Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blowing sunshine....

Another one in the  Spin Cycle   Two in a row?  What's this world coming to?!

What makes me smile?

Puppies and unicorns?  Hardly.  A baby.  Babies make me smile – I just love them – how could someone not?  Ok, fine.  Puppies.  Puppies are cute.   My kid makes me smile, because he’s so damn smart and grown up that he’s going to be gone sooner than I realize and I will miss him more than he realizes.  I can’t wait to see what kind of man he will grow into. :) 
I’ve had a crappy few weeks, starting with a payroll error from my former employer – that they corrected a week later by taking back EVERYTHING and then re-issuing another deposit.  As a result, my accounts have been overdrawn pretty much for 2 weeks straight.  Yes, all of them. 
The best thing about it all?  I’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of support and assistance offered to me.  And the “pay me back when you can” attitude.  I owe a couple hundred bucks to people – and they haven’t said “give it to me now or I’ll break your kneecaps”..  it’s been a “don’t worry about it” kind of thing.  It’s amazing, and nice to know that if I were in a huge bind (like I actually have been) that there are people I can lean on.  It’s hard for me to ask for help, so the fact that I accepted it is (to me) huge.  But I had no choice.  I had no money, no gas, no food. 
I finally got a check yesterday.  That made me smile BIG.  And then today, my bank refunded me ALL of the overdraft fees.  I love my bank.
 The knowledge that I'm going *home* in a week.  I'll see my family.  My friends.  The ocean. 
Seafood *this* fresh...
Now I'm all puppies and unicorns happy :)


Pseudo said...

Hey Kathy - where is home?

Glad you got your money back, very happy for you that your bank is so cool, and thrilled you get a vacation.

; -)

cheatymoon said...

I really hope I can see you when you make it back next week.

So happy all that money crap righted itself.


K Dubs said...

Pseudo - MA - very close to Movie, in fact :) And E - I hope so, too - will let you know what the plans are once we know - I think a lot is going to depend on the weather.