Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Now it's on.....

Sent June 23 to my son's sperm donor:
We just saw you on the highway. Josh would like to meet you. Just to say hello. We are here until tomorrow morning. Do the right thing Kevin. He just wants to meet you. This isn't about me or you it's about a kid that has nothing to do with our issues.

** My kid was crying in the back seat of the car.  Said he just wanted to meet his Dad, he didn't remember him, and that he'd never heard his voice.  Mind you - the child has written him a letter before, and it went ignored.  This from a man that walked away from him when he was a year old - so regardless of what he may tell people - he walked away from a kid he KNEW.   I explained that he was working and that we couldn't just show up - it wouldn't be fair, and that maybe he could write another letter and maybe he'd respond this time.   Not one negative thing about the asshole - because that's not for me to tell him. 

Sent June 26?  A check to me for his half of the copays.  No mention of the email.

Hurting me is one thing.  Hurting my kid?  Totally separate.  For those that read here often - I apologize, because it's going to get a bit ugly here over the next few days.  I need to work out some frustration.  And whoever is reading in Brockton?  You're going to get an eye full.

For Google's sake - if anyone is looking up Kevin Fay of the Mass State Police - I hope it shows up now.


Oh, and how about the card for the boy's Christening?

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jennifer anderson said...

they are most likely better off not to know this man. life is sometimes better without a dad then with them, some people dont want to admit that. it is all that man s loss most likely, and not your guy's loss, ok.