Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Sometimes in life, you find yourself torn between doing the right thing and not doing the right thing. As far as my ex is concerned, after an email from the child's mother, I was very torn. Enough so that I spoke to my boss about a "what if" scenario of me going to testify and how I would swing the days off. I asked her (the mom) to prove what she was saying was true, because if it is - he (the fuckwit) is in the wrong and not doing the right thing AT ALL.
Then I talked to my friend Kim, who smacked some sense into me. Right or wrong - it's not my problem. And the domino effect will be much greater on ME if I testify and I don't want to deal with that fallout.
So what is right for the child, is wrong for me. What's right for me at this time is to stay home and stay out of it. I feel badly, because I think that, as nuts as the mom is - she's telling the truth about this.
It was an easy decision once I talked to Kim. She really is a good voice of reason. :)

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cheatymoon said...

Yay Kim. She's so smart and level-headed. Somebody should hire her.