Sunday, May 2, 2010

ahhhhh weekend

I love the weekends. I have decided to stay (for now) at my job because even though it's slow as shit, I can get homework done there that I wouldn't be able to do at another job. And with macroeconomics starting this week, I think I'll need the down time! LOL

My friend Lesley came and hung out at the house yesterday - her youngest is adorable, and apparently wants me to kiss her ass. See? Isn't that what she's saying? LOL

Then it started downpouring. I had told a story earlier in the day how during the summer, my mother used to put us into our bathing suits and let us go out and play in the rain (actually I think she used to lock us out of the house, but that's another story LOL). So once we made sure that there wasn't any lightning - we let the older two do this:

A lot of fun was had - and they all slept well last night.

My back yard has been taken over by crabgrass - any hints are welcome. I've tried the Weed & Feed, Crabgrass Killer and now am almost resigned to it taking over - it's green, right?

The front, however - that's all mine.... I've got iris', gladioli, zinnias, when everything comes up it should be a color explosion at the front of the house! I can't wait. :)

Happy Sunday!


cheatymoon said...

splashing in puddles looks like the best. I remember one rainstorm, my brother and I decided to put soap on our cars so they would get washed. Silly

Happy Sunday. xo

Twenty Four At Heart said...

I loved to play in the rain when I was a kid. Being in Southern California it was always a welcome treat!