Sunday, May 11, 2014

Who jumped the shark?

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Let's go!!!

From Frankly, My Dear.

A Movie Meme

1. What is your all-time favorite "costume" movie or period piece? 
Oh Jesus, I have no idea.  The curtains from Gone With the Wind?  LOL

2. What classic film would you nominate for a remake?
None of them.  There is a reason why they are classics - and should remain so.  Although - I will admit?  I'm kind of geeked for Godzilla.  LOL  I remember Saturday afternoons, hiding under the coffee table, watching Creature Double Feature.  Started at 1:00.  On Channel 56, I think.  :) 

3. Name your favorite femme fatale. 
Oh wow... not sure how anyone could have a favorite one of those.  lol

4. Name the best movie with the word "heaven" in its title.  
Jeez luiz, these are hard questions this week!  All Dogs go to Heaven.  Yeah, that's it..

5. Describe the worst performance by a child actor that you’ve ever seen. 
Jumping the shark.  Brady Bunch. 

6. Who gets your vote for most tragic movie monster?  
Oh that is easy, Frankenschtein...  of course..  or is that Frankenschtien? 

7. What is the one Western that you would recommend to anybody? 
The Magnificent Seven... One time my old roomie Marianne and I were watching it, and if our phone rang, we would say "Don't you know the Magnificent Seven is on?  This better be good!"..  this of course was back before Facebook or cell phones.  LOL

8. Who is your ideal movie-viewing partner?  
My friend Helen and I used to have a blast going to the movies.  I'd like to go see one with her again.  :) 

9. Has a film ever made you want to change your life? If so, what was the film? 
Not really.  Well.  Maybe the old Scrooge, where they show him in hell.  I realized then I never wanted to be an accountant..

10. Think of one performer that you truly love. Now think of one scene/movie/performance of theirs that is too uncomfortable for you to watch. 
There is nothing about Bruce that would make it uncomfortable to watch.  Well, unless it was a sex scene.  Ain't nobody got time for that!

11. On the flip side, think of one really good scene/performance/movie from a performer that you truly loathe. 
Anything by Peter Wolf.  Can't stand him.  Love the music of J. Geils - but him?  Blech...

12. What movie has the best soundtrack? 
Hands down, Sleepless in Seattle.  Love it. 

13. Favorite actor with a mustache? (i.e: Charlie Chaplin, William Powell) 
Ron Jeremy.  LMAO... I don't know

14. Shadowy film noir from the 1940's or splashy colorful musicals from the 1950's? 
Singin' in the Rain!  They're both good genres...

15. Favorite classic Disney?
Anything involving Goofy or Tigger.  They're my favorites.  :)

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Kwizgiver said...

I love Singin' in the Rain!