Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Break!

We fly into San Diego Saturday evening, and leave the morning of Easter Sunday.
We'll be in San Diego until Wednesday, when I think we're going to head up to Anaheim to go to Disney ($150 EACH for a 2 day park hopper pass - holy marone!!). I found a hotel on Newport Beach that has a pretty good rate (gotta love working for the government - you get a cheaper rate!) and then back to SD on Friday. the boy wants to do Lego Land - not 100% sure about the zoo - I'm going to leave that up to him, as well as Sea World. Hopefully the weather will cooperate!

Anyone have any recommendations? Advice? Warnings? LOL


cheatymoon said...

If you've been to FL for Disney, expect CA to be much smaller. Although I know nothing, since the last time I was in CA was 1991 and the last time I was in FL, 1996... LOL.

I was wondering to myself (yesterday) how much does a Disney park pass cost these days. When we went in 91, military members got in from $25 per day and our hotel was wicked cheap too. (And the ex was an asshat for that trip. Ass Hat.)

You guys will have a much better time I'm sure, and if it's still there, you should go to eat at the Blue Bayou (or whatever it's called) for dinner inside the Pirate's ride.

K Dubs said...

smaller? Cool - then there's not so much to miss then :)
I wonder if there's a gov't rate for Disney? Prolly not.
And the ex was an ASS HAT for a lot of things. Which is why he's an ex?
We'll check out Blue Bayou... and the Pacific.. Gotta love the left coast :)