Sunday, September 8, 2013

Here's a hint - NEVER give the drunk girl the phone..

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**OK - I'm playing catch up because I was away last week..  I hate doing part II if I haven't done part I.  Arrgh!

Have you ever said you would never love again? 
     I don't think so.  Why would I say that?  That's silly.  I will always love again.  What are we, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall?  "We'll always have Paris?"  Silly peeps..

Have you heard a song today that reminds you of somebody? 
   The only thing I've heard today is my friend Coleen's voice, the computer keys tapping and my cat cleaning herself.  One is fun, the other is ok and one is just gross.  You pick.  LOL

Do you apologize first?
     If I'm wrong - I apologize.  There's no race to be the line leader in apologizing. 
Has someone made a promise to you and broke it?
     BAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA  That's comedy right there...

Have you ever won a lot of money in a slot machine? How much?
     A couple hundred I think - Hot Hot Super Jackpot!
Do you watch sport on TV even though you aren’t a sporty person yourself?
     Did you just call me fat?  I can play some sports. 
Do you eat / drink at your computer?
      What, are you watching me?  Stalker.  That's not right..
How much do you overeat at special occasions? (Birthdays, Christmas, etc)
     HEY!  Stop it.  Don't you judge me.  You don't know me.  You don't know my life.

Do you require glasses / contacts to see properly? If so, which do you use? 
      Well, I wouldn't wear my glasses and contacts at the same time, if that's what you're implying.  I have both.  I wear the glasses more.  The left eye gets a little weepy sometimes.  

When you hear your voice back on a recording, do you think it sounds awful? 
     Yes - I can't stand the sound of my own voice.  LOL

When was the last time you got the hiccups? 
      The last time I ate something too fast.  Probably trying to hide it from my friends and family because you keep implying that I binge-eat.  

If you had to, which record would you go into Guinness World Records for? 
       Being able to find shit out.  Especially shit that people don't want me to find out.  LOL

The last sweet thing you ate: What was it? 
     Really?  Food again?  What is this?  Let's see how much Kathy will 'fess up to?  I don't remember and that's the damn truth.  Now stop!

Do you have a middle name? 
     Yes, it's "Little Ass Kicker"...  Tell me what that's from and you get extra points :)

Do you find it embarrassing? 
       Not at all.  And if you try and make fun of me for it?  I'll kick your ass.  See?

What would you choose to be famous for? 

If you have a webcam, are you ever paranoid people can see you? 
         See previous answer

Do you find it difficult to sleep at night? Any reason(s) why? 
        Nope.  I can look at myself in the mirror every day and be at peace with who I am there, too.  I know quite a few people that I bed would have a hard time answering that question the same..

If you had to go on a game show, which would you choose? 
          The Match Game.   They got to smoke and drink and talk about sex.  LOL

What about if you had to go on a reality show? 
           Survivor.  I need to loose a few pounds.

Which would you choose then? 
            Ahhh for what?  A little clarification would be nice..

Tell me about your favorite TV show: 
          For five seasons, it was LOST.  I was that show's bitch.  Like if you called me, and it wasn't a commercial?  I'd kick your ass.

Why were you last irritated? 
           When you called me fat.

What time did you get up this morning?
           About 9:30

The last city you were in: Where was it and do you like it there? 
            Big city?  Little city?  Let's just go with big.  I went to a wedding in NY and had to drive through NYC.  Love it there.  Hate the Yankees.  

Do you like the countryside? 
            Considering I live in what used to be a cornfield, I would say yes.

If you see someone yawn, do you often yawn as well? 
             It's been tested.  

Recommend me a good movie: 
              Debbie does Dallas?

Do you think you’d make a good model? 

Would you ever want to be one? 

How often do you change your hairstyle? 
               I go shorter in the summer and longer in the winter.

What does it look like now? 
               A big old mess.  I need a shower.

Do you have a favorite day of the week? Which is it? 

Are you alone? 
                Stalker freak.  I'm not answering that.

When is the last time you were on the phone after 2 am?
                Jesus, when I was in my 20's?  LOL  Here's a hint - NEVER give the drunk girl the phone..


katie eggeman said...

When we lived in CA we lived in a former strawberry field.

The Gal Herself said...

Walking Dead! Walking Dead! I want my extra Little Ass Kicker points.

I think all right-thinking Americans hate the Yankees. I'm a Cubs fan, so we never face them and their rank in the AL standings have no impact on me whatsover. And yet ... GO RED SOX!

K Dubs said...

Strawberry Fields forever?

And YAY Gal!! That's my new favorite show. I'm almost all caught up with Season 3, ready for Season 4 to start..

A Cubbies game is on my bucket list. I hear Wrigley is a lot like Fenway. Love my Red Sox!

Kwizgiver said...

I live very close to open fields--the countryside is my vista!

I am Harriet said...

For some reason, Match Game reminds me of big red eye glasses.

jennifer anderson said...