Saturday, July 26, 2008


So today I did a yard sale with my friend Kim. And made like $120 or something like that. Yay. So I'm all proud of myself, I take a $50 bill and make it my "tuckie" (I love having a tuckie) and I'm all excited. We leave Kim's because Josh has had it, he's just exhausted. And come home. And find a message on my voice mail that says that the Angel Food ministries that I paid $30 to for a shit-ton of food is donating the food that I never picked up today. I thought the pick up was TOMORROW. And of course, I offered to get it for a girl at work, too - so now not only am I out my $30, I have to give HER $30 back to her. There goes my tuckie.

On a good note - there are windows in the house now, and a front door on it. Woohoo!


cheatymoon said...

oh that's a bummer. I hate when that shit happens... :-( Try to have a goo d Sunday.

K Dubs said...

oh I'll have a good Sunday. It's not the end of the world, and I'm sure it'll go to someone that actually is more in need than me, but still, one of those "D'OH" moments...
going to pay bills, organize the unpaid ones and maybe go to the beach today :)