Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Random Tuesday thoughts..

Monday is my least favorite day of the week.

I'm working on changing that.  Yay! Monday!!
I realized that I'm sending out at least 1-2 resumes a week.  Wow!
What shocks me is the lack of response from so many people - not even a terse "piss off”
*updated to change that - I got a response from someone this morning.  thanks, but no thanks.  So what if I don't have Real Estate experience?  I can learn!  LOL

Just plugging along here though.  I feel like I'm just stuck in a rut - and can't wait to get out of it and see what else is in store for me.

Not paying my mortgage means that all my other bills are up to date.  What a feeling!  Sad, but true.

Who cares if/why Tim Thomas went to the White House?  Seriously?  WHO CARES??  There are more important things in the world to worry about.

I keep seeing all these things on forgiveness, letting go of the past, blah blah blah......   whatever.  She's still a filthy whore.  LOL  But really - I don't care any more.  I forgive her.  Life goes on, ya know? 

I wrote a letter to my son's oldest brother (half-brother, really - but that's just details)... I felt he had a right to know that he had a younger brother.  He's 27 - it's not like he's 12 and I totally blew up his image of his father.  I know he got it because apparently he (meaning the baby-daddy) was furious about it in court.  Whatever - he's had 15 years to tell them - he's obviously not going to - so if anything, he should be mad at himself for being such a jackass.  I think they have a right to know - and to make the decision on their own if they want to know the boy. 

I hope they told the rest of them - because it'll get interesting once we move back that way. 

anyway - happy Tuesday.. :)

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