Friday, June 1, 2012

You'll shank a what?!?

Saturday 9: Crown of Creation <----- click here to play along

1. Do you understand a belief model based on creationism?
Huh?  Do you believe in hedonism?  Come on, what the hell kind of question was that...

2. Is your house run more like a dictatorship or a democracy?
I like to tell my son that he's living in a benevolent dictatorship.  He gets to do what I decide, and he'll like it dammit...
3. Are you likely to forgive a transgression and give someone a second chance?
Depends.  If you're a face eating zombie, probably not.  If you can't control your penis and it seems to keep finding itself places it shouldn't be, again - probably not.  But if you lie to me to make yourself look better?  Something like that, maybe.  Seriously. 
4. Is religion a big part of your life?
I heart Jesus.  Jesus loves me, yes he does..........
I think that everyone needs a reason to believe.  I believe that it's Friday -and that's good enough for me, for now.
5. Do you feel your job (or your spouse's if you work at home) is safe?
Yes....  Jesus.... someone shoot me.

6. Do you believe in gay marriage? Why?
Here's my thing.  I don't CARE.  I don't care who can marry who - because in the end, I'm still single dammit!  My cousin and his partner have been together longer than anyone else I know.  Why can't they get married?  I think the whole thing is freaking stupid.   Nobody should be able to say "you, you, you, not you, not you, you, you, you" it should be equal for all.
7. Do you think the current U.S. war will lead to a more peaceful world?
I'm sorry.  Did you say peaceful and world in the same sentence?

8. Do you like people with swagger?
Hells no.  Come over here and I'll shank a bitch.  Swagger this, homey.

9. What kind of budget do you live on, is it tight or carefree?
Budget?  Second question to make me spit out my soda onto my screen.  I live day to day, minute to minute, and occasionally paycheck to paycheck.  Most often I don't get that far.

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auntiem4cabs said...

Hahahah, I LOVE number 8! Have a great weekend!!

I am Harriet said...

Yikes- I hope you were able to get the soda off your screen.

Have a great rest of your Saturday!

katie eggeman said...

Hilarious, I love your answers.