Saturday, April 20, 2013

It's like orgasm on a plate...

1) Crazy Sam is beyond sick of all things Kardashian! What's a topic you're just tired of and don't want to talk about anymore?
Anything Kardashian.  My ex or his family.  The walls that still need painting in my house.  And last, but certainly not least?  Freaking winter.  I'm over it.  I woke up to snow on the ground this morning.  O V E R it!!  

2) Rod Stewart has been recording for more than 40 years. Do you have any of his music on your iPod/mp3 player?
Hah!  I can do one better.  I still have a concert t-shirt.  Oh, wait.  With me in it.  Here we go...
 And yes, I still have the shirt.  And yes, it still fits.  LOL  Oh yeah, and I touched him.  Just sayin'...

3) Rod Stewart is known for his coif. How much time do you spend on your hair each morning?
5 min?  I don't wear makeup.  I don't fuss.  I blow it dry, throw some hairspray on the sides to keep it out of my face, boom.  Done.   

4) Rod's first child, a daughter, will turn 50 this year. His most recent child, also a daughter, is 2. How close in age are your children? If you don't have any children, how close in age are you and your siblings? If you don't have children OR siblings, well, tell us what's immediately to your left as you respond to this meme. If you don't have anything to your left ... Oh, hell, I give up!
Holy shit!  He needs to stop..  I have one.  But he's got other siblings from baby-daddy.  They are 27, 25, 18, 17 and he is 16.  And in October he'll be 17.  Yep.  They're ghetto twins.  Awesome, huh?  And my siblings?  Oh, my coffee is to my immediate left.  :)  (See, if you can't say anything nice....) 

5) Which do you prefer -- french toast or pancakes?
Mmmmmmmmmm  french toast with bananas foster.  Try it sometime.  It's like orgasm on a plate.  Seriously.  

6) When was the last time you lost your cool?
Wow, I have no idea.  That's good, right?  LOL

7) Crazy Sam once had a pet hamster she named Bart. Have you ever cared for a hamster or a gerbil?
Fucking rat-like thingies.  No.  Hell no.  

8) Are you ticklish?
Maybe.  I'm not telling.  Weirdo.  

9) Ouch! You have a headache! What's your go-to remedy?
Extra Strength Excedrin.   Works like a charm, every time.


The Gal Herself said...

Love, LOVE the shirt! And I have never heard the phrase "ghetto twins" before, and yet I know what it means. In my neighborhood, it's "Irish twins" or "Catholic twins."

K Dubs said...

Well, Irish twins would have the same parents, ghetto twins have different mamas from the same baby-daddy.. lol

I am Harriet said...

I don't even know who is keeping the Kardashians in business.

Diana_CT said...

Hmm... people seem to have interesting toppings for French Toast. First peanut butter and now bananas.

Kwizgiver said...

Finally, someone who understands my aversion to rodents as pets!


katie eggeman said...

Bananas Foster yum!
Katie atBankerchick Scratchings

K Dubs said...

Diana - bananas foster... not just bananas. Had it in a hotel in San Francisco and haven't looked back since LOL

Pirate said...

Now THIS is the kind of blog I need!!
Great stuff, highly enjoyable.

K Dubs said...

Welcome Pirate :) And you can't have my blog. It's mine. And if you try and take it I'll kick you in the knee. LOL