Sunday, April 26, 2009

Somebody shoot me...

OK - so we've got this dog. You can read about his beginnings here. Needless to say - he came back a week later.

I feel bad for the dog, he's been outside, traumatized, all that. So I cut him some slack in the training department, at least until the weather is warmer. Which it is now. I get a little hook up thing for outside - put him on it - he's got like 20 ft. to run around. His response? To chew up the new sod and leave holes in my grass. And when I let him back in the house? He promptly shits in the place that I just cleaned up the last shit that he did. And pees. Wherever he wants. Once? He peed on my couch - but that was because the babysitter scared him.
My house? Now smells like ASS.

I might kill the dog. Anyone want a Chihuahua?

Oh yeah - he eats shoes, too. And one time, a pair of underwear was halfway downstairs and I know I didn't do it.

Fucking dog.


Pseudo said...

Is he a puppy? Cause they get better. I'm actually a fairly good dog trainer- if I lived by you I'd help you out ; -) Hang in there.

K Dubs said...

no, he's not a puppy - I think that actually might be easier. He's probably about a year old, we're not sure. He is, however, a little shit.
And thanks :)

Unknown said...

Kathy, a dog is considered a puppy until he's 2 years old. If he's been traumatized in any way, you're going to need a wee bit of patience.

Because he's so young, he should be taken out to do his business about every two hours. Give him a very small treat when he does it and tell him he's a good dog.

You can do it; hang in there. Do some online research.

K Dubs said...

Gaston - he has been traumatized (not by us, though). I do have patience, I've been doing some research and I think part of my frustration is that my son doesn't do much to help the situation. We're working on that, too. Thank you for the advice :) I'll do more research.

crone51 said...

I have found in my many years of dog ownership that small dogs are dumb.

Our twenty pound mutt, Reggie- age 2.5, Still pees on the occasional carpet ( and yes, such a lovely odor) whereas our 50 pound mutt, Malcolm age 1.5, hasn't had an accident since he was three months old. I don't know if he can't hold it as long... or if he can't figure out ( because he is dumb) how to tell me when he needs to go out or what. We did everything we were supposed to do and he still pees on the dining room rug. Not often, but there is no acceptable amount of times- as you know. He knows he shouldn't do it- it's pretty obvious. He sneaks away to do it..usually we don't notice he's not with us until too late. I prefer large dogs with large brains.

Janet said...

Time to call the Dog Whisperer :-)