Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TMI Tuesday!

OK, so if you know me, you know I'm a single mom.  Of a teenage boy.  Just one.  He's enough.  He makes me laugh my ass off one minute and shake my head the next.  And anyone that knows boys, know they like all kinds of bodily functions.  They like farts, burps, poops (aka dumps) - all that stuff.  And on occasion, we might have a contest.  You know - who can do the stinkiest one, all that.  Tonight, I'm cutting up my lettuce for my salad and I actually lifted my leg and let one rip.  Which, I have discovered, makes 17 year old girls wrinkle their faces in disgust and then they tweet about it.  And single moms of girls, while they might be a BFF, they don't get it either.  So after the aforementioned "rip", I started thinking, I wonder if any of the boy's friends moms do that.  And that made me laugh.  Loudly.  Now mind you - he's upstairs, plugged into his XBox live with headphones - and he hasn't heard any of this.  Which makes me laugh even harder.  Silly boys.  LOL

Oh, and if you need to get some going - eat a Fiber One bar.  Holy moley!

Someone sent me this email today - and really, I think it's the nicest email anyone's ever sent me.  It made me smile.  And she knows about all the shit with my family, and my son, and his father - all that stuff... but read it.  And you can smile too.  :0)

Just let me say one more time… you looked beautiful the other day… not just on the outside, but I could see an “approval rating” in yourself that, frankly, I haven’t quite seen since I’ve known you.   Don’t get me wrong… I think you have much to be proud of in who you are, what you’ve overcome, what you’ve done w/your son… and where you have still yet to go.   You sure aren’t finished yet.  I watched you take yo’ butt out onto the cold, wet pavement to get some exercise in… and you inspired me further.  I was reeling (in a good way) inside when I saw that. 

Keep going Kathy.  You’re being prepared (although you call it “preparing yourself”) for something wonderful in your future.  You can never receive the best until you make yourself the best you can be to be received. 

Your son is very fortunate that he has a good role model and example for a mother… and as a result, he is much of what you have given your life for… even though he is a self-centered (aka “normal”) teenager (sometimes horrible brat) who will appreciate you more later.  You go girl that you’ve done something great for yourself (body, soul and mind).  The basis of all goodness is giving and receiving love.  You are transforming yourself into a better person…  even though it’s not all about you (or me).  Be hungry for more of the “real thing”… and that ain’t you or me…but what we can offer to others.  May goodness follow you all the days of your life.

Okay then….. See you tomorrow!!!!  J

I feel/sound like a preacher.  How bout we just accept me (the dork) for being the cheerleader I want to be for you???

I like her.  She's good peeps.  Oh.  And speaking of peeps.  Do you know who's hosting SNL this week?  Oh yeahhhhhhhhhh......

This guy.... 

Who, not for nothing - could put his dick in a box for me.  And then make me do naughty naughty things...  And I'd love every.  single.   second...


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