Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday fun time!


Click here to play along! we go!

1. I'm up, I'm ready for the day, I am growing to not love my job any more (I hate office politics and double standards).

2. Why do I have only 1 kid and not 12 like I wanted? LOL

3. How does this e-Harmony thing work, anyway?

4. Every morning, I put a smile on my face and head off to work.

5. I consider myself lucky because I HAVE a job.

6. One day we’ll see my name in lights. Or on the Jumbotron at Fenway. Oh, wait - that already happened! LOL.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to the K-Wings game , tomorrow my plans include driving to Chicago and going to Trader Joe's (!!!!!)and Sunday, I want to enjoy the Mythbusters show!!


Yvonne said...

I so agree with #1 and I'm feeling the same way! Have a great weekend!

Pseudo said...

Somebody needs to open a Trader Joe's over here.

Happy Weekend Kathy!

Jack said...

12 kids!! Good thing you came to your scenes.

Lucky girl having your name up on the jumbotron. Hope your weekend goes well and enjoy Mythbusters (love that show) :)

Janet said...

12??? Really?

cheatymoon said...

Trader Joe's... I love it there. Yummy. Also? They have cheap vitamins.

Have a fab weekend. Mythbusters sounds so great. I wish my kid would be up for something that fun.

K Dubs said...

ok - well, maybe not 12. But I always said I'd have 10 kids as long as they're all boys! I really wanted a whole houseful. Pseudo - I'll gladly ship stuff!
Movie, I'm sorry Aboy isn't up to that stuff - what kind of concert is he going to tho?

Staci said...

There's still time for those 11 extra kids...loved your answers and I hope your weekend rocks!!

cheatymoon said...

Cancer Bats is one of the names... there are 2 others. All involve mosh pit action. I am old.

Mrs. G. said...

Don't forget to get chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches at Trader Joe's!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I have to remind myself lately that I'm lucky to have a job. It's been a rough coupla weeks.

Anonymous said...

Huh... when i was youung i wanted to have 12 kids too, until someone pointed out that would be about 20 years of diapers...yikes. So i downgraded to 4...and in the end, hand none :(

And office politics?...absolutely suck.