Saturday, August 29, 2009

Planes, trains and automobiles..

Seemed to be the theme of our vacation! We ran for planes and trains and drove the auto.

A great vacation was had, it was the actual travel to/from that was hell. Short of the plane crashing, everything that could go wrong - either did or came close. I almost missed my flight, my suitcase DID miss the flight and I ended up spending the better part of a gorgeous day in NH waiting for it to arrive from Baltimore. Go figure - my bag's been somewhere that I haven't!

I was able to squeeze in a lot of visits in a little time. We even got to see great friends, a baseball game, and almost a hurricane. I love hurricanes, but it's OK that he missed us.

We spent time at the beach (this little kid was hilarious, and obviously someone forgot to rub!)

Time with family and friends

The boy earned a new nickname... "he who sits in sand" LOL

Then we went back to NH after a cookout with more family, and I got to see my father and the gorgeous B&B that they are finishing up before it's open for business! This was the deck outside my room

I took a ton of pictures, experimenting with all sorts of stuff. I think that there were some pretty decent shots that came out


cheatymoon said...

It was sooooo cool to see you guys after all these years. You both look great. That boy is so cool. :-)

And that might have been the best Greek salad ever.

Love the photo of you at the Sox game too.


darsden said...

Glad you had a good vacation even if there were a few stumbles along the way. Great pictures!

YOU would not love hurricanes if you had a Katrina come your way. Be sure to come visit today as it's her anniversary day.

K Dubs said...

awesome Greek salad, E. And you're right about Katrina, D. I grew up in New England, and the more "minor" ones were fun to watch. I have never been affected by one, though and I know that I've been lucky.

Pseudo said...

Great photos Kathy! So cool you got to spend some time with Movie.

Seems I make a lot of friends over the internet on the East Coast. Makes me really want to take a road trip.

K Dubs said...

Pseudo - come on out!! Make it next summer and you would have a cottage to stay at :) Or even this summer, but I won't be there. lol
East coast rocks!

Mike said...

FENWAY!!! NOOOOOOOO! LOL! Yankee fan here!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

It sounds like you had a lovely time. How wonderful to see an old friend. A ballgame - What a great picture. The boy is quite a handsome young man. Glad you made it safely even if it was stressful.