Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday fun time!


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1. I'm up, I'm ready for the day, I am growing to not love my job any more (I hate office politics and double standards).

2. Why do I have only 1 kid and not 12 like I wanted? LOL

3. How does this e-Harmony thing work, anyway?

4. Every morning, I put a smile on my face and head off to work.

5. I consider myself lucky because I HAVE a job.

6. One day we’ll see my name in lights. Or on the Jumbotron at Fenway. Oh, wait - that already happened! LOL.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to the K-Wings game , tomorrow my plans include driving to Chicago and going to Trader Joe's (!!!!!)and Sunday, I want to enjoy the Mythbusters show!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ahhhhhh Thursday....

Thank goodness it's almost Friday :)

Just some random stuff today. I've been fighting for time on the computer with my son, and with spring break (no accounting homework to avoid) I've just been letting him win. I got an awesome award the other day from my friend Pseudo (not to worry, I'll be by later to pick it up).
Picked up a new reader along the way - and a good place to read, too! Check it out looks like a good place to complain!
I'm catching up on all my Brothers & Sisters episodes. I think I'm only 6 behind now. Then it'll be time to catch up on Grays. My friend Leslie actually called me between 9 and 10 last night. For those of you that don't know, I love the show Lost. I am so that show's bitch. So if you call between 9 and 10 on a Wednesday night, don't be surprised if I answer the phone by saying "this better be fucking good, because I know you know that Lost is on".. She knows better now. :)

I'm headed to Chicago this weekend to see the Mythbusters show. And go to Trader Joe's and stock up on my Pineapple Salsa yumminess. mmmmmmmmm love that stuff.

That's about it for tonight..

Overheard this week in the courthouse...

"yeah. I know you having a 50% off sale on tickets. I heard it on the radio....
Um. No, ma'am, we've never had a sale like that here in the court.
No. I know you havin' one. let me talk to ya supervisor" (she called at least 3 times)

"Yeah. I got this ticket, and it's sooo stupid" (said in the best gay valley boy from the 80's voice)

"why my license suspended? I paid my tickets.
Um. No, sir you did not.
Yes I did.
No you didn't.
Click" (he's still suspended)

"I am the Queen of Ireland. I am protected by the government of Ireland and I am trained to kill. I could kill you right now if I wanted to.. (fists clenched in rage)

Um. Yeah, 911??"

Monday, February 23, 2009

Manic Monday #156

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What's one of the simple pleasures in your life?
Reading. I love sitting with a good book and just losing myself into it.

What do you like to snack on when you watch a movie?
Snack schmack. Who needs snacks? I don't eat any more. I'm trying to kill the tapeworm that seems to have taken over. So nothing. I don't snack on ANYTHING. Feel better for asking? LOL

If you were a Survivor contestant, what would be your luxury item?
Well, since you're not allowed to bring people (cuz wouldn't that be fun?) Maybe a toothbrush? I'm so skeeved out by seeing people sit there and pick at their teeth with sticks. Blech. That's just gross. Really. Bugs could be on those sticks - and by putting the stick in your mouth, you're putting bug or bug remnants or even worse - bug poo!! eeeeeeeeeeeewwww!!

Happy Monday!!

Monday, February 16, 2009


OK - I found a new favorite song. Definitely not suitable for small ears or work. Don't I wish I could direct the fuckwit and the FFW here just so they could hear this.. It's so fitting. ROFLMAO

another Manic Monday :)

Click Here to play along! Courtesy of Fleur de Lisa :)

Of all your favorite foods, which one would you find the most difficult to give up for the rest of your life?
Really, I love food. I do. I have a great relationship with it. Almost to the point of starting to think I have a tapeworm. Because that would excuse the amount that I eat. But to just lose one? I could do that no problem. I would give up pizza and find another favorite. Now, the one thing that you could NOT take away from me? My coffee.. Don't mess with my coffee. There would be a whole lot of ugly going on if someone tried to tell me I couldn't have coffee any more.

