Friday, December 11, 2015

Lies and the Liars that tell them

So, I know that I've written here about Kevin and crazy Jeanne (do a search, you'll find it all). 

I happened to be shown a picture that was of their fireplace, and at the bottom was a wooden box with "EST 2005" on it. 

Wait.  What??

Apparently that's when they tell people that they got together?  You know - the whole twuuuuuu wuvvvvvvvvv thing?

Um.  Yeah.  Let's try that again.

How about 2003?  That's when I caught the two of them cheating again on their respective spouses.  And I know that HER ex knows, but does his?

And is this what they tell all the kids (who really aren't kids any more)?  What, we happened to run into each other and oh my goodness, look at this child she looks just like YOU! 

Here's the thing.  Lies?  ALWAYS have a way of sneaking up and biting you in the ass.  Hard.  I know.  I've told a few whoppers in my time.  But I owned up to them. 

It's a shame that there are 5 kids that don't have the opportunity to know each other, because that would be inconvenient to explain.  Oh wait - I'm sorry.  Four of them know each other.  It's #5 that's the issue.  Because the story of how he came to be would poke wholes in the whole "twuuuuuuuuu wuvvvvvvvvvv" story.

Don't worry.  It'll get out there.  One way or another.

Oh, and his response when I called him out on this bullshit?  Hysterical.  Refused to answer any questions, and nitpicked over $25.  Really?  That's all you got?  Oh wait.  Yep.  That IS all you've got.  Because I've told the truth.  I'm not the one that can't keep it straight.

Also - I'm not the one that would say to an 18 year old "I'm done with you" when it's found out she had contact with her brother.

And these people are licensed foster parents?  Seriously?  Isn't there a mental health evaluation in there somewhere?

Newsflash....  I know that a reasonable person would know this?  BUT... for those that don't.  If you have to lie to ANYONE about when you got together, the circumstances, etc.?  Not good.  When you have to lie to your KIDS about their siblings (half or whole) - Not good.

When you shit your pants and start to panic because someone threatens to tell the truth to people that don't know it?

You might be a liar. 


Pants on fire. 

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