Saturday, June 27, 2009

In other news this week....

Farrah Fawcett lost her courageous battle against cancer. How sad. The world really has lost a wonderful actress and a beautiful person. I read that she was as beautiful inside as she was outside. Sad that her son couldn't be with her, but kudos to the judges for not letting him do what other prisoners in the same situation wouldn't be able to do.

The Governor of South Carolina is still a putz, but if you look at it - what a great news week for him! The spotlight was yanked away from him in a huge way. What a moron. And yahoo! to his wife for the way that she's handling it. Personally, I don't think that he should step down because he had an affair - people are human and are all deserving of a second chance in life. I think he should step down because the man disappeared from his JOB for 4 days. His job is to lead the state of South Carolina and *whoops* he forgot about that? He forgot about his duties and responsibilities??? Moron.

Michael Jackson. Yes, the man was a musical genius in the 80's. Certainly not in the past 10 years or any time lately. I feel for his children and hope that they can now have some semblance of a normal life and not have to wear blankets and towels over their heads. He was a tortured person, inside and out, and hopefully he is at peace now. Pseudo and Sarah both have great posts on the subject, with opposite ends of the spectrum views (don't be flaming each other now! LOL)... Me? I'm somewhere in between, if that's possible. That's all I got.

Monday, I go for a colonoscopy. My mother died 10 years ago from colon cancer, and I'm overdue in getting it done. Oh, there have been various excuses - the most common of which was "I don't have insurance". That one is out the window now, and my insurance covers it 100%. There was a point last week where I thought, fleetingly, that I was going to have to cancel it because they were going to charge me $873. Yeah. Not so much. 100% covered. Anyone need help with anything on Monday? LOL I know - I'm getting it done. Prep begins no later than 3:00 tomorrow, so anyone that was thinking of dropping by, please feel free but know that my colon is going to be otherwise occupied. There will be no dip in the house.

There WILL, however, be Sangria. My favorite summer beverage and I haven't had it for years. I don't know what the heck I was thinking, putting it to the back of my mind like that! I found what appears to be a great recipe, and if my friend Kim is any judge - it tastes pretty darn good too. The wine, raspberry vodka (instead of gin - I shudder at the thought of adding gin....blech), lime, lemon, orange and fresh pineapple are all soaking in the fridge. I think all I need to add is ginger ale and we're good to go. Maybe I'll save it for Monday to celebrate "Happy Kathy's Colon is clear" day! LOL

It's official, at least one of the peonies is dead. But in retrospect, I didn't plant them in the best place. The grass is still spotty. But on a good note? The humidity has cleared enough that I can open the windows and shut off the AC again. I love the open windows. :)

Happy Saturday all!



cheatymoon said...

Good luck on Monday, Kathy. You are a brave girl.

I am reserving comment about current events. I feel overloaded w/ information.

Time to escape to the woods, lol.

Pseudo said...

I have to get a colonoscopy this year. Glad you have snagria for afterwards ; -)

Maybe you could post the sangria recipe...

darsden said...

Agree with you points on the loss celebrities! For you big day on Monday is all I can do now is send a big {hug} you way. It will all be okay, it will be done, and behind you...PUN intended LOL