Which month of the year do you thing best describes your personality?
July - lots of chill time, but there are also celebrations. Plus, I love the beach. Just sitting my butt down with a book and no plans for the day - that is the ultimate day (to me). :)

If you could be a contestant on any game show, past or present, which show would you pick?
OMG - the Match Game. That show was so freaking hysterical. But if I were on it, I'd probably be dead now because it was on so long ago. So how about Deal or No Deal. I'd get that banker so wound up he wouldn't know what hit him. And then I'd walk away with a ton of money. So screw the Match Game - it's all about the cash. LOL

Happy Monday! I love 3 day weekends. I love the Presidents. I'm even starting to get attached to the small (very small) creature that is now known as Tyson. LOL

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

This would be my soon to be world-famous buffalo chicken dip. I would expect that after it is tasted by the males at the party I am going to attend, I will be fielding multiple offers of marriage. Just so you know.
I may not even make it to the pink ice game, I will be such a siren.

Oh - and the dog has been found - he should be home today some time!!

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Friday Fill Ins

Courtesy of Janet :)

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I'm going to base my answers on different men that I've known in my life. LOL

1. It seems like there really is some truth to the old adage "size matters".

2. Um. Yeah. Let me know when you're done, please? And then maybe we could make it a joint effort?

3. If I thought you really meant it when you said you'd call I'd have hopped back into the car!

4. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm is what I think of most when I think of you.

5. To me, Valentine's Day means Pink Ice!! (Ok so this one isn't about a guy, but it's still cool)..

6. Knowing I'm such a better person in spite of you gives me strength.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to SLEEP and hopefully feeling good about the job interview I have today, tomorrow my plans include the Pink Ice game and hanging with my favorite Valentine, the Boy and Sunday, I want to get the accounting homework done!! (got an 84 on test #1 btw!!)!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The night of the dog....

I've had bad luck with animals. I know this. Yet, I keep trying, hoping that someday it will get better..

We got a dog when Josh was little, only to discover that little Daisy was a psycho, head spinning, spewing forth green stuff - biter. And although she bit the boy numerous times, he still cried when we gave her back to the shelter. After all, what boy doesn't want a dog? Then we had cats, that always seemed to like it places other than our house. Peaches, Gizmo (now Tommy - stupid name for a cat), Pepper - well. You get the point.

Then there was Dewey. Part black lab, part dalmatian. He was my ex's ex's dog. Get that? He had "custody" because she didn't have the time to take care of him (neither did he - he just paid different people to take care of him until we came along). Not to mention that she lived in another state. But it was love at first sight with Josh and Dewey. And for two years, that love affair was unrivaled. Until my ex and I broke up. And the neurotic side (his part-Dalmatian part) came out. He knew something was going on and repeatedly ripped through screens, doors, windows - you name it. I couldn't handle him along with everything else that was going on - so the ex had to find someone to take care of him until we moved out of the house (that's a whole other story). Dropping the dog off at the kennel where the ex was to pick him up was one of the absolute most heartbreaking moments of my life. The boy was inconsolable. That was his dog, not the fuckwit's. It wasn't fair, why couldn't we keep him, nobody loved Dewey like he did. You get the picture. Not a shining moment.
Since we moved into the new house, I've been thinking about getting another dog. But a small one. One that will sit on my lap, not bite, and be a good buddy to Josh. Not asking too much, right? My cousin has a Maltese - he's Manolo and adorable. We want Manny! That's what we want!
Last Friday, a girl at work was looking for someone to take her dog. It's small. Brown. A chihuahua. Cute. Small. But it's a dog. It'll sit in my lap. Make the boy happy. Will even poo on a puppy pad - no need to go outside ever! So after some thought, I tell her "I'll take him!". Josh is all excited. I'm somewhat excited, but moreso for the boy. He needs a dog. All boys need a dog. Especially mine.
She brings him over Friday after work. We all bond for about 15 minutes, he shakes a bit (they have a tendency to do that - shake). And she and her husband leave. It's probably about 7:15 or so. Now they didn't bring any food, puppy pads, toys - any of those essentials for a dog. That a boy must have. So I have to run out to the store. D told me he didn't like the cold, so if he went out - he really wouldn't go further than the front walkway. So when I open the front door to go to the store, and he jumps up on the back of the couch, I don't hesitate and say "hey little buddy - gotta go pee"? And his response was to jump off the back of the couch, all 5 lbs of him, and run out the front door.
I follow, start up the car (because it's cold out) and watch the dog go to the end of the driveway. And into the road. And down the road. Into the neighbor's driveway at the end of the road. I'm in a new development - and I live in the middle of cow country. Seriously. There is farmland all around. Anyway. I go to the driveway he went into - and can't see him. I start walking through the snow, with no regard to my nice dry Uggs because after all, he's afraid of the cold, he'll be right back. Right?

