Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's a beautiful day in the 'hood....

It really is.  I think that a pool visit may be in order.  Or demanded.  By the large number of screaming females coming to the house at noon.  There goes the plans of quietly reading my book, while eating bon-bons...  LOL NOT!

We have a pool at the development I live in, and it's got a splash park.  Which makes for lots of fun for the little ones.  And God knows I love a house full of peeps - so it's my kind of day  :)

No updates on anything.  Well.  The new job is going well - the people are nice - some interesting personalities.  It's obvious that some people don't like others - but I don't care, I like everybody.  Trying to get a "birthday club" together and only 4 or 5 signed up.  Again - interesting.. 

For the most part, life is good.  I like when it's calm like this - but there's always a shit-storm of sorts just over the horizon.  I think that the Secret Keeper MPU is not a happy person with me right now.  My attorney got a call this week that he's represented by the same attorney he had before (that thought he was a douche - go figure), and there have been some interesting locations showing up on the feedjit lately.   He refuses to answer my emails or send money that he owes - because we all know *that* is the way to get back at me.  LOL  I told him that he can do that, but it only reinforces my thought that he's an ass and to put on his big boy pants and realize that he's got to deal with the fact that he's the boy's father for at least 4 more years, no matter how much he'd like to hide it. 

Happy Sunday!  I'm going to go make some dip.  :)

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Dip!! Yum!!