Sunday, November 16, 2014

I miss summer. I miss my tan.

Taking Stock Meme

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Taking Stock Meme 

Stolen from: The Blake Collection
 Making:   gas inside my body, to be released at a later time?

 Cooking:  see #1?

 Drinking:   mmmmmmm coffeeeeeeeeeeeeee

 Reading:  this.  How could I read more than one thing at the same exact time?!  Silly!

 Wanting:  it to be warm again.  I miss summer.  I miss my tan.

 Looking:   pretty damn good these days, if I say so myself!

 Wasting:   away, me arse is.  I'm back to that "cafeteria tray ass" that I used to have a long long time ago...

 Wishing:  That the boy would get that the cat poops on the floor, not because she can, but because she wants him to keep her litter box clean

 Enjoying:  the fact that the boy has to clean up poop LOLOL

 Waiting:  Time waits for noone

 Liking:   My coffee, if you must know

 Wondering:  how long this meme is going to last

 Loving:  Well, if I have to tell you...


 Listening:  to the boy yell at the cat LOL

 Needing:  to get my ass moving

 Smelling:  not much, I just sneezed

 Wearing:  my PJ's

 Following:  I follow nothing.  How could I follow anything, when I am greatness itself?  LOL

 Noticing:  That I'm pretty full of myself today

 Knowing:  that it's 99% attitude that makes your day

 Thinking:  about getting up and getting more coffee

 Feeling:  that I'm going to need to do that

 Bookmarking:  I just press the "bookmark" thingie.  The latest book is on the iPad.

 Opening:  Went to Costco this week, the day after it opened.  Not as busy as I expected!

 Giggling:  At the boy, having to pick up poop off the floor LOL


jennifer anderson said...

you have convinced me that is what I need this week. to adopt the proper attitude for all I need to get done. you go girl!

Kwizgiver said...

I miss the warmth, too.

I am Harriet said...

Today my attitude is all about catching up on some sleep :)

ShannonW said...

Winter just started here and I am ready for it to be over. Bring back summer!