Sunday, July 12, 2009

Life IS good

The boy had a great time at camp. Who knew that boys clothes could smell SO bad? And seriously? Wearing one pair of underwear all week (that's what it looked like) and perfectly clean ones coming out of the suitcase? I don't get it. I'm washing them all anyway.

Yesterday I was BIIIIIIIIIZEEEEEE (yeah, I know I spelled it wrong) - I spent 2 1/2 hours weeding the back yard yesterday, and looking out the window, I still see more of the fuckers out there just waiting to be pulled. But my back can't take any more this weekend. lol Maybe I'll pour boiling water on them and see how they like THAT... But we put down more seed, fertilizer and some "sow and grow" stuff. The boy came up with the brilliant idea of mixing the 3 together and putting it down all together. I knew I had that kid for a reason :)

I rearranged the patio set and now I'm able to walk around on it without walking into something. I just needed more time to think it through. I replanted two plants that needed it about a year ago. They look fantastic.

I still haven't painted. LOL

Got some shepherd's hooks and hung pretty flowers. There's grass growing in most spots.

I sat outside and read my book for a bit, and thought about where I am - I own my own house, have a job that is good (better stories than traffic, but too slow for me - I need to be busy all the time), a great kid, great friends, good neighbors, and while I miss the beach and my peeps back "home"? Life IS good. I need to remember that more often.


darsden said...

LOL I don't blame you I would wash everything too...maybe twice!

Weeds Weeds Weeds, by the time I am finished weeding the bed...the other end already needs it again.. never ending cycle...

YES you have been bizzzzeee

cheatymoon said...

When A-boy went to camp the first time, he came back unwashed, in the same clothes w/ a bag full of clean stuff. The second year he liked girls more, so he showered more often...

Life IS good. I've had a very contented summer, and am looking forward to more. :-)

(hope I didn't freak you out too much the other day... I am STILL a bit freaked out.)

K Dubs said...

I smelled the stuff as it came out of the washer - we'll see what it smells like when it's out of the dryer lol
And E? eeeeeeeeeew! He's not into girls yet, I'm sure that will come soon enough.
And I'm not freaked out at all - I thought it was cool! Still wondering where the heck h was, though - she's usually got something to say. LOL

cheatymoon said...

H could have been there, but Holly had A LOT to say and was taking up time (in a good way). :-)

K Dubs said...

I think you needed to hear Holly more than I needed to hear Harriet. :)