Sunday, September 27, 2009

More fun!

I went out with my friend Jackie last night to go see that band again. I was kind of in a funk all day, didn't feel good, and actually called her to bail and she said no - you're going. We'll only stay for a while. We stayed until 1:00 AND had an absolute blast! We ran into people that we met at the show last week, and others that were just fun, and we were out dancing - had a great time.

The FFW was actually there, and I just ignored her. And certainly didn't drink that much, and actually switched to water. I knew, given the right circumstances, she'd do something stupid. Which she did. And I didn't want to be any part of stupidity that being drunk would get me into.

She, on the other hand, kept following us, she and her friends had to keep walking by us all the time - and then she actually sent her brother in law over to me. Here is the conversation:

Him: Can I ask you a question?
Me: Sure
H - do you know my sister in law, Jocelyn?
M - yes, your point?
H - well she said that you've been putting things about her on Facebook
M - I don't have anything to say on FB about your sister in law, and I have nothing further to say to you. All done.
H - you haven't said anything?
M - I said "all done". You can go now. I don't have anything else to say to you. Bye bye! And put up the hand.

He tried to get me to talk to him, but when the hand went up and I moved to my right to get away from him, he finally gave up.

I was just totally, utterly flabbergasted.

What are they? TEN????

I felt so much better after she pulled that stunt, because it means that *I* still intimidate her, and she's still afraid of me.

and I don't think I've ever said anything about her directly on FB. Myspace is completely another matter, however. But I took all that down months ago because I'm past the point of needling her - I don't need to do it.

Here? I'll state it full on. She's nothing but a white trash manipulative filthy fucking whore that has lied her way into just about everything she has. She's committed welfare fraud, and lives in a house rent and utility free because she plays the "poor me, I'm a single mother" routine to the hilt.


I said it.

Bring it, big guy.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hateful stuff.....

So Erin did a post on it. I read, but didn't comment. I couldn't. Sprite's Keeper started it all with a Spin Cycle (that I really have yet to get into, probably because with some of the topics, I'm afraid of what might come out of me). This one being a prime example. I really am not a hater. I don't dislike many things, well except vegetables that look like trees, but I'm getting so much better than that. But hate? Not so much. Urban dictionary gives a great definition. Some of them work for me.

I have a couple of friends who have said to my face "I will never fuck with you - you've got such a dark side it's scary"... Really? Because I feel that injustices need to be corrected? Because I'm not afraid to point something out that I feel is wrong? Because I know when red flags are popping up that there is something rotten? Even at the expense of a relationship (that really wasn't that great to begin with, but it wasn't bad).
There are few people that I really, vehemently, fucking HATE. Mimi Gibson from HS - she hated me for reasons unknown, and was a sneaky bitch behind my back and told Jimmy Rinaldi (who I had a huge crush on) that if he went out with me, she'd never speak to him again. Bitch. I hated her for a long time. Now I just don't like her. I can only hope that karma bit her in the ass. And no, we never went out. But we were friends, which I think pissed her off. Why? I have NO clue. And really, who cares at this point. I just remember she was mean to me for no reason.
Another is Jocelyn. Also known as the "FFW". You may have read about her here, here, probably here, or even a little tidbit here.

Now as far as the fuckwit goes - he never knew any better, I don't care about him. She knew what she was doing from day one. And I caught on, and pointed it out and nobody believed me. Some do now, but it's a slow process. It's been over 2 years since the fuckwit and I broke up, over 3 since I caught on to her. She's been living rent-free for four. She moved her boyfriend (now husband) into the rent free house with her. I have a hard time believing that any kind of man would be OK with his wife (and subsequently himself) living off someone. But then again, he is only 25. Her kids are still the evil spawn. The middle one fell down last night right in front of me. I admit it - I giggled. He's the 175 lb one that gave my 60 lb. kid a hard time. I told the boy that he can rest assured that when he is a productive member of society to realize that Austin will most likely be in prison.

I saw her at the football game last night. Her husband was talking to my friend's husband and she (my friend) was trying to get her husband's attention. Apparently the FFW thought I was looking at her, whatever - so she's nudging her friends and saying shit about me, making them turn around and look. Really? I'd love to know what shit she's saying about me. I really would. And then I'd like to say "hey - paying rent yet?".... And then maybe ask if her husband really knows the truth about her past..

Because really? I still hate her. I think I always will. I will not be "OK" with everything until she's shown to be the con artist, welfare trailer-trash whore that she really is. I feel bad for the fuckwit at this point - because she's STILL using him - he goes out of town, she drives the Land Rover, stuff like that. I can only hope that she's learned to wash the sheets after she screws around in his bed (she didn't wash them before when he and I were still together - and got pissed when I called her on it. Really???) He's such an ass, he testified in court that she's his employee. Not sure what she does for him, but I think he still thinks he has a chance with her, and maybe that's his way of keeping her close. Paying her. That's actually sad. I think she's one of his only friends now. And he has to pay her.

