Saturday, June 20, 2009

Catching up...

I've been reading, just not posting.

Some things that I've discovered....

I love peas. Wasabi peas that is (I actually love the wasabi nuts better, but I figure peas are more low-fat, right). If you put more than 3, 4 or even 12 in your mouth at the same time, though? They get hot. They burn. And I keep wanting to say WASAAAAAAAAAAAAABI??!! to people. I miss my friend Sharon F from Boston - we used to do that all the time..


My Peonies are dying. I may try and re-plant them to the front of the house, but they're not doing well where they are. :(

My grass, however, IS GROWING!! Yay!! It's like puberty in my back yard - peach fuzz with blank spots of dirt. LOL

We have had some awesome thunder/lightning storms the past few nights, and I love watching storms come in. We're surrounded by fields pretty much - so we can see them rolling in and it is awesome. I miss living on the lake and watching that.

I miss living on the lake. I'll admit it. I miss the lifestyle that went along with it, too. I miss the people, but not the knowledge that they are your friends as long as it seems that you have money or access to it. The gossipy, petty backstabbing I can (and do) do without. I never bought into that crap anyway. But I miss being able to go to the end of the dock and just jump in. My dream home is a place on the ocean.

I miss sleep. Apparently so much that I felt the need to visit with it until after 10:30 this morning! WOW!! LOL that was nice.

I've discovered that there is a direct link to what goes in your mouth to how fat your ass may be. Who knew?!?!

I want a breast reduction. Seriously.

I love my kid. He's funny. :)

I'm happy with my life. :D


cheatymoon said...

I'm sorry about the peonies. But way cool for you for trying.

Junior mints tend to make for a bigger butt too. Who knew?

So glad that you love your life. You did a good job coming out from under.

Pseudo said...

Do you read 24 at heart? She just had breast reduction and has been posting about it.

I want a breast lift. I ant the gals back up where they belong.

K Dubs said...

I wish we could find someone to do a transplant! LOL
I do love my life, there are things that I would like differently, but I'm coming to terms with it all. It's been a long road. Thanks, E.
And Pseudo - you mean they don't belong down to the knees?? LOL I'm off in search of 24@heart!