Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Is Reggie Bush a complete moron?

Seriously.  To say "get well soon" to someone with ALS is equivilant to telling a blind person that they'll see you later.  Maybe even like talking to a completely deaf person that doesn't read lips.  Telling the guy with both legs amputated that you're going to race him and he'd better fun fast!

Idiot.   But then again, he did date a Kardashian, didn't he?  'Nuff said.

ALS.  Lou Gehrig's disease.  A nasty, horrible, terrible, debilitating disease.  That up until a few months ago, I only had heard of and really didn't know much about.  Now?  I know way more than I ever wanted to.  My brother was diagnosed a year ago, and I found out in September.  The whole dysfunction of not telling your siblings right away aside (that's for another post) - Jesus, this sucks. 

He's got two young kids.  A wife.   A family.  And now my 6'5" brother that's always been the most stable one in the family?  He's in a wheelchair - dependent on them for everything.  Fanfuckingtastic. 

And where am I?  Michigan. 

We went home for Thanksgiving, and sitting at my father's talking to my brothers and watching my son play with his cousins outside, I made the decision.

Yup.  It's time to go "home"..


cheatymoon said...

Making me all smooshy.

Ack, I'm so hormonal right now.

I'm glad you're coming home, but it's a crappy catalyst.


K Dubs said...

:( stupid hormones.

And me too - to both.