Monday, February 16, 2009

another Manic Monday :)

Click Here to play along! Courtesy of Fleur de Lisa :)

Of all your favorite foods, which one would you find the most difficult to give up for the rest of your life?
Really, I love food. I do. I have a great relationship with it. Almost to the point of starting to think I have a tapeworm. Because that would excuse the amount that I eat. But to just lose one? I could do that no problem. I would give up pizza and find another favorite. Now, the one thing that you could NOT take away from me? My coffee.. Don't mess with my coffee. There would be a whole lot of ugly going on if someone tried to tell me I couldn't have coffee any more.

Which month of the year do you thing best describes your personality?
July - lots of chill time, but there are also celebrations. Plus, I love the beach. Just sitting my butt down with a book and no plans for the day - that is the ultimate day (to me). :)

If you could be a contestant on any game show, past or present, which show would you pick?
OMG - the Match Game. That show was so freaking hysterical. But if I were on it, I'd probably be dead now because it was on so long ago. So how about Deal or No Deal. I'd get that banker so wound up he wouldn't know what hit him. And then I'd walk away with a ton of money. So screw the Match Game - it's all about the cash. LOL

Happy Monday! I love 3 day weekends. I love the Presidents. I'm even starting to get attached to the small (very small) creature that is now known as Tyson. LOL


cheatymoon said...

Yeah, that name isn't gonna work for me, but whatever. LOL

I need to change my answer. There's no way I could live w/out coffee.

Happy Day off!!

Pseudo said...

I like your answers. But I was expecting you to say dips...but who could enjoy dips without their coffee first??

Staci said...

love your perfect beach day...sounds wonderful!

Jack said...

Coffee has to be the #1 answer for this question. And July would describe my personality best too - lazy! hehe

Hope you week goes well :)

crone51 said...

I really really really think that If I had a go at Who Wants to be a Millionaire I could win at least a fairly good sum of money on it.

With my luck it would be mostly football questions though. That would not be good.