Sunday, December 6, 2009

'Tis the season, right?

We've gotten our first snow. People have shown how retarded they can be when it's the first snow on the ground. Hopefully we've gotten that all out of the way, right? Right? Jesus, I hope so!

Kim went for her PET scan this week, not sure when the results will be in, but I didn't know that her PEE would be radioactive for a couple of weeks. WHO KNEW?!?!? I'm trying to think of how we can use that. Maybe go into a bank with a cup full and say "I'LL NUKE YOU WITH THIS PEE Unless you hand over $20,000"!?!? There's got to be something we can do with it. Anybody have a geiger counter I can borrow? Just the fact that it'll go off around her makes me silly.

We put up our tree last night. Went to Home Depot, got a wreath and a tree, put UP the tree, decorated the tree, and then I stepped outside for a quick smoke (yeah, yeah, I know). And I'm standing out there, looking at the house thinking that it looks really pretty, we've got the lights in each window, there is snow on the ground and holyshit is that the tree tipping over? Maybe I should go grab my camera and take a picture, it looks so nice - wait a minute. Did the freaking TREE really just fall over??? Whoops. Ok, I'll go back in. Yup. Water from the stand all over the floor. Ornaments spread out all over. And the boy, sitting in the middle of it all - telling me, "I couldn't lift it, it's too heavy". OH - so you figured you'd go back to watching "I CARLY"?????? He got up quickly and helped clean it up. It's leaning up against the wall now. LOL

Happy Sunday - will post pictures later of the loveliness.

Off to the crap, crap and more crap lovely craft fair down the street. :) Who knows, maybe I'll find more dip.


Pseudo said...

Oh, the tree falling over is one of those real special treats. We've come close, but happened to be there to catch it.

One year, after carefully checking and then hanging three strands of lights (yes i ended up with this job all these years), the middle strand stopped working as soon as I was done. could not find the bulb, so redid them all. New middle strand. It happened again. I was so pissed and over it, I went to the store and bought three new strands.

Happy Holidays Kathy ; -)

cheatymoon said...

My mom's tree fell down one year and 30 years of family ornaments shattered.

Pseudo - I was thinking of buying one of those pre-lit trees, but then remembered that some could blink out.

Kathy - can't wait to see your photos!!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I'm just waiting for the dog to knock the tree over. Can't wait to see the pics.