I see a car come toward me and go around the corner toward the exit of the development. And it stops. Why does it stop, you ask? Because there is a small brown 5 lb. chihuahua running back and forth in front of it. The girl jumps out and tries to get him to come to her. I join in. He continues to run away from us. Toward the exit of the development (a long driveway in and out). A neighbor, trying to leave, gets out of her car and tries to catch him. So there are three adult women - trying to catch a 5 lb. brown Chihuahua at 7:45 PM. In the dark. Girl #1 gives up and leaves. Girl #2 continues to help me - her husband is driving the car and following us slowly. As we chase the dog. Who came toward me once, but then took off again. Right out the exit of the development. But he stopped at the main road at the end, looked both ways and then bolted into the road. Never to be seen again (not even in road-kill form).

When I came back into the house at 8:15 after shutting off my now very warm car, the boy asked where the stuff from the store was. Um. Yeah. Buddy? About that......

My friend that dropped him off came back, we drove around until 9:30 looking for the small brown dog in the dark of the night. Nothing. I'm thinking, at this point - it's probably a search & recovery, no longer a search & rescue. I call and tell her I'm done for the night and go home.

Now. No offense to the people that volunteer at the animal shelters, animal lovers, PETA people - anyone. But seriously?


Who owns a freaking dog for LESS THAN AN HOUR and then loses it?????

Funniest damn thing that ever happened. Poor doggie. Did I mention that there are coyotes around here? Whoops...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Manic Monday #154

The Valentines Edition :)

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What is your favorite candy?
Swiss chocolate. Or any chocolate, really. I have yet to met a chocolate that I don't get along with. I can show you proof - the last chocolate that I ate is still sticking out of my right ass-cheek, hasn't smoothed itself out yet. See, *I* love chocolate, my ass on the other hand - does NOT.
Oh, and lately - it's Swedish Fish. They're my cigarette substitute. They're fat free, right? Jeez........

Name one thing that you'd want to receive as a gift for Valentine's day.
A card that says "I love you Mom".. Only because I know that's what I'll get. I used to get flowers, but they'd be the day before or the day after (forgetful or frugal - you tell me) - and really, the price for flowers on VD (my my own special abbreviation for the Hallmark holiday) are ridiculously priced. Give me a night out, a bottle of wine and a bunch of scooty-bootin in the puckerbrush. But since I'm single and chances of that are slim and none and slim just left town - I'll take a hockey game on pink ice (check that out here) and a good book when I get home. :)

Can we truly love someone who loves another?
Ahhhhhh now this. THIS is a loaded question.. I thought that I truly loved someone. Once. But he only loved himself. I'm not going to go on a diatribe about his bad old self, but suffice it to say - when he got mad at me (for taking him to court to get child support, no less), he decided to take that out on his son and never see him again. 'Nuff said.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Some Sunday Fun

The boy, who has been sick with the flu since Thursday - is finally taking a shower (he was starting to smell) - I was able to convince him to jump in there because it might make him feel better AND it would clean all the blood off him from the nosebleed. Ugh. It's so dry in this house, and he's dehydrated to begin with - his poor nose had no chance.

