Friday, January 27, 2012

No matter how bad you think it is?

There is always someone worse off.  I just got this email from my friend Kim, that works at a community center. 

"So I just helped this lady with food. She hadn't eaten in two days. She was so weak and shaky... I had to sit her down and give her something to eat so she wouldn't pass out. She lives in that ratty ass motel next door. No oven. No stove. Just a microwave and a hot plate. And no can opener. So then I'm pulling down food and she starts crying.

A year ago she had a house, a job, etc and now this is where she is. Oy vey."

She could only give her so much food, because of no can opener.

How awful :(


Mike said...

That is such a sad sign of the times. The way its going I might be next. :(

cheatymoon said...

Oh yeah. I have gone on some home visits and seen this. Many of my students get their best meal @ school lunch. Ack.