Saturday, November 9, 2013

He's good. Now I'm looking. Breathing is good. Trust me

Saturday 9: Potential New Boyfriend

Unfamiliar with this week's featured song? Hear it here

1) In this song, Dolly Parton locks eyes with a definite maybe. What's the first thing that attracts you to a potential new boyfriend or girlfriend? If you're currently in a relationship, what first attracted you to your partner?

The fact that they are breathing?  Look.  It's been a while.  I took some time off to make sure my kid was good.  He's good.  Now I'm looking.  Breathing is good.  Trust me.

2) When Dolly was still a very young girl, she met Johnny Cash, who told her to follow her instincts and pursue a music career. Obviously this worked out very well for her. What's the best advice you ever received?

 You really shouldn't go out with that guy.  Oh.  Wait.  I didn't listen.  ::smacks self in forehead::  STUPID!  STUPID!  STUPID!!

3) Dolly enjoys telling interviewers how she met her husband at the Wishy-Washy Laundromat in Nashville. Do you have a load of dirty clothes, or some other household chore, waiting for you after you finish this week's Saturday 9?

Yep.  I've got a few.  But first I'm walking in the Christmas parade, then going to Grand Rapids for some fun time.  Maybe tomorrow I'll get to it.  LOL

4) Dolly's Imagination Library is a charity devoted to children's literacy. What book did you enjoy as a kid? Or, if you're a parent, what book did you enjoy sharing with your own children?

I enjoyed losing myself in books.  That was my escape from a mother that was borderline abusive and an older brother and sister that took advantage of that.   My favorites were the Lion Witch and the Wardrobe series.  I always wished that there was a secret out in my closet.   Especially when the aforementioned brother and sister locked me in it. 

5) Dolly's theme park, Dollywood, is a very popular vacation destination. When you have time off, would you rather travel or have friends/relatives visit you?

I love love love to travel.  I love to travel with friends.  I love to travel to see friends.   And really, let's face it - I am in the middle of corn and cow country. 

6) Dolly is godmother to Miley Cyrus. If you could advise Miley, what would you say?

Jesus, girl, put some damn clothes on.  Although, I must admit, I do like the music.  Don't think badly of me.  

7) Dolly has earned a reputation for being very warm and friendly to the public. Have you ever had a celebrity encounter? 

A few.  Worst one ever?  Peter Wolf - from the band J. Geils.  Sickly looking skinny drug infested little man.  With the WORST handshake EVER.  blech...

8) As you can see by the photo, this song was originally released on vinyl. Do you still have any old-school LPs or 45s?

I still have quite a few of my Bruce records.  :)

9) Sam simply cannot stand Dish TV's Hopper commercial, where hysterical grown men hide under the bed and up in a tree house because they're afraid of ... something. What commercial just bugs the beejeesus out of you?

Well, #1 - I LOVE the Hoppah commercials.  If you are a Michigan person, you know Bill Wright and his "YES WE CAN" commercials.  I want to shove a giant boot in his throat and rip those stupid diamonds out of his ears every time he comes on.  Stupid drug infested man.  I cannot stand him.  Blech...


CountryDew said...

I think we all need an escape hatch of some kind, regardless of age.

Diana_CT said...

Yup, that they are breathing is a good thing to look for in a spouse.

Anonymous said...

The chores will always be there, right?

K Dubs said...

An escape hatch is a good thing, yes.. and the chores. Stupid chores..

The Gal Herself said...

Christmas parade! That's so cool!

I am Harriet said...

ouch- your poor forehead :)