Saturday, January 25, 2014

That's all mushy shit.. I don't like that mushy shit..

1) The Bodyguard is the best-selling movie soundtrack ever and this is the song most often associated with Whitney Houston. Is it on your iPod/mp3 player?
Aw hellls no.  That's all mushy shit.  I don't like that mushy shit. 

 2) In the movie, Rachel (Whitney) sings "I Will Always Love You" after she realizes she can never see Frank (Kevin Costner) again. What song reminds you of a past love?
The Pretenders "I'll Stand by You".  It was like an anthem to me, about the boy's father.  I'll stand by you.  I'll STAND by you.  I'll stand by YOU!..  Yeah.  Look where that got me.  LOL

3) Despite the movie's and the song's overwhelming popularity, Whitney Houston was awarded a Razzie Award as the worst actress of 1992. What's the most recent criticism you received?

I was told to take a certain picture that I posted here on the blog and shove it up my ass.  Apparently I thought one person was reading here, when actually it was another.  My bad.  Apparently I'm not so anonymous, though.  I'm going to have to make a few changes. 

4) On the bright side, share the last compliment you received.There was a man on the elevator with me the other day, he turned to me and said that it was nice to ride on an elevator with a pretty lady.  I did express my thanks, and after he got off the elevator I wondered if the large dark glasses he was wearing were because he was blind in one eye and couldn't see out of the other?  LOL
5) In the 1980s, when Whitney first burst onto the scene, a trendy woman wore big hair, big bows and big shoulder pads. Can you think of anything you wore that was fashionable at the time, but looking back, makes you cringe? (An embarrassing photo to accompany your answer would be nice!)

BIG shoulder pads.  I could never get big hair, mine is too straight and fine.  I'm lucky if I could get a perm to take.  

6) When this song was popular, cell phones were uncommon and Facebook was unheard of. Which has had a bigger impact on your life -- smart phones or social networking? 

Social networking by far.  I've gotten back in touch with so many people that I otherwise wouldn't have - and a phone may be smart, but it's not that smart.  

7) Whitney's marriage to Bobby Brown left many people shaking their heads. Whitney and Bobby's daughter recently married the young man who was raised as her brother. Have you ever been in a relationship your friends/family didn't approve of?

See #2.  I swore it was twuuuuu wuvvvvvv...  not even close.  

8) Whitney Houston's grave marker reads, "I Will Always Love You," so obviously her family is very proud of the success of this recording. How would you like to be remembered?

As the one that told the truth, and didn't make up stories to tell people to cover my lies.  The strong, independent one.  oh Jesus, I don't know.  The funny one?  

9) Whitney was born in Newark, the largest city in New Jersey. It's a major air, rail and shipping hub, and it's in the Eastern Time zone. Have you ever been to Newark ... or any town in New Jersey? 

Many times..  and I even know the whole "WHAT EXIT" joke.  Never lived there, though.  I'd like to go to the Jersey shore for a week in the summer.  I think that'd be a hoot. 

Happy Saturday all...  


The Gal Herself said...

I was in a long relationship with a real repulsivo and "our song" was a Pretenders song. Intellectually I know my bad taste in men is not Chrissie Hynde's fault, but still.

auntiem4cabs said...

I'd like to go to the Jersey Shore too!! Sometimes I miss my time in CA...then I think of that asswipe I divorced and think... keep on snowing ;)

Kwizgiver said...

I could never get my hair big, for the same reason you said--but I was a major fan of the shoulder pads.

Tina Louise said...

I always think "I'll Stand By You" is more about how I am than it is about the person I'm with. And I am that girl... until I'm pushed to the point where I'm not. He was the fool that lost you.

CountryDew said...

I would like to have a smart phone just to be able to access the web whenever I want. But I have lived without it for 50 years, I can go a little while longer.

And I have always loved that Pretenders song.

Also, I still wear clothes with shoulder pads. They make me look better than I do without them.

Diana_CT said...

Facebook has enabled me to get in touch with many of my cousins

**** April **** said...

Love your Princess Bride reference! :)