Monday, August 3, 2009

Party Party Party?

They came out backwards in order, but flowers, veggies and people. The party was a bust - it rained, and apparently people thought they would melt or something and stayed away. Some friends did show up, though - and the ones that did had a great time.
I guess that's a chance you take when you host a party - but my co-host mysteriously disappeared a couple of hours after it was supposed to start - just left - never said goodbye, grabbed her bottle of vodka and just LEFT (and left her beach towel behind). Really? She has so little respect for me or our friendship that she felt the need to do that? I can't wait to hear her explanation. Because it's not like we work in different offices - we're FIVE FEET from each other - all day, every day. I'm calling it Nancy Drew's "The Case of the Disappearing Co-Host" and can't WAIT to hear what she has to say..

Anyway - we moved out of the clubhouse and down to the house and proceeded to drink the keg. Just about all of it. Whooeeeeee - there's a reason I don't drink! LOL
And nobody wanted to go out to the back patio where there was a nice table and all that- they wanted to hang in the driveway and pretend we were in a trailer park. So we had a "white trash party" in my driveway.

I think the thing that pisses me off is the money that I spent and the food that got wasted. But eh... what can you do.


cheatymoon said...

Wondering how this will all unfold... good luck, Nancy.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Seriously, she took her bottle of vodka? Sorry for the expense but sometimes I think that small gatherings of a select few are much more fun than the big party. My favorite part of any party is the very end when it's just your favorites left.

Kimberly said...

Looks like a good time tome...

K Dubs said...

We had a great time - those of us that stuck around! I crashed about midnight.
And yeah SMB - she took her bottle of vodka but left the beach towel that probably cost twice that. I'm waiting for her to acknowledge that she left and left it behind before i give it back. LOL