - I'm still wearing the clothes from the night before.  LOL  If I could find it, I'd post it.  But I can't. 

6) If an invitation to an event listed the time as 8-11pm, what time would you arrive? 
Depends on the event. 

7) Do you wear a watch? 
Nope.  I got laid off in 2004, walked out of the building and took it off - swearing I'd never be a slave to it again.  I haven't worn one consistently since then.   I had a beautiful Tissot that my ex bf bought me, and I'm pretty sure the FFW stole it.  And sold it.  Stupid whore. 

8) Have you ever glanced at the time and had to glance again because you didn't pay attention the first time? 
Does the pope shit in the woods?

9) Are most of your clocks digital or dial? 
Half and half

10) What does your alarm clock sound like? 
Some obnoxious ring tone

11) Do you use the snooze feature on your alarm clock? 
I no longer use a dedicated alarm clock.  I use my phone. 

12) Does clock ticking drive you nuts? 
 Nope.  Does the goat make you nuts? (worth a look, by the way)  LOL

But then video killed the radio star. It made me sad.

^^^ click there to play along!

Unfamiliar with this week's featured song? Hear it here.

1) This is one of the first songs to see a bump in sales after its video was shown on MTV. Do you ever watch music videos?

I used to.  But then video killed the radio star.  It made me sad.

2) Golden Earring is from the Netherlands. The average life expectancy there is 79 years old. Who is the oldest person you know?

Bad Grandpa was at the party last night, anyone know how old he is?  And he is a naughty naughty man!  And dirty, too.  But oh, that man could move on the dance floor!   I know a few octogenarians.  

3) The song's composer says the song and especially the video were inspired by the 1980 book, The Bourne Identity. The espionage thriller was finally made into a movie with Matt Damon in 2002. Do you have a favorite secret agent/spy? 

Bond.. James Bond...

4) The song's title comes from The Twilight Zone TV show, which ran from 1959 to 1964. Are there any old shows that you enjoy watching in reruns?

Orange is the new Black.  That's old, right.  Granted it's not in reruns yet.  Oh. Wait.  You said reruns.  Dammit.  Which reminds me of a story.  My son, aka the Boy - loves "Home Improvement".  Thinks it's hysterical.  Couple of years ago a friend got married, and Tim Allen just happens to be her brother.  So at the wedding, Josh was all star struck, and I just introduced them.  Tim looked at Josh (who was like 13-14 at the time?) and said "To Infinity.. and BEYOND"...   We chatted a bit, and then walked outside.  The Boy looks at me and says "Mom.  That was really creepy.  Why was he talking like Buzz Lightyear?"...  He had NO CLUE that Tim was the voice of BL.  LOL  I should have just asked him to say something along these lines: 


5) "All guys cheat on their girlfriends, so yeah, I forgive him." Sam heard a young woman say that into her phone as they waited in line at the drugstore. While Sam is always surprised by how much personal information people share in the public, that's not what we're concentrating on this morning. Do you think that it's true? Do all guys cheat on their girlfriends?

Wow, that's a loaded question.  No, I don't.  I think that some people, given the opportunity, and if they are not happy at home, would.  But there are even more that know that cheating isn't the way to go.   I know that there are some professions that cater to the ability for the man or woman to cheat.  But again - a few bad apples....

6) Whenever Sam goes to the grocery store she picks up Snausages  because her dog looks at her with sad eyes when she tries to reward him anything else. What product has your brand loyalty?

One thing I won't buy store brand stuff of is cereal.  There really is a difference.  Other than that?  I have a few products that I stay true to.  The Boy gets American Eagle jeans, because they're the only one that makes them skinny enough for him.  

7) Do you have a piggy bank or a coin jar?

What, you planning on robbing me later on?

8) Sam knows that she's always supposed to wear sunscreen, even on cloudy days, but she sometimes forgets. What do you know you should do, but sometimes don't?

Quit smoking.  Don't judge. 

9) Retailers report that sales of Halloween costumes for grown-ups are strong. Since Halloween was earlier this week and there will be parties this weekend ... What's your costume for Halloween 2013?  If you aren't dressing up this year, tell us about one of your favorite outfits from a Halloween gone by. 

I wore my fuzzy reindeer pants, a hockey jersey, a bathrobe, a black eye, blacked out teeth and slippers.  I also carried a bag.  Ever seen  Yeah.  I was one of them.  LOL

My favorite outfit from days gone by?  An outhouse.  LOL