My thoughts are with those back home that are headed to Suzy's wake this afternoon and her funeral tomorrow morning. My sister is going for me, but I know it's not going to be any picnic for her or any of them. :( So sad to see anyone die that young. Life is too short - enjoy every moment that you have.

And on THAT note - I'm going to do some "Sunday Seven" fun from over at Patrick's Place....

When it comes to a good dessert, few things can beat a cheesecake. So for this week’s question, I want to a restaurant that could be considered an expert when it comes to that particular attraction: the Cheesecake Factory!

Here is their menu: you’ll have to click “Cheesecakes” in the left column, and choose from that list.

Name the seven varieties of Cheesecake you’d be most likely to select.

Here are mine (I've included pictures if there was one). And other than #1 - these are in no particular order, and I could have gone for more than 7!! :) :

1. Since I am a lover of anything "key lime", my first choice would be this one:

Key Lime Cheesecake

2. Oh my - I want to go there some time in October - the holidays (dammit, I was RIGHT THERE and didn't know!!) for this one:
Pumpkin Cheesecake

6. Oh my - doesn't this just look like a wonderful little lemon raspberry party just waiting to happen in my mouth???LEMON RASPBERRY CREAM CHEESECAKE
And last, but certainly not least.....
7. yeah. Another little party just for my mouth. LOL

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Six

Thanks to Patrick for great questions, as always :)

1. Were you in the same location five years ago that you are today? Would you have expected to be?
I'm still in Michigan. I'm not sure what I expected when I moved here, other than just giving it a year to see what happened.

2. Are you driving the same car you drove five years ago? Were you driving the same car five years before that?
Heck no! I had a Kia Sportage when I moved here - piece of crap - I don't recommend them at all. And I'm on my 3rd car since then. I am usually good for about 2 years with a car, but this one is paid off so it might last longer than that :)

3. What percentage of the clothes in your closet are clothes you were wearing five years ago?
Other than some great old sweat and t-shirts? None. And I'm wearing my MBTA police one that my dear departed friend Billy gave me one night at least 12-13 years ago.

4. In what way is your life most improved over the last five years? In what way is it least improved over the last five years?
I am living in a brand new house, and with the exception of my house I am almost debt free. My son has me home more, and since we moved to Michigan I have been a stay at home mom for a lot of that 5 years or I've worked part time. The past 8 months are the first ones that I have worked full time in almost 6 years. I think the time spent with my son is vastly improved. The time with my friends and family has not, considering I'm living in another state.

5. Take the quiz:

You Live in the Future

You're an optimistic soul who's always looking forward to better times.

You spend a lot of time planning for and dreaming about the future.

You don't have emotional baggage or preconceived notions of how your life should turn out.

You're open to any and all possibilities. Who knows what the future will bring?

While it's good to be forward looking, make sure you broaden your perspective from time to time.

Too much dreaming about the future may lead to neglecting the present.

