Sunday, September 27, 2009

More fun!

I went out with my friend Jackie last night to go see that band again. I was kind of in a funk all day, didn't feel good, and actually called her to bail and she said no - you're going. We'll only stay for a while. We stayed until 1:00 AND had an absolute blast! We ran into people that we met at the show last week, and others that were just fun, and we were out dancing - had a great time.

The FFW was actually there, and I just ignored her. And certainly didn't drink that much, and actually switched to water. I knew, given the right circumstances, she'd do something stupid. Which she did. And I didn't want to be any part of stupidity that being drunk would get me into.

She, on the other hand, kept following us, she and her friends had to keep walking by us all the time - and then she actually sent her brother in law over to me. Here is the conversation:

Him: Can I ask you a question?
Me: Sure
H - do you know my sister in law, Jocelyn?
M - yes, your point?
H - well she said that you've been putting things about her on Facebook
M - I don't have anything to say on FB about your sister in law, and I have nothing further to say to you. All done.
H - you haven't said anything?
M - I said "all done". You can go now. I don't have anything else to say to you. Bye bye! And put up the hand.

He tried to get me to talk to him, but when the hand went up and I moved to my right to get away from him, he finally gave up.

I was just totally, utterly flabbergasted.

What are they? TEN????

I felt so much better after she pulled that stunt, because it means that *I* still intimidate her, and she's still afraid of me.

and I don't think I've ever said anything about her directly on FB. Myspace is completely another matter, however. But I took all that down months ago because I'm past the point of needling her - I don't need to do it.

Here? I'll state it full on. She's nothing but a white trash manipulative filthy fucking whore that has lied her way into just about everything she has. She's committed welfare fraud, and lives in a house rent and utility free because she plays the "poor me, I'm a single mother" routine to the hilt.


I said it.

Bring it, big guy.


Beth said...

Awesome that you intimidate her. It is always best to have the upper hand. She sounds like a tool.

K Dubs said...

She is a manipulator all right. I just hold my head high, and keep on living my life. It's all I can do. Otherwise I look like the crazy one.

thanks :)

Kandi said...

I know a few of those people! The ones who milk the system and play on the fact that they are single moms, even though they have useless men who fathered their children!

K Dubs said...

Yes! Her baby daddy is actually in prison for dealing drugs (and oh my goodness she knew NOTHING about it), but she lets people believe that he's dead. And her spawn are telling people their last name is the stepfather's even though they can't change it legally. I expect her to be pregnant soon - even if her marriage falls apart, she's got to get child support for one, eh?

Unknown said...

There are all kinds out there and you don't need to be around anyone who is so immature and manipulative. Nuff said.

me said...

hahahaha I just noticed you said bring it!! thats my line!!! LOL thanks for the add!!!catch ya soon!

Captain Dumbass said...

I worked with someone like that in my last job and she made my life hell. At least that was one good thing about out department closing and us all losing our jobs. Never have to see that psychotic bitch again.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Well, I love that you get it all out there! Ha! : )
Love it!

me said...

aw......thanks for the add! some drama goin on ova hea!!!

K Dubs said...

Capt D - I wish I only worked with her - we live in the same school district. Life would be so much simpler all around if she'd just go back to the trailer park she came from. 24 - what? I should hide it?? LOL