Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What? A big pile of dirt???

Say it ain't so!!! But there is progress...... since I'm not having a basement poured, they only need to pour the slab. I drove by 2 days ago and it was looking pretty much like the picture in the previous post below, although with a wee bit of water because of all the damn rain... Today?? TOTALLY different... That's what you're looking at up above. :) I guess it's the outline of the house? We're still on track for mid/end Sept. Nothing against this house that I'm in and renting, but damn - there are bugs here. Today's little influx was pincher bugs (earwigs). NOT one of my favorites. There are still little ants here and there, I kill those little fuckers right off. But the earwigs try and fight back. They want to LIVE.... (in my best Frankenstein voice) LIVE!!! LIVE!!!
I killed them all.
There it is, I'll admit it. I'm a mass murderer. I will kill each and every bug that comes across my path - I will even give them fair warning