Saturday, July 25, 2009

What a day!

Just give it a little push.....

We were at the mall, and one of those quarter games was there - you know the one, where the quarters pile up and look like they're all going to spill over the edge? My friend Carla and I were there. Looking at it. And we both agreed it was a scam. So we gave it a little push. Just a little one. That's all.

The alarm went off.

We ran. Like little kids. We ran. And laughed our asses off. I almost peed myself.

Then we found the kids and left the mall. Quickly.

We had gone to the mall, looking for Steven Berry's store. Or at least that's what Carla called it. It wasn't there. So I did a google search for Steven Berry in the town, and we found an address. It was his house.

Turns out? We were looking for Steve AND BARRY's store. Not Steven Berry's house. But I can tell you how to get there!

From Steve's house, we went north. To Ann Arbor. They have Zingerman's there. Food nirvana. Jewish deli nirvana. I had #72 - Gregg's Master recipe. Look it up.

I had a moment. I almost needed privacy.

I brought home some of the chocolate sourdough bread. Yes, I said chocolate sourdough. mmmmmmmmmm They do mail order. You should try it.

Then we went to the Big House and took a couple of pictures.

Carla almost killed us at least 3 times in the car. All 3 kids in the back seat are lucky to be alive.

Then we went to a baseball game and saw a full moon. While the sun was out. I'll post a picture later. After I've had breakfast.

Then we came home.

Yep. Good day.

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cheatymoon said...

Sounds like a fabulous day. And chocolate sourdough bread? Really? Oh my...