Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bring on the New Year!

Wow. Time flies. It seemed like yesterday I was writing my 2011 post, and I just went back and read it. So much can change in a year!  My friend Barbara told me that once, and now I make a point of noticing.

So what has happened this year so far?  I redid the mortgage on my house, and decided to stay put for the time being. I'm no longer speaking to my siblings or my father. It's amazing how ugly people can get sometimes. It's also amazing how much better I sleep at night and how much LESS stress I have now that they are out of my life.  I decided to cut out the negativity, and just stopped banging my head against the wall.  My sister always been a controlling bitch, and now she adds martyr to it.  Good for her.  My brother (the one with ALS) is frankly, an ass.  And being sick hasn't changed that, unfortunately. My other brother is just an enigma that I'm sick of trying to figure out. It's unfortunate that he only cares when he himself needs support.  My father?  Meh...  Apparently he's a wonderful STEPfather, but not a great father.

My son no longer wants to see his "Dad".  That's huge. He got to see and spend time with one of his siblings this Christmas who told him that he (Kevin) was a douchebag.  It was never for me to say that, but good for him to hear from someone in the know.  He has a renewed sense of family though, which is wonderful.  My heart is so happy for him. I can't put too many details here because of some interesting ISPs that show up, but suffice it to say it was a highlight of our trip. :)

My job is still my job, but I know there are many without, so I appreciate it.  But that doesn't stop me from looking.  I have some projects that need to get done, and that is on my list of resolutions. No more unfinished projects!

I joined a gym. I'm going to go at least 3-4 times a week.

I reduced the size of the "girls". BEST decision ever. Not sure why I didn't do it years ago. If you're thinking about it - DO IT. you won't regret it.

Next up?  Dating.  LOLOLOL



I am Harriet said...

I think that making friends in the classes I take is what keeps me going back to the gy.

Happy New Year!

K Dubs said...

I have a workout buddy, but I go by myself, too - and it's great meeting new people - I love it!