Saturday, September 8, 2012

Better late than never... right?

1. When was the most recent time that you felt that you were the last to know something important? 
 I found out that my brother had Lou Gehrig disease almost a year after he'd been diagnosed.  If that isn't an example of a dysfunctional family, I don't know what is.

2. Have you ever had a good thing in your life that never ended? 
My sense of humor.  I hope I never lose it.  

3. Do you have any nasty habits?
I smoke.  I stopped for 6 months, and just recently started up again.  Probably has to do with the whole "cutting my family out of my life because they treat me like shit" stuff.... 

4. What is something that you still do that you thought you' outgrow?
I still, on occasion, like a bowl of Captain Crunch Berries.  LOL

5. Have you lost any of your dreams as time went by?
This is the question that prompted me to answer this a week later...
I always wanted a house full of kids - and to be married.  Here I find myself almost 47, still single, and with one kid.  Granted, we've been able to do a lot of stuff because it's just the two of us - but I didn't plan things this way.  I thought I would be with his father (thank GOD I'm not) or someone that I loved, and as time goes by, I'm thinking that it will never happen.  Another one is that I wanted to go to law school.  I wanted to be someone that could help others, and fight for the underdog.  Instead, I'm working at a job way below my skill level - stuck because the pay is so good - and the dream of law school is just a distant memory.  I can't take on $100K in debt, only to end up working at Starbucks.  Which is a stretch, but the market is so flooded with attorneys it just wouldn't be worth it.  Sigh... 

6. As you've grown older, what ways are you still act and think the way you did as when you were younger?
Don't judge.  I like to sing in public.  And play pranks.. :)

7. Is there a person in your life who still treats you as the same person your were when younger? Do you like it?
I have a few friends from elementary school still in my life, and it's like no time has passed.  I love it.
8. Have you let yourself go wild in any aspect of your life?
I guess in one aspect - I stopped giving a shit what people think about me.  And it's been very liberating.  :)

9. How do (or did) you parents feel about what you do for a living?
My mother died 15 years ago in November.  She was proud of me for being a single parent and working on bettering myself.    My father?  I'm not sure he even knows what I do for a living, he is just clueless sometimes.  He keeps telling me I should pursue my calligraphy - which I haven't done in like 20 years.  Never says a word about my photography, which is something that I love. 

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cheatymoon said...

Your dad is missing out. It makes me sad - some folks in my family have not a clue what I do for a living but still think I should be doing something different...

Happy weekend. xo