Sunday, June 13, 2010

The last you ever hear.....

Yup. This could be it. My last post ever on the Fuckwit. Hee heee hee - on his wedding day, no less. Because it's come around, as it should have.

Apparently the fuckwit presented the fiancee with a prenup - a little over a week ago. It was the same prenup that his brother had HIS wife sign, so what could possibly be the problem? It left her with nothing. N O T H I N G. Not after 1, 5, 10, 20 or even 50 years. And if he died - she got nothing. She refused to sign it, he refused to budge. She refused to budge. And then told him to screw and moved back to California. Of course he's telling people that he broke it off - but that's not what really happened from what I understand. Another twisted reality to make himself look the victim when he's really not.

She saw the *TRUE* Fuckwit - and his siblings, and what they are all about. Thank goodness for her! I just hope if the whole virgin thing was true that she didn't give it up for him before the wedding.

I'm sorry, but REALLY??? NOTHING? I wouldn't have signed it either. And while that may initially look like it's about the money, it's really not. She gave up her life in California, her family and friends - moved to Michigan - and granted, they wouldn't last for more than a year or two - but she didn't know that. She was expecting to spend the rest of her life with this person. So imagine 30 years down the road something happens to him. They've got 3-4 kids. What is she left with to show of 30 years of marriage? Nothing. Not the house she'd lived in, the job was long gone because he needs full time care (as do those kids!) - that's not worth anything? Really? Even if it was 2-3 years. That's worth nothing? I would think that her virginity at least would be worth something.

So anyway - he showed his selfish, disgusting fuckwit self. His siblings showed that they are all about the money and keeping it close. It's only money. It's unfortunate that to them, it's more important than real relationships with people that don't give a shit about the money. But when it comes down to it - that is what it's all about - to them. Live your lonely lives and wonder why you are all so socially retarded and don't have any *real* friends other than the ones who live in the same bubble you're in and the Fuckwit will continue with ones like, oh... I don't know - the FFW? She's a great example. LOL

Karma. Gotta love it. I know I do!


cheatymoon said...

So interesting!

I figured it was something like that...

Happy Sunday!

Pseudo said...

So, it's not his wedding day then?

If he died and she got nothing, who would get his half of their assets?

Happy Sunday Kathy!

K Dubs said...

Correct - it is no longer his wedding day today. hee hee hee....

And the assets were all his, he is a "trust fund" baby - in the true sense of the word. The house is in a trust - in his name. Everything else - in his name. Apparently if he died - his siblings would get everything.