Saturday, May 2, 2009

well allRIGHTY then!

It seems like more and more that I'm fighting for computer time with the boy. It may be time to cave and get a 2nd computer or something that makes my wireless work, which has not since I got my phone through Comcast. Has anyone tried the new AT&T U-Verse yet? Any thoughts on it? THAT would take care of my wireless issue.....


Please take two moments out of your day to #1 read here and check out my Relay for Life team page, and donate if you can. And #2 read here about my friend Pseudo and go vote for her, she's in 2nd place now and there is no good reason that she's not in first!!

And speaking of my good friend Pseudo........ it was like Christmas in my house! I won an awesome prize package from Hawaii (no it did not include round trip tickets and a place to stay - but close!)... there were necklaces of untold beauty, macadamia nuts that are to die for, some great cooking sauces, an absolutely gorgeous sarong, some wasabi nuts (WASAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABI!!!), refrigerator magnets, you name it - it was there. And oh yeah - coffeeeeeeeeee......... mmmmmmmmmm coffee......... toasted coconut coffee..... if you could combine all of my favorite things Hawaiian, this is it (well, except for LOST, but that can't easily be packaged and shipped to EBF Michigan LOL).. I thank you again, my friend. :)

It's been a busy week. Got B and a C in my classes for the semester. I'll take it - with the amount of effort I put in - I did get the grades I deserved, so that's OK. :) I still have a 3.5 GPA.

I've been walking around the house with the dog on a leash. So far so good.

I have a tree and 3 little bushes in my back yard. I think they are to be planted this week, I think that there will be a patio this week. I think that warmer weather is on it's way. My friend Kym wants me to meet a cute guy. I think I might! I love my new job still - it is so much better than traffic!!

Some disappointing news... I won't have 40 hours to take a full week on Cape Cod like I planned, but I think I'm actually going to take a couple of days split up (do long weekends here) and then do a really long weekend there instead. I think it'll all work out. :)

Happy Saturday!


**ETA - I can't post a picture of all my goodies because my camera is no longer powering on. Yikes. It crapped out on the way to Disney in Cali - I'm hoping it's just a battery issue.


sAm said...

(I don't know how to type the sound a primal scream makes, but insert that into your head here)

I hear ya on the computer issue. DS & I had a HUGE freakin' argument about that very thing last night. And it's not the first time. I don't think it will be the last time, either. My initial thought was to get another computer and a wireless router, but I'm already paying almost $65/mo for internet...I can't justify another thou or so for the rest. In all actuality all that is needed is somebody to share and not expect the computer (MINE!) for 2-3 hours every night.
(insert primal scream again)

Pseudo said...

Why are you walking the dog on a leash in the house? Did I miss a post?

Glad you like the prize package.

I was just thinkin I need to plan SOMETHING this summer.

cheatymoon said...

Camera? Not powering on? How can that be?? ACccckkk. Please tell me this is not inherent in EOS types. I would be soo sad if my camera did not power up.

Do you not have a laptop that is yours? Hmmm. We have my old desktop for boy use, and the lappy for me. I fight about enough with him, if it were computer use... ack. Besides, I use my 'puter for therapy, lol.

I am trying to plan summer, but boy will not choose camp weeks!

Staci said...

Great job on the grades. Sorry no insights for the At&T, heck I still have dial-up!!!! Here's hoping the weather looks up later this weekend, I'm tired of rain!!