6. Consider the thing you most hoped for five years ago: has that come true, yet?
I hoped for a better life for myself and my son. I think in some ways we have that, in some ways we do not. We have had some great experiences and adventures that wouldn't have been possible had we not moved here, but also some not so great things - I guess we have to hope they balance out in the end.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Some of my earlier memories revolve around Suzy. We were the bestest of best friends for years when we were little. Her family lived a street over from us, and more often than not, I was at her house - especially during the summer. My sister reminded me last night of her mother yelling from the 2nd floor window that if we peed in the pool it would turn purple and lead a trail back to whoever did it so she would KNOW. There was many a time I ran for the bathroom or peed over near the grass because I was NOT going to have a trail of purple behind me leaving evidence of my pee. I remember sitting on the counter in her kitchen with her sister and brother and having "lets see who can eat 10 saltines and whistle first" contests. I never won. It was usually her brother Paul (then known as Bubby - not sure why LOL). We grew apart in 4th grade or so, a couple of new girls moved into town and took my place. I found friends that took her place. You know how it goes. But we always stayed friendly, and when her father died last year I bought a card - meaning to send it, because I have so many good memories of him. Her parents split up and he had custody of all four of them, and he was such a great guy and he did a great job, all things considered (and I say this now, looking back). Suzy and I graduated high school together. As did most of our kindergarten class - it wasn't a huge town, we all knew each other. She stayed close with my cousin and a bunch of other girls - I think the last time I saw her was at our 20th reunion in 2002.

My cousin that is still friend with her called me yesterday afternoon to say that Suzy had been at home yesterday morning and collapsed and died. I found out from another friend that she hadn't been feeling well and was going to go to the doctor, and her kids (grade school) were with her at the time it happened. My heart just broke for those kids, her husband and her friends that all loved her so much. And for the girl that I've known since we were both 5. And I cried, with so many memories.

Rest in peace, Suzy.

All over the place

I've been out of touch, it's been a crazy week so far - not in a good way, either.

I'm fighting with the school system to get my son special ed services. He's got ADHD with underlying depression, and is failing in all his classes. He has a hard time getting his homework organized and/or done, he's telling me he doesn't have any because he doesn't feel like doing it, the wind isn't blowing the right way - who the hell knows. In any case, he's failing everything and desperately needs help. I'm working on that. It doesn't help that he's had ski club one night until 8:30 (and unless he's in bed before 10 he is MISERABLE the next day) and I have class Tuesday until 10. Oy...

So that's issue #1.

Issue #2 - is that last night we're talking, and he tells me that he eats lunch by himself every day. Now I know he's a goofball, doesn't have many friends - this has concerned me. He goes from a kid that everyone loves to having no friends. Well, now he tells me that he sits in the back (or at least he was) by himself because the other kids make fun of him and (as he put it) use him as a "crash test dummy" to say stuff to (like calling him fag, faggot and other stuff that he wouldn't repeat) because he doesn't say anything back. He said occasionally he'll come back with something but it doesn't do any good - they always come back with something else. I'm like "WHA...."????!!! WTF?!? And what the HELL do I do about that? If he's telling the truth?!?

And if he is telling the truth - THIS is how middle school is going for a kid that's failing and has an underlying depression problem?!?!? Holy shit!

I'm going to do a separate post about the rest....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday :)

Gosh it's been a busy week - I've been working on all sorts of stuff - my blog not being one of them! I promise to be much better :)

I have been fighting a cold, and think that I actually fought it off - that'll be a first! Maybe it is because I QUIT SMOKING?!?!? It's a month this week, and while there are times that I still want one, I think that there will always be times when I want one. But I know that they are bad bad bad for me. Hopefully this time it will stick. I like smelling my perfume at the end of the day. lol

I am off to a Superbowl party this afternoon (after the homework is done, of course) and meeting up with an old friend that I worked with a few years ago. I haven't seen her in ages - it's funny how you lose touch so quickly sometimes. But we're snarking at each other and it's like no time ever passed! She's a lot of fun, so it should be a great time. I've decided I need to get out more. I have a great babysitter, and I'm going to start to use him to his full potential!

I was at a local hockey game last night, and one of the filthy whore's little friends came over and took a picture of me and/or my son. Weird. It just reaffirms my faith in the fact that some people are just stupid and will never learn or grow up. This is a 40+ year old guy, who will do what he's told - just because he's told to - without thinking of the why's of it. So what's he going to do with the picture? Post it online somewhere? oooooooooooooooh I'm so scared. WhatEVER.... Bunch o'freaks.

I still have the green hair date story to work on. LOL

Happy Day.