Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy New Year....

I really hope that 2012 brings lots of good things to everyone :)

So far 2011 has brought me:

1 sickly brother
1 bitchy sister (and, to be fair - it goes both ways - sometimes)
1 renewed sense of family
1 house that is now entering foreclosure (it's a strategic default, people...)
1 sense of adventure with the thought of moving back to the New England area
 - I can't wait to smell the ocean any time I want, to visit family any time I want, and to be able to babysit for Michelle (I know you read here LOL)

Maybe 2012 will bring my son some of his siblings as he will be closer.  One now knows about him, the rest can't be too far off from knowing.. And really, it's not his fault his father happens to be an asshole.  He's a great kid - it's their gain to have him in their lives. 

I'm tired.  I have nothing to do at work.  I'm sick of it - while some people would love this - I do not.  It makes me nuts.  And tired.  And lazy.  I might have to take a nap now after all this typing... LOL

Enjoy the New Year - stay safe if you go out!


Anonymous said...

I am happy to have the door hit 2011 in the ass. Not my favorite year.

Although we both did graduate and I got to hang with you briefly on the Cape this year.

Can't wait for you to move back!!

K Dubs said...

me too - and there were some fabulous things about 2011 - graduation was one of them, seeing you was definitely another! :)