Thursday, September 15, 2011


Oh, the DRAMA in my neighborhood!  Sometimes I think that I live in a bubble.  There are maybe 50 families in my neighborhood - and for the most part, everyone knows each other, all the kids get along, and while there are conflicts now and then, everyone gets past them.
Last week, a kid that's staying with his sister (because apparently the parents can't handle him?) decides to pick on Josh at the bus stop, smashing his cereal and then pulling stuff out of his backpack.  It was handled at school, I stayed out of it pretty much - because in High School - you really need to step back and let them work it out.  If it happens again, then I'll step in. 
Yesterday, two kids were arguing on the bus the whole way home.  The bus that is to capacity - if not more.  It escalated - and one kid starting punching the other one after they got off the bus.  The kid hitting?  A 16 year old, staying with his mother and her boyfriend.  Who's got quite the record from what I understand.  The one he was punching?  A 15 year old girl - who's got special needs.  She's OK, but he's lucky he's not 17 yet.  Luckily one of the adults was nearby, knowing that there had been issues on the bus lately.  If she hadn't been there, who knows how bad it could have gotten.
There are maybe 10 different versions of each story.  Which one is right?  I don't know.  I wasn't there.  But there were a lot of adults that were pretty pissed off last night.  THAT almost got out of hand.
A core group of us - ones that have lived here the longest - got together with our kids and had a long talk about how they need to set a good example for the younger kids, and they need to pay more attention to what is going on around them.  And if they see something happening like what happened yesterday - they need to step in and stop it before it gets out of hand. 
The kids in the neighborhood are good kids.  They're not hoodlums.  They're not punks. 
What happened to common courtesy?  Respect?  Not hitting a girl - EVER?  (And for the record - mine knows if he ever hits a girl and I find out, his ass is grass and I'm the lawnmower)....

Eeeesh...  it's been a long week.  And I have set some wheels in motion that may come back to bite me in the ass, and I can only hope that I've done the right thing.  Oy..

I'd rather be here right now:


Anonymous said...

I could do with less drama as well. It's been one hell of a full-moon inspired week.

K Dubs said...

Totally forgot about the full moon - that explains so much. Hope both our weeks get better. (())

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