Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ahhhhhhhh pokedy poke poke poke..... Happy New Year

So, I just got done reading the old New Year's posts..  Interesting.  :)  Happy New Year to all.  May 2014 bring you good things, good health, and good friends. 

Some things have changed, some not so much.  

I may be starting a new job after the first of the year - will post more if I get it.  Don't want to jinx it.  :)

Still haven't spoken to my father or siblings.  Still enjoying the peace and quiet as a result of that decision.  It upsets my son sometimes that I don't speak to his grandfather, and I hope some day he will understand.  And for those that worry that I'll regret it some day?  I will admit that sometimes I feel bad - and then I remember that this is the man that consistently forgot my birthday, that couldn't even send a congratulations card when I graduated from college - and I busted my ass to do so.  He is the one that keeps telling me I should pursue my calligraphy - something I haven't done since I was like 15?  Has been to see me ONCE in the past 10 years of living in Michigan, and only stayed one night, or maybe two?  And was more interested in the real estate around me than what was going on in my life.  That was when I was living with a millionaire.  

My sister?  Still a control freak martyr bitch. 

Brothers?  The one with ALS is still hanging in there.  Anyone in the family asks the above mentioned sister - and they get the standard response "sigh.... he's not well.. not well.. and his wife and the boys are doing the best they can"..  Which really?  Says nothing as to his condition, and tells the person asking NOTHING.  Just saying.. 

The other brother?  Still an enigma.  He's blocked me on facebook.  Not sure why - we never really had any contact on there to begin with - unless he needed something.   Oh well.  One less person to worry about.  

The boy turned 17, got his license, and has become a young MAN almost overnight.  He made Honor Roll last semester, and will probably continue down that road.   He's really sticking with the "I want to be a pilot" (much better than being a cop, as far as I'm concerned).  

I asked his father if he would help with costs, and his response was "You told the judge that he was not going to college that's why she gave you an extra 25 dollars a week"..  Um.. NO dickhead - you are STILL below the state minimum guidelines, and her concession to YOU was that the $25/week would go into a bank account, and if he didn't go to college, he would get that money on his 19th birthday.  YOU asked if that was all you had to contribute to college, and I think the Judge laughed at you and said "NO"...  
The boy's sister has emailed and/or texted me, but nothing to him.  Weird.  I wonder if she's not allowed to have contact with him.  Speaking of Jeanne, she's just batshit crazy.  I had her blocked on Facebook so she can't see any of my stuff, but she found out that we had a couple of friends in common, and deleted them.  There is just no reasoning with crazy. 

I'm still a "poke" person.  I don't deny it.   I will continue to poke at his father - just because he's a douche bag and deserves it.  Plus, I'd love for just one person to get pulled over by him - and for them to say they know his son.  I think it'd be the funniest damn thing to watch him run away back to his car.  I think that it'd get them out of a ticket for sure.  Remember that name people - MA State Police, last name Fay - works in the tunnels last I knew.  Tell him that you know his son Josh - ask him the last time he talked to him.  He will run away like Rudy the Rabbit.  LOL  (see? - "poke")...  Here's a picture..
Kevin B Fay, MA State Police with his son that he refuses to talk to

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