Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday stuff

Allrighty then!

So it's been a pretty busy week here in my life. Out for cocktails 2 nights after work - no wait - make that 3. Yikes! I could actually be getting a LIFE!! LOL

I've started a fight that I'm not sure I want a part of, but anyone that knows me knows how much of a hard time I have keeping my mouth shut when I see a wrong. I live in a new development and one of my neighbors came up with the idea of having a block party to get to know your neighbors - and the developer took the idea over, and made it into a marketing opportunity and invited the general public, open swim at the pool, etc. - even going so far as to advertise it on the radio. I understand the need to sell houses, but get your own fucking party - don't take over ours. I got a postcard in the mail advertising it (apparently I'm on a buyers mailing list, which cracks me up). They had a grand opening last year and took names to win a grill - never gave the grill away. I saw it in the clubhouse yesterday. Really? REALLY? I need a grill, dammit. I was told that since nobody was there the day they were to pull the name, I'd probably get it. Now they're holding out to add more names. Fuckers. Wait. Maybe this should be a "fuck you Sunday"... Not sure if Fuck You and Sunday should be in the same sentence or not, though. ROFL

One week left of school. Thank God. I'm over 6th grade. I think the boy is, too. I'm looking forward to summer at the pool, and hanging with friends. And maybe having grass in my back yard.

Speaking of the back yard - there is grass growing - very small and it hides from me - but it's there. There are also flowers coming up - I gave them plant food yesterday AND put insecticide on the roses and tomatoes and hopefully that will help somewhat. I should be getting the patio furniture today and it will hopefully shape up to be a great back yard! I'm thinking of putting some stepping stones from the front so if the grass doesn't come in all the way - you can go out back without having to walk through the house or step in the dirt. hmmmmmmm

Hope all is well in blog-land - I have a lot of reading to catch up on!


Cristin said...

Fuck You Sunday works for me... I never got around to my Friday post this week...

I had a dream about you the other night... can't tell you what it was about... just that I know it was you... have we ever actually MET?

K Dubs said...

Yes - there was a night in someone's cottage/house in Plymouth, maybe? with kids, sisters, wine....I think! I'm sure Erin would know who's house.

cheatymoon said...

Crissy - Kathy was at Cate's for something a few (several) years ago. Maybe you were there? You'd remember her.

Kathy - that party thing is a weird dynamic. I didn't know your neighborhood had a pool - that's some awesome stuff.

Also: 6th grade sucks. So glad your boy will be done w/ school soon.


cheatymoon said...

oooh, we commented at the same time. weird.

K Dubs said...

oh that IS weird!
There have been many moments with the C family over the past 13 (HOLY SHIT can you believe it's been that long?) years. I could swear that we've met - but heck, who knows - it feels like we have!

And E - yeah, it's kind of weird - the developer wants to be the biggest in the area, the houses in this particular development aren't selling like they thought they would but to use us like that just pissed me off. There's a pool, clubhouse, big wheel track, walking trails - all sorts of good stuff. And perfect for the 30 or so families that are here now. Too small for the 750 that they want to put in here.

Pseudo said...

That party takeover is just plain cheesy. so is the fake grilll raffle. You should write them a letter.