So there's F you Friday. Spin cycle on hate. I wonder if seeing a hate therapist would help. Would it make the hate go away? Would it make me not want to shout out how much of a nasty skanky whore-bag I know she is every time I see her? But I won't. Because that would make me look like the crazy one. I have to continue to hold my head high, and know that I'm so much of a better person than she'll ever be. But I still fucking hate her. I hate what she did to my life - even if it would have happened anyway - she was the catalyst for it, and she knew. She knew what she was doing. I hate what she did to my child. She knew what she was doing to him - and then LAUGHED about it. I hate what she's done to the fuckwit - even if I don't care about him any more, it's still pathetic. She makes fun of him behind his back, but uses him for free rent, cars and money. I hate that she still lives near me. I hate that her kids are in the same school system. I hate that I give a shit. I hate that I have a hard time reconciling the fact that we may have mutual friends, and that she's still spouting lies about me. I hate the fact that she was my friend, and you don't do that to a friend. I hate the fact that if you look at the big picture, everything she has is because of me trying to help someone that I thought was a friend.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


TGI Sunday....

If it were Monday? I'd be screwed.

Not only did I go out Thursday night, I went out LAST night. Discovered these guys:

LOTS of fun....

Silly conversation of the night??

me: Nice bike
him: Nice boobs (or something along those lines)
me: Hmmph. You know you're a pig, right?
him: I ride a Harley, what'd you expect? (SMB - wonder what HS would say about that? LOL)


I'm hung over. Must go watch stupid TV now..

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tales from the crypt.... er court....

Overheard lately...

me: "Sir, I'm sorry, does that say that you have 12 kids?"
Roger Rabbit: "yes, ma'am. I heard if you has over 10, you don't got to pay no child support"
**crickets chirping**

crazy lady: I want to speak to someone in charge. This man ruined my life, do you understand me? RUINED MY LIFE!
me: ma'am, he did not show up for his hearing, so a bench warrant will be issued.
crazy lady: I'm sick of bench warrants!!
me: ma'am, I understand your frustration, but the court's hands are tied as to what we can do.
crazy lady: I want you to go and smash is door in, that's what I want!
me: ma'am, I'm a probation assistant, I cannot go smashing doors in.
crazy lady: then get the police to do it! I drive by his house EVERY DAY and I know he's in there!
**yes, it went on. Turns out, it's a case where he owes her $5,500 for a job that was never finished (and she KNEW he wasn't licensed).
My thoughts? If your life is RUINED over $5,500? You don't have much of a life. And if she's driving by the guys house every day? She needs to take up knitting, needlepoint - something. It's been going on for a few years. Seriously? Nuts.

guy on phone (at 9:00am): I'm calling for my girlfriend, she can't be in court today.
me: Um. She was supposed to be here at 8:30, and maybe SHE should be on the phone instead of you?
guy on phone: oh, OK - here she is.
Girl on phone: Yeah, I can't be there because I don't got nobody to watch my kids.
me: oh, well I will transfer you to the Judge's staff. But I can tell you, unless you're here, the Judge is NOT going to be happy.
**my thoughts about the babysitter: WHAT ABOUT THE BOYFRIEND THAT JUST CALLED IN FOR YOUR LAZY ASS??????
She showed up at 11.

voice on phone: yeah is Jeanette there.
me: We have a Janet, is that who you're looking for?
voice: yeah.
me: Can I tell her who's calling?
voice: ;aldkjfa;sldkfjasd a;dlkfjas;dlfkjasd
me: Excuse me?
voice: a;dlskfja;sdflk ad;lkfjads;flkadsj
me: I'm sorry, I can't understand you...
me: Janet? A;LKDJA;SDLKFJADSF A;LKDJFASDF;LKJADF is on the phone, maybe you can understand him..
**my thoughts? Seriously? What the FUCK are people thinking when they're naming their kids these days? You wouldn't believe some of the ridiculous names that come across my desk on a DAILY basis!

dumbass: How long this gonna take?
me: someone has to review your file, hopefully not too long.
dumbass: I heard you don't got to do no community service if yo' pregnant, is that true?
me: if the Judge orders you to do community service, they'll find light work for you to do.
dumbass: huh.
other girl I work with: how far along are you?
dumbass: oh, I don't have far to go now, just a couple of months! (**she looks about 8 months)
me: when are you due?
dumbass: I'm not sure. I didn't go see no doctor yet. I'm almost 3 months though!!!
**crickets chirping again**

Monday, September 7, 2009

Again, all good things must come to an end....

Ahhhhhhhh summer. For the boy, this means playing outside well after the street lights have come on, learning new skateboard tricks, mysterious bugs that dive-bomb at your head (aka "Mothra"), no responsibilities other than finding clean clothes to wear (ok, maybe that goes for every other day, he is a boy you know)....

He's had a great summer, probably one of his best yet. I'd be willing to go out on a limb and say that he'd agree with me. He got to spend time with Grandpa (aka "Punky") and Linda, me, his cousins, the ocean, Fenway Park and by himself. :)

For me??? WOOHOOOOOOOOOOO! Maybe the house will now stay clean for more than 3 hours LOL Hopefully I'll find the time now to finish some half-done projects like painting the walls. Finding storage solutions (what kind of new-home builder puts in two full baths and NO linen closet??), figure out how the car will get into the garage once the snow starts to fly. I may have to lose the ping-pong table
that still hasn't been used. I think it's fixed now, though. We just haven't tried it.

Maybe I'll make him pancakes for breakfast when he wakes up. Soften the blow a little bit when I remind him that school starts tomorrow. hee hee hee